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 and the sky slowly f

The footprint of growth is golden and beautiful. It made me jump across fear and frustration. Make me confident and brave. In the past, once I encountered something that scared me, I would become a rabbit and see the tiger like escape. I never thought I could solve it, so I had to make excuses to avoid it. But now I have grown up, and the footprint of my growth has made me brave, so I have the courage to overcome what I am afraid of Marlboro Lights. When it comes to cycling, you can ride it! In the past, when I heard about cycling, I was suffering from a stomachache and a headache. When I saw its black wheels, I seemed to have fallen into the deep blue sea of ??the blue, and it was hard to spit. When I see others riding a bicycle happily, I have infinite envy and hate for my timid bicycle. So, I bravely asked my mother to ask for a bike. The next morning, my mother gave me a brand-new bicycle Carton Of Cigarettes. The vine yellow bicycle seemed to be a beam of light. It seemed to be saying to me, "Come on, you must be able to do it." car. However, the moment I got on the bike, my heart was full of fear. I looked at my mother. My mother's eyes were filled with comfort, like a warm sun, which made me come out of the "cold forest". So I slowly put my hand on the handlebar, put one foot on the pedal, and the other foot on the ground. I closed my eyes and brushed my temples with my hands, my two soft nostrils moved, and took a deep breath. Suddenly I opened my eyes and stepped on the pedal hard. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking, my feet were not shaking, and I almost fell. I continued to practice a few times and still wrestled. The sun has turned westward, and the sky slowly faded from white to light, and then turned red. I looked at the sun and was about to give up. My mother seemed to see my mind and encouraged me to continue practicing, paying attention to balance and not being nervous. I also encouraged myself to overcome my inner fears, find the right skills, look straight ahead, push hard, and turn the pedal. It makes me incredible, I succeeded, I succeeded! Now I am skilled, I don't want the one who was afraid of things before, now I am immersed in a laughter of joy Marlboro Cigarettes, and gradually grow up. It is because of these small successes that a large footprint has been brought together ------ that is the footprint of growth!
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