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Linda Bradley
Submitted 2017-10-21 09:22:17 We promote "sustainable privacy" and "internet complicity reduction".

Sustainable privacy refers to the situation where you're forced to reveal more than needed to conduct business.

Let's imagine that your name is Koh Kim Cheap NFL Jerseys , and you have a stellar wardrobe that you share a lot via StyleLend.
Now, you want to organize a meet (through ) where you would like to share your experience, perhaps promote StyleLend, and may be offer consulting services to other young women who want to do the same.
How can you prove to the group your status as someone who had done tons of business on StyleLend?

That's easy, you can simply state your name Cheap Authentic Jerseys , and mention that you have a excellent history of renting on StyleLend, excellent reviews, and then state a few statistics.

The problem with that is that your special statusskillscredentials is difficult to prove without giving away too much personal data, and without forcing your group to hop through some loops in verifying it. That's the reason for our internet data verification status quo - people just hope that what others say is mostly true.

Also, let me show you who you are:

Style Lend:
list will go on as number of sharing economy platforms increase in volume. This unneeded torrent of private information is the result of the model that's being pushed on us by all social media platforms.

We do not think it should be like this.

We believe it is a full disregard of privacy Cheap Jerseys Online , and there should be a way to be a part of "collaborative consumption" system without giving away our information to anyone on the internet who wants to collect it.

We believe that just with sustainable business model where we are asked to think about preserving our environment, we must start thinking about privacy preserving sharing model, where in order to lease out some of wardrobe we should not be giving away too much of our private data.

Now, the question is why would you, as an owner of a peer-to-peer platform Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , bother with above?

A recent study by Virtru found that 73% of Americans who use the web are concerned about online privacy. Of those, 38% said they didn鈥檛 know how and 46% said they don鈥檛 know where to begin to secure their online information.

It is difficult to quantify how exactly how many potential clients are not joining your platform because they feel they may be exposing yet another aspect of their lives, but these 73%38%46% (choose one!) of any population sector is a large number to ignore.

What do we offer? We offer a different way for participants in sharing economy platforms to share their reputation. This sharing model is:

1. Anonymous - whenever you share, you don't have to link through your real (or account) name, nor to include any other sensitive information.

2. Fully controlled by client - you (as a client) share Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , you choose what aspects to share - for example, for StyleLend, you may choose to share how much business you do and nothing else.

3. Tailored per use: you share using what we call a "passport" - you create these passports per use, and every passport you customize for that use, using different sources of information Cheap Jerseys From China , and selecting different attributes.

3.1 Example:
a) If you choose to create a dating passport, you may decide to include your zip (source - ), and your age band (source - )
b) If you are buyingselling on craigslist, you may want to include your zip(source - ) and your credit score (source - ).

4. Disposable - Once transaction is complete, you can erase your passport Cheap Jerseys China , and since your name is never exposed, you technically complete disappear.

What do you get out of this?

1. More privacy for current clients - you are joining the movIntelez is a platform for anonymous sharing of verified online reputation, empowering people to exchange relevant reputation while fully protecting their identity and privacy.
Intelez promotes "sustainable privacy" and makes "internet complicity reduction" possible.
Sustainable privacy 鈥?revealing only data needed to conduct business
Say, you鈥檙e Koh Kim, and you have a stellar wardrobe that you share a lot via StyleLend.
You are organizing a meet ( ) to share your experience Cheap Jerseys , promote StyleLend, and offer consulting services to other young women who want to do the same.
How can you prove you had done tons of business on StyleLend?
You share your name, and mention you have an excellent history of renting on StyleLend
How can you prove your reputation? Also your names tells me this:
too much! Just like sustainable business model preserving our environment, there should be privacy preserving sharing model, where your leasing wardrobe should be supported only with relevant data.
fixes all this. Our information sharing model is:
1. Anonymous 鈥?when you share facts Wholesale NFL Jerseys , no need to share your name and address
2. Fully controlled by client 鈥?you always control what attributes you want to expose when sharing
3. Disposable - Once transaction is complete, erasing your anonymous passport allows you to completely disappear
What about "internet complicity reduction":
You are selling on eBay, and suspecting that a buyer is using a stolen credit card.
eBay advices not to care since PayPal is acting as an insurance, but unless someone prints money, in the end it is clients and not the company that pay for it.
Using allows you to share your data Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , and find out who the buyer (or the seller), reducing chances of fraud.

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