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 his is a subset of the Master

many occasions when you can find yourself speaking to an audience. These can range from report to club members to a formal talk or lecture at a professional gathering. Whatever the occasion you want information be of interest and remembered.

Humor can help you achieve both goals. Now this is not the same as giving humorous talk. That is a most difficult speech to deliver effectively Cheap Henrikh Mkhitaryan Jersey , requiring a special talent and skill. These tips have to do with the use of humor in your presentations, whatever these may be, to help make your points clear and remembered.

Everything that said in my previous article, Humor - Tips for Using it in Everyday Conversation Cheap Eric Bailly Jersey , also applies to using humor in speeches. But public or platform speaking at is sometimes called does have some additional considerations. Almost every professional speechwriter agrees on what the important ones are.


You are speaking to present an idea or discuss a subject. Use only those jokes or bits of humor that help you do that. A funny story that has nothing to do with your subject won't help you or your audience. Often a person is inclined to begin a presentation with a joke or humorous story. Your are immediately on shaky ground when you do. You have, in effect, a stand-alone bit of humor. It may or may not get the laugh you want. If the audience does not laugh, then you've lost that moment of initial interest audiences always give a speaker.

One way to overcome this risk is making sure your opening story has a point so strong that even if the laugh does not come Cheap Demetri Mitchell Jersey , you can continue immediately focusing on the point of your story.


With humor you can actually make a point three times. You make your statement, follow it with your joke to highlight or illustrate what you just said, then you restate your original point. Three times you made your point: Your statement, the illustrative joke Cheap David de Gea Jersey , a restatement. The listener, in recalling the humor at a future time, also recalls the point associated with it.

One comedy-writing technique to help you fit a story to your subject is called "Switching." You can change either the build up or the punch line for it to fit your subject matter.

Example of changing the build up:
Neighbor: Do you like your new sister, Tommy?
Tommy: Oh yes Cheap David Beckham Jersey , but there are lots of things we needed more.
Friend: I hear your mother married again. Do you like your new father?
Tommy: He's all right, but there's lots of things we needed more.

Example of changing the punch line:
Desperate panhandler: Lady, I haven't eaten in four days.
Rich lady: Young man, you must learn to force yourself.
Panhandler: Lady Cheap Daley Blind Jersey , I haven't eaten in four days. Can you help me.
Rich Lady: Certainly. I recommend The Ritz, a wonderful restaurant on 14th Street.

Take time to practice switching jokes. Beside being fun, it will expand your story file.


Try to personalize and localize your stories. Instead of saying "a man" and "a city" give the man and the city names that the audience recognizes. If you can use their locale and people in the audience, so much the better. Work yourself into the joke as though you saw it happen Cheap Chris Smalling Jersey , and if you can become the fall guy, better still. They'll love you for it.


When your joke has quotes, deliver them in the style of the jokes above. Do not say, "He's all right Cheap Cameron Borthwick-Jackson Jersey ,? said Tommy, "But there's lots of things we needed more?. That's OK in writing, but in speaking it slows down the story.

With a practice you can make amusing stories funny ones. (c) Cy Eberhart 2006

One of your most important marketing assets is your Keyword List. But are you giving your Keyword List the attention it deserves? Is your Keyword List getting a little shaggy around the edges? Are your keywords becoming old and out of date? Is your Keyword List not behaving at its best, possibly due to neglect?

To properly care for your Keyword List you need to understand its different needs and functions. We can divide the list into several broad categories.

1. Master Keyword List ? this list has all the keywords that you can come up with for your particular need. All other lists are taken from this Master List.

2. Pay-Per-Click List ? this is a subset of the Master List and will vary depending on how you are using PPC and which search engines you are buying positions in.

3. Tag List ? this subset of the Master List helps you fill in those Meta Tag fields. Although many search engines are not currently paying much attention to Meta Tags Cheap Axel Tuanzebe Jersey , that could change at any time and the search engines will not let us know if or when they begin watching Meta Tags again. So the safe bet is to still keep these tags properly populated.

4. Web Site List ? this is another subset of the Master List and is more targeted than the PPC list. This list also helps you write powerful content on your site. And don't forget to refer to this list when setting up the Alt tags for your images (you are using Alt tags aren't you?).

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