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  my mother is not at

August, a cool day. Although after a lapse of three years, it is still hard to forget that sentence. "Hey! Friends, aren't we always looking for new activities? I suggest we go rock climbing!" said a friend. "Okay - let's go now!" said the friends. I can't decide whether to go or not. I hope to be as brave as they are, but I am very afraid of rock climbing. Ten meters high, this is an astronomical number for me! He said to us again: "If you are timid, don't go rock climbing." However, I want to prove my guts, and I signed my name with a hard scalp. "You are coming over to climb the rock!" My good friend shouted at me, "Don't be a coward." I stood at the end and responded to him saying, "I will pass right away." I visually measured this thing Cigarettes Online, which is ten meters. Ah, at least twelve or three meters, it is an unattainable peak in my eyes. The other friends climbed up and down one after another. I fell to the last one, trembling all over, sweating coldly, my heart was pounding in the skinny chest Newport 100S, I started rock climbing, and I climbed up behind them, finally Climb up, and the hand is holding the stone, the heart is stunned, and the heart is scared. The other students are climbing up cautiously, and I am parked here, for fear of falling from here and falling down. Then, the students climbed to the top and planned to go down the ladder from the other side to the ground. "You wait for me." I pleaded weakly. "Goodbye!" My friends laughed at me. They climbed to the top and turned left and right. "If you want to stay there, don't move." The friends laughed and said. I looked down from here and felt dizzy. Can't climb up, can't climb down, and get into a dilemma. Climbing down, I am afraid I will slip; climb up, more afraid, steep and dangerous. I have been hearing that somebody is whimpering in the ear, trying to find out who the person is, and found out that it was himself. Time is passing by, and the twilight begins to fall. In the silence, I lie on the stone wall. The fear and exhaustion make me numb and unable to move Parliament Cigarettes. Suddenly, my ears heard the sound of shouting, and the farthest was very close, extremely large and extremely fine. Looking back, it turned out to be my mother, because my mother is not at ease, so take a look, which makes me very surprised. Mom shouted and said: "Climb another meter, it is success!" I recorded this sentence in my heart, only moving up one meter at a time. Gradually climbed up and finally climbed to the top. At that moment, I first wept for a while, then I had a great sense of accomplishment and went down the ladder from the other end to the ground. I have repeatedly discovered that when I am discouraged, I can cope with all the difficulties as long as I think of that sentence. I always remind myself, don't think about the previous journey forever, and look at the original one meter. I walked this meter and walked a meter until I arrived where I wanted to go. Then I can look back. How long is the journey I have traveled.
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