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  deep, the cold star

deep, the cold star is a little bit, and the lonely step is out of the house. I walked alone to the beach and leaned on the ancient banyan tree. In my empty night, I searched for the eucalyptus tree that I stared at in the night, and realized its intoxicating voice: "Outside It seems to me that I belong to an unruly alternative, and even think that my heart is just a pool of stagnant water. But who knows me, Hua Mingyan is pure and watery, even if I don��t wilted in front of the dusty waves, just rely on me. The branches and leaves are enough to compete for the wheat ears in the golden autumn season. Don't look at my tall figure. I also have a warm and charming look. Whenever the autumn goes to winter, the flowers are withered, but I am refreshed and brilliant. How many? Look at my kind, always face me with a slap in the face, and look at the mirror, but it is difficult to change the inner worry and face. "You are the children of the earth, you are the commander of the earth." But who knows your inner innocence, who can guess your broad body but contains extraordinary wisdom. It is you who pinch the lines that have been cut by time, and smack the sorrows of this age, the world��s swaying; it��s you, hold the little needles, the needle thread is busy, and you, Huawu Yuxiang In the needle, Yuehua inscription on the curtain hook. The banyan tree told me that you had expected that the days would be like a wind without roots, drifting out of your window, smashing into thousands of flowers, lingering into a glitz, the rain will fall, the snow will be cold. "I did not feel the sensation of drinking, watching the migratory birds spring and autumn away, one migration and one migration, one way for a change. The season changes, the turn changes, the interpretation of the invisible water mirror flower" I am against the banyan tree Say. In such a cold night, I settled down, returned to the study, opened the computer, and spread the paper, letting the Iraqi smiles turn into a drop of ink, gently falling on my memory paper, let The text of the memory is collected, and the shadow of the banyan tree is stored line by line on my website.
For many years, every night when the golden autumn is cool and the night is rare, I always like to lean on your wide shoulders and look back at the east. I am always afraid that I will lose my way and nowhere to find the time. Nowadays, with the reconstruction of the old city, the expansion of the city, many of the same kind have disappeared, and you �C the ancient singular we have become the only symbol of the city, for many years, you have folded on the east coast. Turn, I am waiting in the West Bank, this quietly flowing, is the year of the eyebrows sweeping through the amber, the years gone by like a meteor. Time has forever taken away my innocent childhood, ruthlessly erased many of my memories, only the scene of swaying fine sand under the banyan tree seems to be still yesterday. If you are a dream, you will be dyed with six dusts Parliament Cigarettes, and you will get together and gather together. You will gather together and have a few joys. Once you have lost your life, you have vowed to be hoarse. Everything seems to be covered up by the dust of time. The sediment is buried. Only the mood to climb the porch, the emperor, the scorpion, the scorpion, the ��a (5) had too many roads and saw too many scenes. I finally realized that everything is a fate. The water in the pond is full, and the living water without the source will gradually dry up. The magnificent city has no obscured plants like eucalyptus to block the wind and sand, and finally there is only a pile of hard cement and rusty iron. There are no trees and grasses, that is, the sandstone in the valley. After the rain and sun, the sand will be cracked and weathered and scattered into sand. This is the same thing, and people are no different. Once again, the friendship is determined Carton Of Cigarettes, even if the sea and stone are ruined at the time, and the evolution of the lack of vitality will eventually wither and rot, and then the enviable scenes, and then the memory of the fragrance will be etched by the winds of the years. Broken into two paragraphs. Thank you, you can reopen in the coming year, the tea is cold, you can re-boil, the most is to re-boil the water, but hide in the deep love of the years, the true love, once scattered, it will never be a perfect dish. , can not turn out the warm circle, can not tell the true words, can not afford the reverence of the ancient style. The farmer said "Twenty-one two, the middle of the sky", and see that the bright moon in the sky has gradually dimmed, a morning glow has emerged in Dongshan Cigarettes For Sale, and the long night has brought me a new day outside the window. Gu Yu, she seems to smile at me and put a head on her head, telling me to put away the sadness on my face, because there are mountains behind you that let you spend the years, you are on the mountain side, I am at the water end, I stand Look at the rain in the wind, you walk in the fog to see the flowers, the wind and the long should be eye-catching, the heart is in, the scenery is there.
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