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 If everyone in the US wears a mask in public

She found no significant change in either measure when she compared not wearing a mask with wearing various kinds of masks.

"Though maybe inconvenient for some, you can still breathe, " she wrote. "As a physician, I urge you and ask you to please wear a mask to protect yourself and those who cannot safely wear a mask (many of my patients because they are under 2 years old). "

Other 'anti-maskers' have claimed they can't wear masks because of medical conditions, but doctors don't buy it
Other people have said they're "exempt" from mandates requiring mask wearing in public because they have a medical condition that makes the practice risky, according to Dr. Alan Hawxby, a transplant surgeon at the Oklahoma University Medical Center, who posted about the phenomenon on Twitter.

They say they're not required to disclose what that condition is because of privacy laws like HIPAA, which restricts the release of medical information. While it's true that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, doctors say medical conditions don't excuse people from wearing masks — they emphasize the importance of wearing one correctly.

For people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the arthritis organization CreakyJoints recommends staying home as much as possible and picking times when it's least hot, humid, and polluted to go out. It also says to choose a mask that's comfortable, like a cloth mask made with a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, and practice wearing it.]Online Cigarettes Store USA[/url]

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