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 ect of Englands struggles towards the end of Edwards time in ch

Food. Its what keeps our bodies going. Paying attention to what I put in my body during training is equally as important as running. But Im far from perfect when it comes to my diet while training. I love dessert just as much as the next person, and I work crazy hours, which makes it difficult to keep a regular eating schedule.Still, throughout my running career, Ive tried to apply some tricks of the trade in order to eat better during my training cycles.The first is a food blog. I used to write out what I ate every day, but now, because were attached to our phones, I use the MyFitnessPal app by Under Armour. I really enjoy the apps user interface. I can search and find foods from popular restaurants or name brands, I can add in my own recipes and save them, and it keeps track of my weight. MyFitnessPal also connects to my Garmin watch and app to help calculate how many calories I burned during my run.The second trick I tend to use, mostly during the last two months of training, is eating only within a 12-hour period during the day. For example, if I eat breakfast at 7 a.m., I wouldnt eat anything after 7 p.m. This has been a very successful tactic for me because it really makes me think about my meals and snacks ahead of time. This strategy isnt always conducive to my work days, which can be very long, but I make sure that the snacks Im eating are healthy and protein rich.Similar to gear, food should be tested during your training. As a personal rule, I dont like to introduce anything new into my diet within the last two weeks leading up to race day -- I want to make sure I give my body its best shot for peak performance. I also like to eat a specific prerace meal: penne pasta tossed with roasted broccoli and sausage. My dad cooked it for me the night before my first NYC Marathon in 2011, and its been my go-to pre-marathon meal ever since.I also stop drinking a month before the race. That way, the beer I drink to celebrate afterward feels like even more of a reward.One of the greatest aspects of marathon training has been discovering new foods. My two favorites, which I regularly have in my rotation of meals, are sweet potatoes and chicken sausage. I used to avoid sweet potatoes -- until I decided to roast one with cinnamon. Ive been a believer ever since. Theyre also, conveniently, a super food for runners. And I love sweet Italian sausage, so I decided one day to make my favorite dish with chicken sausage instead. Same great taste, a little less guilt.Its also important to eat at proper times pre-run, post-run, during and recovery. I tend not to eat before any run, but Ill drink UCAN Cran-Raz to make sure I have enough energy before a tempo or long run. During my long runs, I drink water and have Gatorade gel tablets.After a run, I love a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk. Because I usually run in the morning, I have a fried egg, yogurt and granola to round out breakfast. During the week, I try to limit dessert to two days a week (but Im not always successful). I give myself one big treat Sunday mornings after my run: pancakes. I have a blueberry and banana pancake with some apple butter on the top and Vermont maple syrup. It gives me a little reward to look forward to each week.Lets be honest: Eating right all the time is extremely difficult. But Ive found that breaking down my diet day-by-day or week-by-week helps me get through the long months of training. Its easy to fall into the trap of thinking, Oh, Ill run this off tomorrow, but you want to make sure you can complete tomorrows run to the best of your ability. Thats why what you eat today matters so much.Training notebook: Longest run thus far: 14 miles Hardest run: Ladder-speed workout, which means running 400 meters, then 800m, 1200m, 1600m, and back down to 400m, in intervals, at a 7-minute mile pace. I failed at the completing the ladder, but the struggle gave me chance to work on my mental game. Highest weekly mileage: 41 miles Biggest accomplishment thus far: Running eight miles on a treadmill without music (and the Bristol Half Marathon)Megan Flood is a seven-time marathoner and half marathoner. She is on a quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon and hopes New York 2016 is her ticket to Boston. You can follow her progress every other week here on and on Twitter @meganflood11. Maillot Thomas Lemar . Jason Zucker and Matt Cooke also scored for Minnesota, which has won five of six. Kuemper made five saves in the first, nine in the second, and nine in the third. The rookies best save came with 2:17 left in the third period when he denied former Wild forward Matt Cullen from just outside of the crease on the right side. Maillot Pogba France . The Celtics closed out their first preseason under Stevens on Wednesday night with a 101-97 victory over the Brooklyn Nets, who rested a lot of their lineup including former Celtics Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. . It was hard for Luck to pull off another comeback, or even get into the end zone, while standing on the sideline. Rivers threw a 22-yard touchdown pass to rookie Keenan Allen and Nick Novak kicked four field goals to give the Chargers a 19-9 victory against the Colts on Monday night. Maillot Samuel Umtiti . -- Vincent Lecavalier got everything but the desired result in his return to Tampa Bay. Maillot Benjamin Pavard . Already owning gold from competition in Vancouver in 2010, Loch posted a combined four-run time of 3:27.526. That included a track-record third run of 51. There are some things in life you dont get offered twice, like a place at Cambridge or the England captaincy. Heather Knight turned Cambridge down because it wasnt right for her, but the captaincy, well the captaincy she knew she had to take, even though it didnt come at the most straightforward of times.I felt for Charlotte [Edwards], Knight says after Englands record-breaking second ODI in Worcester against Pakistan. Im good mates with her and it was certainly a case of mixed emotions. Ive played with Lottie for a long time and knew how much it would hurt her and how gutted she would be to not pull on an England shirt again. I knew that was tough but I also knew that I was probably the best person to do the job. I was really excited to take on the challenge of leading the team forward.Cambridge, on the other hand, didnt excite her. It didnt feel right. Cardiff did, so she chose to go there. Her family, on the whole, backed her in making that decision - undeniably a brave one. Theyve always wanted me to make my own decisions and I guess my own mistakes sometimes, as well. Hopefully it wasnt too much of a mistake. I think I made the right choice. You get the sense that this is a person who knows their own mind and isnt afraid to forge their own path; pretty handy characteristics for a captain. Coach Mark Robinson offered her the job over a beer in Loughborough. Knight had to keep it a secret, something she found very difficult to do.As captaincy gigs go, though, Knights is pretty tough. Replacing a universally popular standard bearer for the game who was still making runs, off the back of a decision which split opinion, with a squad that - while clearly talented - is young and unproven. Vital then that the new era started well. We knew that if we started badly, or if we had a batting collapse, things would be said and people would argue that the changes that have been made arent right, Knight says. Fortunately, they started well. A first game as captain brought a win, a half-century and a maiden five-for. Dream world. The second, that saw England make 378 for 5 - their highest-ever ODI total - was, amazingly, even better.Yeah, it was crazy, wasnt it? Absolutely mental. I was sat there at lunch shaking my head and thinking, I cant believe we just scored 380! We hit 11 sixes. After the first game everyone said it would be downhill from there but then our second game topped it. It was a pretty awesome day.The performance at Worcester ticked so many of the boxes that Knights new team are aiming for. Can young players take their opportunities? Can they look more dynamic? Can the team hit sixes? (England hit no sixes in the 2014 World T20. Before the Worcester game, no England player had ever hit more than one six in an innings. Three did it at New Road.) Can they improve their fielding? It was a day of yesses and even with Edwards holding court in the BBC Test Match Special commentary box - opining on how small the boundaries were and declaring that she wouldnt have minded a bat out there - it truly felt like Knights England would be able to move forward as their own outfit, unencumbered by the goings-on of the past few months. She wouldnt have chosen to take the job if she didnt think she could be a success.****The new England captain has come a long way since she first played cricket as a six-year-old in Plymstock, Devon. She was, in her own words, a proper little tomboy with a dreadful barnet who was desperate to do whatever her older brother Steve did. Fortunately for the English game, Steve liked cricket, so Heather followed. She followed him to Plymstock CC, where she first played a hard-ball game aged nine - bowling dibbly-dobbler seamers that people would try to smash and get out to - before eventually the siblings played together in the clubs first XI. Her success there, and at school in the boys side, eventually saw her stop playing for her county Devon (where, aged 12, shed already played against her now vice-captain, Anya Shrubsole , of her own volition, to seek a better standard of cricket in Division One with Berkshire.Ive always been quite a competitive character, she explains, and I enjoy things Im quite good at. I found I was okay at whacking a ball and catching a ball. Part of what attracted me to cricket was that competitiveness. I was always against the boys and had to prove myself to show that I deserved to be there.There was also the social side of it. I liked being down at the club for hours while the men were playing. Wed play one-hand one-bounce in the nets or, when my parents were away, Steve and I would play in the house or wed play in the garden and break a few garden chairs. Mum would never be too happy about that!Her concerns are bigger than broken garden chairs these days and she admits that, not a month into the job, shes already struggling to get cricket off the mind. Id go mental if I thought of cricket 24/7 and sometimes in the last week Ive found myself lying awake thinking about cricket and I try and tell myself to stop thinking about it and go to sleep! Its silly things like field placements. I have to tell myself to stop.Fortunately there are other things in Knights life. She lives in London with one of her best friends from her days at Uni - not, like many of team-mates, in Loughborough - and has spent time over the last three years playing an active role in the Rwanda Cricket Stadiumm Foundation (RCSF), a charity building a cricket ground in the Rwandan capital city Kigali.ddddddddddddI was injured a couple of years ago, Id done my hamstring, and I had a bit of free time. A mate of mine was involved with the RCSF and he asked me if I fancied going to Rwanda and getting involved so I literally flew out for three-and-a-half days, coached the mens and womens teams, saw all the facilities - or lack of - and fell in love with the country. Its quite fun to get away from cricket sometimes, as well.Knights involvement has been about more than just holding up a few posters and scheduling a few tweets. She - along with 29 other brave souls - trooped up Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014 to play the highest-ever game of cricket and raise some money.Going up Kilimanjaro, I wanted to get the job done! It was good fun, Clare Connor [director of womens cricket at the ECB] was there as well and I had to sort of funnel her up the last 100 metres. Ashley Giles got quite moany at altitude - I think it had a strange effect on Ash! - but it was fun and it was all about getting everyone up there and making sure they were safe.The charitys doing well. We had a charity fundraiser at Lords in June and raised 120k profit, I think, which was fantastic. Weve pretty much got enough to get the ground built in Kigali and theyve started building it after whats been a fairly tedious process of getting permission and finding water and things like that. Its something that Ive really enjoyed doing and Ive got a lot from. Ive also had some pretty cool experiences, like visiting Rwanda and climbing Kilimanjaro. I enjoy doing it and if I can help a few people along the way then its all the better.****Interests outside the game should protect Knight from the fatigue that you can associate with the treadmill of the professional game, but theres also her new role to keep her on her toes. Her relationship with her team-mates, for example, is already different, something that shell have to get used to.Everyone looks at you in a slightly different way when youre captain! The other day there was a decision about something completely irrelevant to cricket and everyone kind of looked at me and I had no idea. Ask me about cricket and Ill tell you.My role is slightly different now. Youre part of the team but when you have a role in selection and things like that you are held in a slightly different light by the girls. Its gone quite smoothly so far and Ill always try and remain a player first and foremost and a captain second. At the moment, Im enjoying that difference.The girls have made it very easy. Theyve ensured that the transition has been really smooth and theyve been really supportive. I was really proud to be out there as captain for the first time and its gone really well - Im just waiting for things to go badly!Its not impossible that things do go badly. It would be wrong to assume that just because Knights taken over and some of the younger players have started scoring runs then success is inevitable. There remains work to be done. The runs against Pakistan could be tempered by remembering that during Knights introduction as captain, Robinson said that Lottie would have filled her boots against Pakistan. Well know more when the new era starts performing against the bigger nations, or in alien conditions. As Knight herself says, theres a long way to go.Defeats and criticism will come, inevitably. It was something that Edwards found during her time in charge after the move to professionalism: more was expected and fewer excuses were acceptable. Already, during the second ODI in Worcester, there were some grumblings from the BBC Test Match Special team that Knight wasnt more attacking during her teams time in the field. How then will someone, described as stubborn by Robinson during her introduction to the press as captain, deal with being told shes doing it wrong?Im sure there will be a time when I read criticism. Thats the nature of the job. Like Mark said, I probably am quite stubborn so whenever someones said something about me Ive always wanted to prove them wrong. It might be a case of using it as motivation.One aspect of Englands struggles towards the end of Edwards time in charge was the perception that too many of the team - young and inexperienced as they were - would gladly follow their captain blindly into the abyss. As Edwards explained to David Tossell in his book Girls Of Summer: They are a young group and dont want to say the wrong thing. But I dont know everything. The new era is therefore keen to allow everyone in the team their voice. Were trying to push all the girls to make their own decisions and be really forthcoming with their own opinions. We want everyone to be comfortable expressing themselves, Knight says.Does that mean Knight, apparently so stubborn, will encourage advice from her team-mates? Yeah, definitely. I wont always take it but Im very keen to hear it. Fortunately, whether Knight listens to her team-mates or not, shes demonstrated that shes got a track record of making the right calls.This article originally appeared in All Out Cricket magazine. Click here to see what all the fuss is about, including a masterclass with Kumar Sangakkara and a classic pub chat with Brendon McCullum. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NFL Camo Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL T-shirts Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Womens Jerseys NFL Jerseys Wholesale ' ' '

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