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  She added that "Spain is creating j

We are down to the last three episodes before the series is going to come into a halt. As the first season is coming to end under armour rocket sale , the series is bringing the best story ever to make the tale so exciting by tripling everything that will spice up the series like those jerking thrills, suspense and the romance that was steaming hot. But before anything else, why don’t we savor the upcoming account, Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 21 – Monsters in the End as it come to the screen this coming March 14, 2011.

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MADRID, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- The number of people registered as unemployed in Spain fell by 253,627 people from December 2013 to December 2014 to a total of 4 under armour speedform slingride tri sale ,447,711 people according to data published on Monday by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

The fall meant the largest annual reduction for December since 1998, according to the Ministry, which also reported that in December alone unemployment fell by 64,405 people.

The number of men unemployed fell by 182,204 to 2,112 under armour speedform velociti sale ,508 people on a year-on-year basis while the number of women unemployed fell by 71,423 to a total of 2,335,203 women.

Unemployment especially fell in the services sector, followed by the construction and industry sectors. On the contrary, unemployment increased in the agriculture sector.

Unemployment also especially fell in the services sector from November to December by 65,275 people under armour speedform apollo gr II sale , as firms took on more workers in order to face Christmas shopping.

"I think the situation is the same as before, but unemployment decreased because it's Christmas", Nazaret Cortes, a purchaser told Xinhua. She said unemployment fell in the last months of the year because of the summer and Christmas period. "In these periods of the year people buy more", she concluded.

Sandra, another purchaser, told Xinhua a friend found a job but complained about the working conditions. "These jobs are very precarious under armour speedform eurapa sale , which do not solve the existing problem, temporary contracts, jobs badly paid which are not stable and do not lead to an authentic change in the economy", she said.

The Spanish government, however, was optimistic about the new data released on Monday. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said this new data represented an incentive to go on working in order to make economic recovery reach everyone in the country.

The Spanish Minister of Employment and Social Security Fatima Banez said "there is more confidence in finding a job in the upcoming months now than when we won elections in 2011".

She added that "Spain is creating job opportunities, with a GDP growth of 1.5 percent year-on-year". "This has not occurred in Spain in history and now it is a reality" under armour threadborne slingflex sale , she stated.

Meanwhile, the main opposition party, Socialist Party (PSOE), criticized the large number of temporary jobs created and low wages. Mariluz Rodriguez, from PSOE, said "one in four contracts lasted less than a week" in 2014.

According to the Ministry, 16 under armour threadborne fortis 3 sale ,727,089 new contracts were registered in 2014. Indefinite contracts represented 8.07 percent of the total while temporary contracts represented 91.93 percent of the total.

Spanish unions also criticized the large number of temporary jobs, underemployment and low wages, while Spain's Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) considered unemployment data as "encouraging" in order to achieve the same level of employment before the crisis.

Spain has suffered the longest recession since 1975 after the housing bubble burst in the country in 2008. Unemployment increased significantly since then and it started falling in 2013 for the first time in six years.

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