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 was like to be both a spectator and

The GoLite Amp Lite is billed by GoLite as “Everything you need in a distance trail runner: performance, lightweight and protection and durability. The Amp Lite upper also features a TPE saddle that secures your foot in place even on the harshest terrain.” This is the shoe that I will hopefully be trying out later this summer – looking forward to it!“Designed to visually reflect the ligaments and tendons in the foot, the significantly minimal Flash Lite is Nike Air VaporMax Donne the barefoot runner’s dream: all the benefits of barefoot, but with superior traction, protection and stability. You’ll expend less Adidas Superstar Femme energy, and reduce wear and tear on your joints.”Based upon the following description of the Tara Lite from a press release, it’s pretty clear that GoLite is aware of the influence that Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run” has had on the running community:“The Tara Lite takes the best aspects of the Tarahumara sandal and adds the protection, stability and traction benefits of our Class I trail runners. The result is a hybrid shoe with a lightweight mesh “second skin” upper and an internal “sandal” thong. Our unique closure system provides adjustable fit and security on the upper. This design provides security and energy efficiency by preventing excessive foot movement. And with the BareTech neutral Nike Air Max 2017 Mens heel, runners can enjoy all the benefits of barefoot running and the exceptional stability and protection of our Soft Against the Ground platform to work on all terrain.Our newest BareTech outsole is inspired by the gravity-defying “traction” of geckos. The small lugs made with Gripstick rubber replicate the tiny hairs on a gecko’s feet that create surface contact and friction.The Tara Lite is a true trail race shoe for the elite outdoor athlete.”The Sol Lite is the newest addition to our performance travel shoe line. We use our incredibly light BareTech outsole that provides comfort and stability all day long. With an upper combination of ballistic mesh and premium nubuck leathers, and our Soft Against the Ground Technology in the outsole, the Sol Lite is rugged, comfortable and luxurious.A state of the art Fast Packer with our BareTech technology designed specifically for women. Using a uniquely designed sole that properly aligns a woman’s feet, Nike Air VaporMax Femme ankles and hips, the Spark Lite provides the elite female athlete with uncompromising performance like no other shoe in its class.The Cruise Lite is our premier women’s travel shoe. Built on our state of the art BareTech technology platform is a ballistic ripstop nylon upper with protective toe and heel rands. This all translates to a lightweight hard travel and leisure shoe that is equally comfortable at a sprint or a walk …anywhere in the world.The Satel Lite is sophistication and performance at its best. The BareTech outsole with a combo premium nubuck and canvas upper bring together the two worlds of outdoor performance and indoor sophistication perfectly. Lightweight and waterproof, the Satel Lite can Adidas Superstar Dam navigate terrain in both the civilized world and the most unforgiving wilderness.The Jam Lite is GoLite’s take on a flip Nike Air Max Classic BW Donne flop. Also inspired by the Tarahumara tribes of Mexico, it is built on our newest BareTech Gecko outsole with an adjustable strap on Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose the upper. This casual sandal offers great looking comfort and performance.I was at the library the other day with my daughter (a frequent activity in this family!), and came across the book “The Naked Olympics” by Tony Perrottet. The cover (see picture to the left) featured what looked like an ancient painting of a group of naked Greek runners (more on this below) in seemingly modern running shoes (still not sure what’s up with that), but I was intrigued and decided to take the book home with me. I wound up reading it in about a week, and it was quite enjoyable.The Naked Olympics is basically a very readable historical account of what it was like to actually attend the Olympic festival in ancient Nike Air Max 2017 Femme Greece. It describes what it was like to be both a spectator and athlete, and goes through in detail the various events that comprised Nike Air Max 90 Damen Rosa" the Ancient Olympic Games. While my initial interest in this book was to see what the author had to say about the running events, I found the entire book to be very enjoyable, and full of interesting tidbits about the Games. Among other things,

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