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Modern boys camps provide the best of both the modern and classic camping experiences. Children are provided with traditional camping experiences including roasted marshmallows Wholesale NFL Jerseys , swimming lessons, and hiking adventures; they are also provided with a modern camping experience that includes weeks packed with new skills and achievements in the area of their choice. Choices include: equestrian, basketball, baseball Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , computer programming, water sports, adventure exploration, web design Wholesale Jerseys China , art classes, and more. Learn more about this unique program in northern Pennsylvania and how it can benefit your child.
The classic boys camp experience is combined with a modern twist. All of the pleasures and joyful experiences of classic sleepaway camp are included in this delightful northern Pennsylvania campus. Children are provided with the traditional enjoyments associated with the camping experience; such as: roasted marshmallows, hiking adventures, outside play Wholesale Jerseys , swimming lessons, new friends, and laughter. Along with these traditional experiences, the camper is provided with a program selection that is designed to meet his unique interests and goals. This modern twist provides campers with an addition to the classic camping experience. This addition adds skills and teaching provided by a qualified teacher in the area that most captivates the child. These course selections include options such as: water sports Cheap NFL Jerseys Online , basketball, equestrian, baseball, water sports Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , adventure exploration, computer programming, web design, art Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , and so much more. Each child's unique interests and passions are kindled by teachers who specialize in each program stream.
Boys camps provide a strengthened self-esteem and a new zeal for life. Specialized teachers oversee and teach each program stream, providing new skills and new levels of accomplishment for each child. In addition to these specialized teachers, each child is provided with a counselor. The counselor ratio provided at the sleep away camp is 2 ro1 (for every two campers there is one counselor). This ensures a safe and protected environment for each child and provides a beautiful camping experience where everyone knows his name. Parents are invited to call their child at any point to check on them. Counselors provide consistent updates for parents. The beautiful camping experience is not separated from the family. Children are able to share their joyful experiences throughout the boys camp with their parents and family. Children return home with a new level of self-esteem, courage Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , accomplishment, and joy.
Provide your child with a summer packed full of adventure and excitement as he builds new levels of accomplishment in boys camp. This summer camping experience is life changing and provides each child with skills in the area of his passion, along with strengthened self-esteem and a new outlook on taking on new adventures. Provide your child with a summer packed full of new accomplishments by enrolling him in sleep away camp. This classic experience is combined with a modern twist to give each child a memorable and life-changing experience. Another summer packed full of late mornings, television and video games Cheap NFL Jerseys China , can easily be replaced with a summer packed full of excitement and new accomplishments. The sports programs include competition and games through the camping Association league. Children enjoy participating in competitions as well as building new skills and accomplishments in the sport that they love. Horse lovers appreciate the equestrian training that includes animal care as well as ridding. This wonderful skill is a huge achievement for each child and is very beneficial in providing lifelong skills. Send your child to a boys camp where everyone knows his name. Your child will return home with a huge smile and new skills provided by a qualified teacher. He will also be filled with stories of joyful experiences. Give your son the very best by contacting boys camp in northern Pennsylvania today.

Camp Shohola provides quality boys camp and sleepaway camp in Northern Pennsylvania.
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