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 rder to get the right price and confirmed booki

You are about to compete for the best people again. The recovery is happening. Labor statistics indicate over 280 Cheap Air Jordan ,000 new jobs were created in the U.S. last May. Is your company's hiring process a competitive weapon-or a ball and chain? If you're not sure, here are some places to look:

1. You abdicate hiring responsibility to an HR person or executive recruiter. That's their job, right? Wrong. The job of HR is a support and advisory role. The role of a recruiter is to help you build a stronger pipeline of available candidates and advise you on key hires. For key positions, take a proactive role and implement a recruiting and interviewing process.

One software client of mine once relied on HR to design their job descriptions. For years, they attracted people with the right education and skills for open positions. The bad news is that the job description did not help a hiring executive assess a person's behaviors or cultural fit for that division. Two Directors who were hired under the old model were demoted after much customer uproar about missed deadlines on product launches.

2. You think lunch appointments and golf outings are great settings to conduct interviews. How much do you spend time wooing high-flying producers this way Cheap Jordan Retro Shoes , yet cannot seem to get any decision from the interviewee? Listen for the much-dreaded response: "I'll think about it (which is a polite, wimpy way of saying no)."

3. You become attached to specific candidate(s). Do you ever hear yourself saying things like, "she would really do well in our culture?we go to the same church?I have a good feeling about her?" You lose commitment to hiring the best person, and get attached to a personality.

4. You confuse selling with interviewing. I recently heard the VP of a mortgage company tell me, "we want to build our candidate pipeline Cheap Jordan Retro , get them in here for a meeting, and pitch them on our company." If you have to waste 2 hours "pitching" somebody to come work for you, what kind of loyalty and credibility are you fostering? How likely will they see through that inauthentic gamesmanship? Pretty likely.

5. When someone asks, "what makes your company an exciting place to work?? you draw a blank or start pitching. This may indicate that your company does not know its uniqueness-or, as Jim Collins calls it Cheap Jordan Shoes , your "hedgehog." In Good To Great, he describes how enduring companies are extremely clear about three things: what they are deeply passionate about, what fuels their economic engine, and what they can be best in the world at. If your company is facing this situation, how can you expect your future employees to be intrigued by what you offer?

Collins applauds GE's "process hedgehog." Their model is: build the greatest management development system (their passion) Nike Air Jordan Retro For Sale , profit per unit of top executive talent (their economic engine), and developing the best general management talent (they are best in the world at it). Collins says "this basic hedgehog has driven their economic flywheel since 1910."

In my interviews and analysis of over 50 CEOs last year, I discovered that scattered, fox-like hiring behaviors truly separate the average companies from the superstars. I assert that in today's global economy, our only remaining competitive differentiators are our people Nike Air Jordan Shoes For Sale , our innovations, and our hedgehog. How will your company secure solid ground in at least one these areas?

In our next ezine article, I'll present some fundamental hiring tune-ups every company needs to consider. As the Greek parable says: "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing."

The islands of Malta have always been a popular for visitors who are looking for the perfect seasonal escape. In addition to this, cheap accommodations and flights have made it easy for many travellers to pack their bags and jet to this destination with just a click of a button. However Nike Air Jordan For Sale , before you book an efficient and adventure filled trip, you will need to be smart about the choices you make. When it comes to the itinerary of flights, you can choose between the summer flights for Maltaand the winter flights to Malta. So what must you consider before you choose your flights?

Seasons in Malta

Like any other travel and tourist destination, the islands of Malta also have their own natural seasons along with the peak and off tourists鈥?seasons. Although weather wise, Malta provides the perfect temperature and bright sunny skies Nike Jordan Retro For Sale , it is also marred by tropical thunderstorms and rainfalls. You can choose either the winter or summer flights for Malta based on this factor. Normally, the months from November to April bring a warm and pleasant temperature, making it ideal for those seeking a perfect winter sun holiday. In such a season, the island of Gozo is particular pleasant, due to its sudden burst of green and blooming natural surroundings. This natural surroundings make for the perfect tranquil stroll Nike Jordan Shoes For Sale , especially around the historical sites. In addition to this, the island also attracts committed ramblers and adventure-hungry trekkers amongst those looking for a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Malta itself is overrun with those who want to escape the biting cold winters and the gray fields of snow. Its various amenities and all year round sunny beaches are lively during this season alone. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the winter flights to Malta are fully booked. You will need to book months ahead in order to get the right price and confirmed booking itself.


While there are several flights to Malta that ar

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