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  but I hold bac't know

On this day, I started to look up at the stars, and found that the stars are not far away, and the dream is not far away, as long as you lift your toes. On this night, the starry sky was bright, and the stars were jeweled on the black veil, sparkling. I pointed to the stars in the night sky and said to my mother, "Mom, everyone's dream in the legend is a star, and dreams come true, stars I can pick it up, right? "I snuggled up next to my mother, a touch of osmanthus fragrance around her," Yeah, everyone should have pursuits and dreams in life. Do you have dreams? "Mom laughed Ask. I smirked, but suddenly I couldn't help thinking of that night. The starting point of "Star" "Tonight, I swear ..." Listen, this is my twelve-year-old. Under the osmanthus tree, in the vast night sky, I swear that I must realize my dream. Around, I searched for my own star in the starry sky, but that represented my dream. Finally, I found it! That night there were few stars. I was very happy to find a star of my own. When I think that my dream has been planted in my heart, I feel that I have no regrets in life. The goal, even if the process is long, I have to work hard for it at all. I keep this dream in mind and start to study hard and make myself good step by step. Being a labor commissioner, because it not only makes me feel responsible, but also strengthens my ability in all aspects. At the same time, I am also seeking and improving my self-learning method, trying to take a good high school or even college, and I even think about how to deal with the frustrations that I will encounter along the way, the test fails, others laugh at it, and even think of There will be a car accident like a friend Newport 100S, ... no matter what the process is, I write it in my diary. There are all the "frustrations" about death. Confused, confused, sad, sad, puzzled ... for a month , I failed to complete my self-made plan, thinking what the hell is going on, I lost interest in learning, failed to do myself well, and even hated myself more and more Cigarettes For Sale... I was tired, everything was calm, I But he fell down first. Because my parents didn't understand, my classmates and friends laughed at me, but in the end, only I could cheer myself up. With a bitter smile, except for a bitter smile, I was speechless to myself. I returned home and lazily threw my schoolbag on the table. Since that day, I have no more motivation. The word "dream" has since disappeared from my life dictionary. "Mom", I have a dream, but I hold back, I don't know when it was, tears were in my eyes, my mother hugged me, I cried loudly. That dream, like a stone, held my heart for a long time. "When you have a dream, you should work hard" No matter what the result, go all out! My mother comforted me and said, yeah, go your own way and let others talk! I thought to myself. For this dream, I can exchange everything with me, thinking that I will encounter many difficulties along the way, and I imagine how I will actively face it. But I didn't even have enough confidence. I could stop because I was tired. I was wrong and wrote "Sorry" in the diary. That night, I set off again under the osmanthus tree. "The stars are still waiting for me to pick them in the night sky Marlboro Gold." I laughed and rushed home at night, still starry, thinking "The stars are not far away, the dreams are not Far as long as you tiptoe

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