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 so they could see the wea

It’s sometimes easy to forget that we are all at different in our thoughts about running shoes. Some of us prefer lots of cushioning, whereas other, like myself, prefer a more minimalist style. It’s also easy to forget that those of us who have gone minimalist often started off in more typical cushioned trainers. It is for this reason that I was Nike Air Max 270 Womens intrigued when my dailymile friend Greg Strosaker indicated that he was interested in writing a guest post detailing his thoughts on his own running shoe journey. He’s very early on in his exploration Nike Air Vapormax Dames of what I like to call “less shoe,” and I suspect it won’t be long before he winds up with a sleek, low-riding pair of racing flats – not that he needs the help as he can already kick my butt in a marathon!Through maybe eight years total of cumulative running experience, and now seven marathons, I have actually never put much thought into my shoe selections. I’ve been lucky to be either blessed with mechanics that don’t care about shoe characteristics or to stumble upon shoes that worked with my gait and foot strike. Oh sure, I’d tried the wet-footprint approach to determine whether I needed neutral, control, or stability shoes and frankly found that I could make the answer whatever I wanted it to be. However, as I seek to up the intensity of my workouts in striving for a 3:00 Boston Marathon next year, I thought the time was right Nike Air Max Classic BW to finally let the experts weigh in. And, as with any new experience, I learned some things in the process.First some history – I’d relied strictly on Asics Gel-1060’s (and its successors) and a couple of Nike models to get me to this point. I started my running with Asics – I mean who hasn’t heard about the Gel technology, and the 1060’s seemed like the “entry point” for the line. I didn’t think about the fact they are designed for stability, and whether I needed such stability or not. They worked fine, but were a little heavy. So, when I planned my first marathon (and the next several after that), I wanted a lighter shoe to provide Nike Air Max 95 Mens a little boost, even if only mentally. I think they offered less stability than the Asics but with decent cushioning – but who knows. They worked, and I reached my first BQ in 2002 at Chicago using them.Nike Air Max 270 Femme When I returned to running last year after a 5 year hiatus, I owned the Nike+ system for the iPod so I naturally looked for a Nike shoe (and yes, I know you can get the Nike+ pod to work with other shoes, but who wants to go to that trouble). The first I tried were the Air Max Moto 6, and they felt fine, so I went with them. I wasn’t planning to get back to marathons at that time, but this ended up being a pretty good choice when I did – I gained my second BQ this spring in Cleveland using these sorta-neutral cushioned shoes. I did do a lot of damage to my pinky toenails though, so I had some concerns. And at 11.5 ozs., this is Nike Air Max Classic BW Womens a pretty heavy shoe when every minute will matter. I also reverted to form and picked up some Asics GEL-1150’s as my second pair, and frankly found them uninspiring and thus limited to runs of 10 miles or Nike Air Max 270 Mujerless.So that’s where I decided it was time to bring in the big guns. To do that, I went to Vertical Runner, a renowned running store in Hudson, Ohio (a suburb of Akron or Cleveland, depending on who you believe) whose employees always make a strong showing at local races. I wisely brought my Nike’s with me so they could see the wear patterns. I was lucky enough (I hope?) to work with Vince Rucci, the owner. His immediate impression on looking at my wear patterns and the way I stood was “this is too much shoe for you – you are extremely neutral.” Ignoring the fact that “extremely neutral” is a bit of an oxymoron, I was excited to Adidas Ultra Boost Damen learn this, because I heard “you can wear lighter shoes!” When he learned that I also wore the Asics Gel-1150’s, I feared he might slap me. “Way too much shoe” he said, “you don’t need that type of control because Nike Internationalist Dames you most definitely don’t overpronate – I can also tell by your bowleggedness.”

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