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 there is a risk of infect

might recall how a real estate guru used to advertise an oddball , but intriguing guarantee.

If you 'dropped him? in Anytown, USA, he would buy a property with no money down, within 24 or 48 hours.

All he needed, he claimed, was a local newspaper that he would cull for properties offered for sale by owners. He knew he could convince at least one of them to help to finance his purchase.

I love that kind of self-confidence, don't you?

Where does it come from?

Experience is one source. Having bought and sold numerous properties, this guru knew he could do it again.

But even more important Cheap Adidas Superstar Black , he knew something about one of my pet areas: The Law of Large Numbers.

Simply put, this law says if you do enough of anything, you'll succeed. Do more than that, and you'll grow rich. Surpass even that level of activity and you'll become a legend.

You can apply this wisdom to any field of endeavor.

Let's say you want to sell a specialized piece of audio equipment. If you contact enough recording studios, you'll find a buyer, as one of my business contacts did a few years ago.

Or, if you want a better job, if you network enough Cheap Adidas Superstar China , and put your name into play, you'll probably turn up more than one opportunity.

Need to make sales in your everyday job? Communicate with, and follow-through with enough people. It's just that simple.

But people try to work 'smart,? instead of working thoroughly, and this is a big mistake.

For most, working smart means trying to discover ways to work LESS; and this inevitably involves the Law of Small Numbers, which says, do too little Cheap Adidas Superstar Youth , and you'll probably fail.

Back to our real estate guru. There is a final factor that helps him to succeed.

His claims are so audacious, so bold, that they get his adrenalin pumping, and he simply won't allow himself to lose face, to fail.

He just won't quit until he vindicates himself, which is just another aspect of The Law of Large Numbers, in action.

Experienced moms and dads know one incontrovertible maxim of parenting: babies will put anything within reach into their mouths. Moreover, they'll do so with little regard for taste Cheap Adidas Superstar Womens , texture, cleanliness, or danger. For new parents, keeping things from finding their way into the mouths of their babies can prove a harrowing experience.

Mouthing is normal behavior for infants. It's a part of their development during which they form connections to the world around them. Even though most babies stop mouthing midway through their second year, their first eighteen months are filled with risks. In this article, we'll describe the dangers and offer a few tips for protecting your little one.

Knowing The Risks

When infants put foreign objects into their mouths, there is a risk of infection, disease Cheap Adidas Superstar Mens , choking, and swallowing toxic or sharp materials. For example, your baby might gain access to one of the small caps on your bathroom toilet. The cap might be too big for her to swallow, but can still cause infection if she puts it in her mouth.

An errant staple or paper clip can easily hide in a rug or carpet. If your little one swallows it, the sharp edges can damage her organs. A pen cap, penny, or small eraser can block her air passages and cause her to choke. In short, almost every foreign object poses a danger and requires parents to remain ever-vigilant.

Protecting Your Infant

It's impossible to watch your baby every second she is awake. And it's usually during those brief seconds that she somehow manages to find and eat strange objects. With that in mind Cheap Originals Adidas Superstar , focus on what you can control.

First, limit your baby's access to anything smaller than her fist. Even though she might try to eat a large rubber ball, you'll have the comfort of knowing she'll be unsuccessful. Second, make sure that anything she places her mouth on is disinfected regularly. This is especially important in environments where other babies are present. Third, baby-proof your home. Most homes have chemicals and potentially dangerous items near the floor. You'll need to place these things out of your baby's reach.

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