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 Marlboro Lights Cigarettes the media age

The results of the Hong Kong college of science and technology's technical feasibility study about smoking rooms show that will no engineering technology, for instance ventilation, ventilation and specified smoking areas, can prevent exposure to tobacco smoke, and also the role of effective public welfare education needs to be strengthened. Cui xiaobo, a professor in capital medical university in addition to vice President of the Beijing organization on smoking control, declared while warning about health problems and reducing willingness Newport 100s Carton Cheap in order to smoke, the image of smoke packets will effectively suppress the current trend of many luxurious cigarettes being Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online given because gifts. Picture warnings must be used in the world has been completed tobacco packaging requirements, 118 countries/jurisdictions, covering 58% in the world's population, it is a worldwide public health achievements "of the web and Marlboro Lights Cigarettes the media age, using tobacco advertising has spread to fresh media, such as WeChat, trill so in the new press bans on tobacco marketing, to carry out health education concerning the dangers of tobacco, is likely to impact a large number of youth, let them stay away from becoming new smokers. inch Ma jun, director on the institute of child and teenager health at Peking College.

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