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 James Key on Max Verstappens overtaking Carlos has also done a bit of that, maybe less visibly, but hes much more disciplined in

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Drew Brees threw a pair of touchdown passes in the first half and the guys on the other side made sure that was enough, sending the Saints to a 17-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night.He may not be one of F1’s most high profile figures, but Toro Rosso’s James Key is considered one of the sport’s sharpest technical brains - and his stock is on the rise after an impressive 2015 season. Red Bulls junior stable not only won praise for their two rookie stars in 2015, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, but their STR10 car as well with its aerodynamical performance receiving favourable comparisons with the grids leading cars.In an interview with Sky Sports, Key explains what its like working with two of F1s most exciting young drivers, how Toro Rosso can improve in 2016, and what F1 as a sport should do to improve. James Key on...Verstappen and Sainz...Its been good and really positive. Theyve both worked well together, theyve been good to work with and theyre super keen to go and prove themselves. Theyre very motivated, very professional and whats pleased us is theyre both good prospects.This year we know theyre going to have two guys who are quick, talented and very focused and ambitious - and theyve got a full season under their belt as well, so they are that little more advanced.How their driving style compare...Theyre normally quite similar, but I suppose theyre sensitive to slightly different things. In a learning year that sometimes changes a bit race by race as the learning process goes on.Max certainly in races is pretty aggressive and brave and that has won him a lot of praise and its been excellent to watch. Hes got confidence in himself and the car to go and make some moves that not everyone would risk. Hes got away with so many moves that you think my god, you wouldnt normally try that. James Key on Max Verstappens overtaking Carlos has also done a bit of that, maybe less visibly, but hes much more disciplined in the way he goes about things. So he thinks hard about what hes doing, whats coming up, and is it right to push now or do I need to wait, bring the tyres in later and really push?So hes thinking a little bit more and as a result is perhaps slightly less aggressive, but with a longer-term plan in mind in the race.In qualy its been pretty close between them. Max had the recent good form [he qualified ahead in five of the final seven races], but Carlos was top 10 in his first race, which was good, and had a bit of bad luck of late. But comparisons will probably be better drawn this year.Verstappens overtaking...To be honest, when youve got a bit of a straight-line speed deficit youve got to be quite inventive with how you overtake. Weve looked at this and come up with ways of working out wheres the best place to overtake under those circumstances. How do we manage our power unit to allow that to happen? How do we form our strategy to ensure were not too much in traffic - and if we are, what do we do? So when youre in that situation, you think slightly differently, rather than assuming it will happen or not depending on how close you are. On that basis, its not all pre-planned, but it is thought about and discussed beforehand about where we overtake and how we do it. And that has probably helped Max focus a little bit on what hes doing.Equally, definitely its him, because hes got away with so many moves that you think my god, you wouldnt normally try that. But the positive thing for us is hes got the confidence in the car to do that. Overtaking on the inside and outside of Blanchimomt in Spa is testament to the car working well too, so its a combination of things.Toro Rossos 2015...We had our own problems, bad luck and so on. We had two clean races where an issue of some sort didnt compromise our performance. Thats not necessary a retirement, but some annoying thing that gave us a penalty, or a pit stop because weve had a problem. I wont go into detail because theres lots of them!I was saying to the guys the other day, you take any three races from the year and they will all be the difference in points to the next place in the championship and they will all have had some issue that affected us. Its been a very frustrating situation because we had the speed to achieve our ambition of P5. Everything needed to go a lot better and almost perfect, to a certain extent, because we had a few performance deficits in areas outside of our control - bbut it was still doable.ddddddddddddSo missed opportunities, for sure, but the two positive things for us are that the drivers have been a positive story for not just STR but the sport as well, theyve both done a great job and provided some really exciting racing. Were very happy with them.You never know when you get two rookies whether theyre going to be able to deliver, but they have. And the chassis was actually a pretty big step forward for us. Every race live in 2016 Sky Sports F1 brings you every race live in 2016. Fast and easy online upgrade - click here. Whether the STR10 chassis was as good as the top cars...Its difficult to tell because when you do a comparison analysis youve got to try and filter out engine, which is only ever guess work and, of course, its related to aerodynamic drag, which is a guess as well. So difficult to filter.And to a certain extent drivers too, not that there are any deficits in our drivers, but where they are learning a track for the first time versus a Vettel or an Alonso theyre clearly not going to be optimum until they probably get into the race and say right, Ive got it now. Next year we will be okay. So theres a lot of filtering to do, but if you look at medium and high-speed corner apex speeds, were right up there with all the guys ahead of us. In fact, in Barcelona where we qualified fifth and sixth we were second to only one of the Mercedes in the high-speed corners. So that gives a good indication of how much aero weve got. The rest is slightly fuzzy.Toro Rossos 2016 prospects...We can build because we learnt a massive amount and made a huge step from the STR9 car. Most of it we understand why, there are areas that perhaps surprised us a bit too and we made a bigger step than expected.So you build on that. In some cases its reinventing stuff to release more of the potential, in other cases its taking a philosophy that seems sound and pushing it to the next step where you need a redesign to do that, because in-season its not possible.Whether F1 will be made better by 2017s planned changes...The ingredients are there but I guess the reason theres still much to understand and clarify is because its a complicated process. On the one hand, you want a car thats quicker, and on the other hand you want to make sure the racings still good. Its all of those compromises that need to be fully understood I suppose and hopefully whatever the end result is we will have addressed all those enough to a certain extent. The problem is that you never know until 2017 because no one will have done enough work to really understand what the final product can do. You can only ever predict and try and ensure that we have left enough scope in the regulations to deliver. You almost have to wait for the finished product to be absolutely sure, but you can tweak stuff afterwards if you have to. You can change regs during the season to an extent, but certainly for the next season to fine tune them and address the weaknesses.How F1 can improve the racing...Its how close the cars are on the grid. If you have a grid of 22 cars covered by a couple of seconds, you get tons of racing.Some circuits encourage this - Bahrain in 2014 was an absolutely cracking race. If you look at the qualifying, the front to the back was some of the closest its ever been because that type of stop-start track brought that grid a little bit closer together and then the strengths of peoples cars play out in different ways.So the thing that makes it most exciting is to have less of a gap from front to back, which means youve got less performance differences and its more down to the driver - and to achieve that one of the things you need is engine parity. The first Barcelona test starts on Monday February 22 and the Sky Sports F1 Digital team will be providing live commentary from dawn until dusk on all four days of both Barcelona tests while Sky Sports News HQ will also deliver live updates from trackside. Also See: Compare Carlos and Max in 2016 F1s 2016 schedule Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jersyes Cheap Basketball Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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