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 here is a swallow's

There is a swallow's nest on the roof of the company's wastewater discharge pool. I don't know when this small home was here. It is not clear whether there was a grand foundation laying ceremony when the small house was completed. I only know that it used to be here. Living in a happy family, a pair of loving swallows and couples raised their children here, leaving only the empty nest. Looking at the calendar is almost clear, the spring is over half, but still do not see the old owner of the empty nest, what delays their return? I bypassed the filter pool, opened the window, and let the fresh air come in. It is through this window that the swallows have been in and out here many times, and they have nested their nests and caught the insects. Their healthy bodies flew up and down and seemed to be tireless. Isn't it the recent spring snow that made them slow to come back, Xueben does not belong to this season, and after a photo with the warm sunshine, it quickly disappeared, and then at the entrance to the spring, it is again An expensive spring rain, it awakened the green of a sleeping winter, but why did it not bring the news of the Jiaoyan into April? Spring really came, the water was clear, the grass was green, but still did not take care of it. Did the owner of the empty nest come back to repair their old home? This spring seems to be due to the laws of nature. In the change of the season, no matter how many women who hurt the spring and men who are sad autumn, how can they feel the sorrow and sorrow, grief and indignation, for these, the spring is not seen, the autumn, but also the blindness seems to be in a very close spring, my home The little man is still learning the language, but this little boy has already become a handsome little girl this spring. Perhaps she will not care about the replacement of this season, nor will she be moved for that empty nest. She will only follow this spring breeze, spring rain, spring flowers, spring grass flourish, free to stretch. The only reluctance is the increase or decrease of clothes every day under my arm. I don't know if the couple of swallows are also jealous of their children. Also in this spring, I spent the rest of my life visiting my parents. In my impression, they are the same every day, and every year seems to have changed nothing. I don't know which spring is sneaking between my fingers, their hair becomes white, the cheeks are no longer angular, and the waist is no longer tall. It seems that the time is really old Carton Of Cigarettes, no one can escape the baptism of the years. When I left, I saw my mother standing on the balcony and watched me leave. The scene was deeply imprinted in my heart. I asked myself, what did I do for my dear parents? Therefore, I dare not ask again. The young Swallow who had learned to fly in this small nest and learned to prey has no return to their parents�� windows. This shallow April is still cold. Some cold bones are still cold, are you waiting for it? This sunshine is clearer, when the spring flowers are sprinkled, can you see the pair of swallows again? After a few gaze, let the late spring color into the eyes, set off the silent warmth, and stick the empty nest into a kind of waiting Newport Cigarettes, a symbol. When the swallow returns, it is still the most beautiful scenery of this season. Anyway, is the wicker outside the window not secretly green? Spring, after all, will come, no matter how the mood is concealed, the tender branches always have thick green, waiting for the spring blossoms. Just like this empty nest, although still quiet, but there is an endless expectation at this time, the nest, love is warm is hope Marlboro Lights.
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