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 How to Feed Fish with Different Fish Feeds

1. concentrated grain-cake feed: it ought to be cracked, soaked and ground into pulp for fingerlings, and macerated for medium-sized and large-sized fishes.

2. Raw cereal feed: massive cereal grains just like the corn ought to be crushed before feeding fishes; little cereal grains like the millet is up before feeding fishes, as a result of the contemporary baby sprouts are wealthy in nutrients and simple to digest, that seems to be sensible for fishes growth.

3. green forage: direct feeding when removing the dirt from the green forage is for medium-sized and large-sized fishes; splashing feeding after cutting or pulping and mixing with zero.2% salt is for small-sized fishes, and it's higher if cut the inexperienced forage, then boil it and blend with bran.

4. fermented bran feed: the fermented bran ought to be macerated and ground to feed small-sized fishes; and for medium-sized and large-sized fishes, it ought to be soured until there's winey smell. The first-time feeding ought to be alittle amount, and magnified step by step (can not be quite 30% of the daily ration).

5. protein fodder: earthworms, larvae of flies, insects, etc. are the first-rate animal supermolecule feed for fishes, and that they is fed to fishes directly or used with alternative feeds when dried and processed into powder. The block animal supermolecule feeds should be ground and mixed with binder to create them into bulk to boost their utilization rate. And fishing by-catch or little fishes are appropriate for marine fishes.

6. Manure feed: manure of chickens, pigs, cattle, etc. all is fish feed. The manure is dried, then processed into powder and combined with alternative feeds at a precise proportion. The proportion is 40%-50% manure, 50%-70%ttle manure, 30%-50% pig manure.

7.Pellet feed: fish feed pellet sometimes features a diameter of two.5-8mm and a length of 5-10mm. Direct feeding is obtainable, however if the fish pellet feed is wet, it ought to be dried first; it can't be used if it's gone unhealthy.

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