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 Planning a bridal shower is

Planning a bridal shower is lots of fun. There are plenty of things to think about and include Nike Air Max Tavas Belgie , but one of the main things you must not forget is the bridal shower games. These are what most people look forward to and you should try making them as fun and interesting as possible. With so many to choose from, it can be hard, so here are seven to get you started.

1. Bridal Makeover: In this game you can dress up the bride in all kinds of bridal gear. This might occur randomly throughout the evening. Perhaps there is a word she is not allowed to say, and if she does another item is added. To make this fun Nike Air Max 1 Belgie , don't tell her what the word is. People will really get a kick out of trying to make her say it. You can also use this as a forfeit for the guessing the gifts game below. Along with the fake tiara, massive ring, bridal sash, and satin gloves Nike Air Max Plus Belgie , you can also get people to do her hair and makeup!

2. Q and A about the Groom: This game will place the bride in the center of the room. You will ask her questions about the groom and if she answers correctly she can get a prize. If she is wrong you will give her a penalty which can be more dressing up or a shot of liquor. To make it more interesting, let the guests ask a question each and if the bride answers correctly she can open the gift from them. Make sure the questions are fun and not too serious, but some can also be over the top things she would never know.

3. Pass the Parcel - the Naughty Version: This is a great way to get all the guests to join in and also give them their bridal shower party favors. You will play pass the parcel and for each layer opened there will be a little naughty gift. This could be fluffy handcuff, naughty shaped straws Nike Air Max 98 Belgie , condoms, and more.

4. Guess the Gifts: As the evening goes on, the gifts that guests have brought will be opened. But to make things more fun, the bride must first guess who the gifts are from. If you want to make this work you have to tell people in the invitations not to add a name tag or card to the present. You could also do it so that she has to guess what the gift is Nike Air Max 97 Belgie , or both. The penalties can be adding another item of makeover clothing or makeup.

5. Pole Dancing 101: Something that can cost a bit, but that will have everyone in stitches, is to have a pole dancing class. This game will keep everyone occupied and special dances can be organized for the bride to be. Usually an instructor will come to your venue and help you along with this great bridal shower party game.

6. Blindfolded: This game works the same as pin the tail on the donkey. You have to make a picture or use a picture for the bride and she must have something to pin onto it. You can make it a ring that she must pin correctly onto the groom's finger, or an image of her getting to the church. Think about something funny that works for the bride.

7. Karaoke: Another game you can play which everyone will enjoy is karaoke. This is for right near the end of the night Nike Air Max TN Belgie , when everyone just wants to have fun and party.

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