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  complete and beautiful! A

The weather has had a slight chill, the autumn has passed, and the sky in the early winter is a bit gloomy. On the campus, except for the evergreen trees, the exterior has been unloaded, but there seems to be an exception. The leaves of ginkgo are just beginning to fall. Originally, a small ginkgo was not very eye-catching on a campus, but the green and evergreen eucalyptus surrounded it highlighted its speciality. I didn��t seem to pay attention to it before. I couldn��t find a little bit about Ginkgo in my memory. I don��t even understand the color of the leaves. But now, in a yellow dress, it suddenly broke into my field of vision. Some abrupt, but also bring surprises. At the beginning, its leaves only flew a few pieces in the wind, like the butterfly in the late autumn, dancing alone, but slowly, it began to be lively. Some students began to pick up some of its leaves and clip it in the book. I passed it several times. Although I have this idea, I still have no action, so that it exists in its original form, I think. Once I went to class by the side of the class, I looked up inadvertently, but I was shocked. Only a few days ago, the original dense ginkgo leaves had not much left, and the sparsely like two or three tired on the treetops. The dead butterfly. "One or two films to make a commemoration! It is almost finished." Friends said to myself, I am still hesitating, should not give this natural beauty cast man-made eternity; friends have crossed the small fence, bowed down Seriously selected, she chose a lot, ran over, let me take some, I still picked a piece, very ordinary, and very complete, there are some early morning dew, I have some doubts Carton Of Cigarettes, this is Is it tears? Or is it a reward given to it by God? For this winter's extraordinary colors. Go back to the classroom, take some paper and gently wipe the dew, carefully put it in the book, for fear of hurting the natural elf. My friend is curious and asks me why I choose such an ordinary piece? I am a little self-deprecating, ordinary people should choose ordinary leaves! Although sometimes I think that the leaves with strange shapes are very beautiful Cheap Cigarettes, I still feel that they are ordinary, and at least it is more acceptable. In fact, there is another reason. When I saw it, I always remembered the past time. I also drifted with the wind. I couldn��t come back. I would like to collect it. Isn��t it a collection of memories of my heart? We always hope that our past is complete and beautiful! After a period of time in the book Marlboro Cigarettes, the leaves have lost their moisture and become thirsty. It is not as dry as a leaf, but you can feel silky smoothness. In addition to its color, other people really can't think of it as a fallen leaf. Maybe it's really not, just naughty to run from the tree to the ground, or maybe it's a late autumn postcard, wrong season .
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