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 as leaving Florida and transferring to

Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at! Hi Kerry, Love your column! I have a question about the 2-2 goal in the Leafs-Bruins game Wednesday night, when David Krejci made contact with Mikhail Grabovski into the James Reimer, and the puck went off Grabo and in. Im not saying it shouldnt have been a goal, but shouldnt it have been reviewed? It looked like goalie interference by knocking an opposing player into the goalie. Is there such a thing? Thanks, Craig Pinhey Craig: Let me go one step farther; Im saying the Bruins second goal (video link) should have been disallowed due to interference created by David Krejci who was ultimately credited with the goal. James Reimer made the initial save on a shot off the stick of Brad Marchand from the right slot offering up a subsequent rebound that popped into the air. Mikhail Grabovski had first position at the goal crease and prior to gaining possession to clear the puck, Grabovski was contacted/checked from behind by David Krejci with a reverse bump as he crashed the crease. The illegal contact by Krejci caused Grabo to fall into the goal crease, thereby depositing both the puck and Leafs goalie James Reimer into the net. Two potential rule options apply to David Krejcis action on Mikhail Grabovski at the crease that resulted in a goal. Assuming Grabovski did not yet have possession of the puck a minor penalty for interference under rule 56.2 can be applied. ("A minor penalty shall be imposed on an attacking player who deliberately checks a defensive player, including the goalkeeper, who is not in possession of the puck.") Rule 69.1 can also be applied given the fact that James Reimers ability to defend his goal was greatly impaired through the resulting contact in his crease caused by David Krejc. ("If a defending player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by an attacking player so as to cause the defending player to come into contact with his own goalkeeper, such contact shall be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for purposes of this rule, and if a necessary a penalty assessed to the attacking player and if a goal is scored it would be disallowed.") Even if you come to the conclusion that the puck passed over Reimers shoulder just prior to being contacted by Grabovski the fact remains that Reimers "ability to move freely within his crease without being hindered by the actions of an attacking player" existed as also stated in 69.1. The interference that resulted from David Krejcis subtle crease crash manufactured a Bruins dirty goal. Let me address a different situation from the Ducks-Wings game where the puck entered the net along with Red Wings goalie, Jimmy Howard and resulted in an immediate wave-off by Referee Wes McCauley. As Kyle Palmieri joined the rush he used a free-hand grab to slingshot past Detroit defenceman Brian Lashoff just inside the Wings blue line. Lashoff gave chase and shoved Palmeiri to the ice from a good 10 feet in front of Jimmy Howard as Emerson Etem threw the puck at the net from the corner. Howard controlled the puck as he was crashed into by the sliding Palmieri; placing both Howard and the puck into the net. This dirty goal was immediately and appropriately waved off by McCauley when he ruled the play dead prior to the puck entering the net. There is a fine line between the Refs ability to judge the play under two different applications found in rule 69—Interference on the Goalkeeper. One results in a legal goal while the other is disallowed. First rule 69.1 tells us that, "If an attacking player has been pushed, shoved, or fouled by a defending player so as to cause him to come into contact with the goalkeeper, such contact will not be deemed contact initiated by the attacking player for the purpose of this rule, provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact." The push from Lashoff occurred some distance from the crease and it may or may not be reasonable to expect that Palmeiri could have made some effort to slow his slide/crash into Howard. I saw a reverse angle look where Paleiri was sliding on his hands and knees with his eyes focused on Jimmy Howard. The second option falls under 69.6, "In the event that a goalkeeper has been pushed into the net together with the puck by an attacking player after making a stop, the goal will be disallowed. If applicable, appropriate penalties will be assessed. If, however, in the opinion of the Referee, the attacking player was pushed or otherwise fouled by a defending player causing the goalkeeper to be pushed into the net together with the puck, the goal can be permitted." Note the use of "can" as opposed to "shall" in deferring to the Refs judgment on the play. The sling-shot grab that launched Kyle Palmieri past Brian Lashoff just inside the Red Wing blue line provided an unfair advantage on the rush. As Lashoff tried to regain position he ultimately pushed Palmeiri to the ice. One could argue that both plays, if detected, might be worthy of an interference call. One was no worse than the other and both were either let go or somehow undetected. What I believe is the most important and overriding factor on this play is that the Referee quickly determined that Jimmy Howard had made the initial save and therefore ruled the play dead prior to being crashed into by Kyle Palmieri. This split second decision was made by the Referee who took into account all aspects of the play and appropriately waved off a dirty goal without hesitation. The crew of Referees then conferred with one another following this call as they have been advised to do throughout these playoffs. Both plays, once again highlight the need for a rule change allowing the Referees to implement video review when goalkeeper interference is suspected. As I have said it is the most difficult call for the Refs to make. Corey Linsley Jersey .J. -- Pitcher Carl Pavano is retiring after 14 major league seasons. Aaron Ripkowski Jersey . Radwanska, making her debut in the Seoul tournament, hit eight aces in a match that lasted 1 hour, 4 minutes at Olympic Park tennis stadium. "It was definitely a very good match -- I was playing really good tennis," Radwanska said. . -- An ugly goal by Nick Bonino helped the Anaheim Ducks overcome the defensive-minded Phoenix Coyotes on a night when their ragged power play continued to struggle. Jahri Evans Jersey .B. -- The Baie-Comeau Drakkar took over sole possession of first place atop the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League on Thursday with their sixth straight win. Aaron Jones Jersey . The Australian is competing in his final season in Formula One and still looking for his first win this year. He will look to end Vettels run of six straight race wins on Sunday. Webber, who is fifth in the championship, earned his second pole from the past three races and 13th of his career. An independent hearing officer found Florida Gators receiver Antonio Callaway not responsible of sexually assaulting a female student in December, according to a ruling obtained by ESPN on Friday.Callaway, a sophomore from Miami, was accused of sexual misconduct by the woman in December. The woman and her witnesses boycotted Callaways student conduct hearing in Gainesville, Florida, last week because the university appointed a Gators football booster to adjudicate the case.Callaway and the woman were notified of the decision Friday morning. It wasnt immediately known if Callaway would be fully reinstated to Floridas football team or face additional discipline.According to the ruling made by Jacksonville, Florida, attorney Jake Schickel, Callaway was cleared of three violations of Floridas student conduct code: conduct causing physical injury or endangering anothers health or safety, sexual assault and sexual misconduct.In his ruling, Schickel wrote that the woman stated she did not consent because of intoxication and/or force, however the totality of the evidence suggest the contrary and she was not intoxicated to the extent she could not consent. Schickel also wrote that the womans own text messages indicated that she was pretending to be intoxicated.Schickel also wrote that his impression was that Callaway was honest, sincere, and presented himself well. According to the ruling, Callaway testified that he was high on marijuana during the encounter, and stated that he was so stoned I had no interest in having sex with anyone.We would have been surprised if any other outcome would have occurred, said John Clune, the womans attorney. The whole situation is a disgrace and disservice to everybody involved in this process. It doesnt matter how competent someone is, if they have a bias, you cant remove that bias. The school knows better, and they owe the female students at UF better than this. It sends the wrong message.The woman has 10 business days to appeal the decision. Clune didnt indicate whether she would.In a statement provided to ESPN on Friday, Callaways attorney, Huntley Johnson, said of the ruling: The complainants advisor has gone out of his way to distort Mr. Callaways actions. Please allow us to level the playing field. This decision by the hearing officer reflects only a fraction of the evidence which is not favorable to the complainant.The young ladys advisor has said they will take their witnesses and go elsewhere.dddddddddddd They need to be careful what they wish for.Clune said his client was trying to decide whether to re-enroll at Florida for classes this fall.The university issued a statement Friday saying it will not tolerate sexual assault and that it thoroughly investigates every allegation in receives through the student conduct and Title IX processes.Last week, Clune objected to Florida appointing Schickel as a hearing officer in the case. Schickel has a bachelors degree in political science and law degree from Florida. He is also a past trustee of Floridas Levin College of Law.A former track and field athlete at Florida, Schickel, 68, is a Scholarship Club donor to Florida Football Boosters, which requires annual contributions of $4,800 to $8,599, according to a 2014-15 Year In Review program published by the UF athletics department. According to the documents, Schickel is also a 3-Point Club donor to Florida basketball, which requires annual contributions of $2,000 to $4,999.In January, Florida suspended Callaway and former Gators quarterback Treon Harris for violating the schools code of conduct. They were barred from campus and took online courses during the suspension. According to sources, the woman reported the incident to Floridas student conduct and conflict resolution office in early December. She didnt report the incident to police.Gainesville police and University of Florida police previously confirmed to ESPN that they didnt have reports related to the alleged incident.Harris, a junior from Miami, was also accused of misconduct by the woman. He announced last month that he was leaving Florida and transferring to another school. Sources familiar with the case told ESPN that Harris agreed to leave Florida as part of a plea deal related to the Title IX case. He also apologized to the woman, the sources said.As a freshman last season, Callaway was Floridas leading receiver with 35 catches for 678 yards with four touchdowns in 14 games. He also returned two punts for touchdowns. He was suspended from participating in football activities and missed spring practice before returning to campus for classes in June.Callaway practiced with the Gators for the first time this year last week but hasnt been fully reinstated to the team, according to Gators coach Jim McElwain. 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