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 artha Karolyi was asked on Tuesda

The offseason held a lot of surprises for Complexity. After a long period of playing together, two players left to go compete in Sweden, and a third had to leave the demanding life of playing professional Dota 2 due to health concerns.As Complexity assembled a new roster and fought to hold its spot among a growing stable of competitive North American Dota squads, the midseries departure of Justin jk Rosselle from the lineup added to the pile. Weeks from the Boston Major, the team would need to find a new player and potentially shift roles within the team to stay five players strong for the first major of the 2017 season.You wouldnt know any of this talking to captain Kyle swindlemelonzz Freedman, though. The leader of Complexity, who is known for his candidness on panels, was frank about the teams determination to forge ahead, despite the stumbling blocks. In spite of everything, Freedman still has his sights set squarely on the Aegis.I kind of never stop thinking about [The International], Freedman told ESPN. Its just what you want to win. The majors are important for a lot of reasons, but you never stop thinking about TI.Talent vs. driveWhen discussing Complexitys recent roster difficulties, both Freedman and the organization avoided detailing the situation surrounding Rosselles departure.Youre not supposed to air each others dirty laundries and discuss any potential personality flaws, Freedman said of player departures. You just say, Justin quits, and we just went with whoever we could find that would want to win and play real hard. Theres more to it, of course, but end of the day, Justin quit and we needed to find somebody else on short notice.The player the team turned to in a pinch was Jaron monkeys-forever Clinton, an American player the team was familiar with and trusted. It did, however, throw a wrench into the mix, with an uncertainty about whether Clinton would take Rosselles role in the one-role, or if offlaner David Moo Hull would take the reins. When asked, Freedman was ambiguous about who would take which lane, saying its kind of up in the air and whatever works is what [Complexity] are probably going to try next.When asked what he looked in for a replacement, Freedman cited a drive to win as being more important than talent.Talent -- everyone has talent. Its more about finding people that want to grow, and become the best, and work within any specific team, Freedman said. Take a player like Miracle, and he looks like a god on OG, and then he plays with Liquid and they dont look good at all. Is that because Miracle is suddenly worse? I dont think so. Its just that theres more that goes into teams than just existing. Its how you work within the team, how you communicate, the role you fill.Rocket manWhen we last talked with Complexity, the team was coming hot off a win against Evil Geniuses and looking strong for the Manila Major. Half a year later, the team struggled in Manila and failed to make it through the TI6 Wild Card qualifiers.As Freedman tells it, it has been a series of what-ifs while seeing teams like Digital Chaos and Evil Geniuses dominate.We were really close the whole year, Freedman said. We lost the tiebreaker to EG, then we lose to DC 3-2 in an 80-minute game we should have won, then we watch those teams finish second and third [at TI6]. You see yourself and youre like, that could have been us pretty easily if we had just come through. If we had won the one game we should have won instead of losing it again.It was a sore spot, but Freedman seems determined to forge ahead with Complexity, pushing to make those close losses turn the other direction. He says the team plans to work smarter, not harder. In an esport that demands so much of its players, between travel, playtime and myriad tournaments, burnout has been a frequent topic of discussion for the past couple years.When all you do is play Dota and being at it is your job, whenever you lose, youre in a pretty poor spot, Freedman said. Because now, in order to get better you want to continue playing. But at the same time, now its just going to be a source of stress, a reminder that maybe you dont have anything to play because you lost.Taking time off becomes a tricky concern for players as well. When discussing the offseason, many have said that while they took the month or so of downtime to relax, they still played the occasional game, in pubs and ranked stacks. As Freedman describes it, if you step away from Dota for a few weeks or a month, you often need to dedicate that much time just to get back to where you were prior to the break.Its a cruel mistress, you know? Freedman said. The more time you give to yourself, the more youll need to make up for it due to your neglect. Its sort of just finding a balance. I think its a weekly balance, more so than this massive binge of being on or off. I think that can actually be potentially more harmful.The advice Freedman had for burnout solutions was to find ways to relax. Making time for yourself on a weekly basis can mean the difference between being wound tight or feeling fresh.Make sure you get out of your own head, because Dotas always going to have to be a really main part of your life, Freedman said. Probably priority one, in truth, as a pro Dota player, but you just have to make sure you dont let it take over all your other priorities. You still need to do things that make you relax every day.The state of the unionAs for Complexitys headspace going into the major, the team seems passionate and ready. Theres a tacit drive in Freedmans speech, and as the team comes together to boot camp for the coming tournament, that drive might well carry over into results for Complexity. Theres a lot on the line with a performance at the major, as well. North America has been growing as a region over the past year, with new teams challenging the old guard and making a name for themselves.I think Americas always had really good teams at the top, Freedman said of NAs growth in the past year. We just havent really had the depth of other regions, and a lot of thats just because our good players in America are too lazy to even try.Freedman cites pros who decline to compete -- in America and in the open qualifiers for Boston -- based on feelings of not being able to make the cut.Theyd rather just not even play, Freedman continued. Theyd rather just not even try, because otherwise they might lose. If I consider myself a good player and I had a thought, or even a hope, of being a pro Dota player, Id be trying to compete in every event I could.As for Complexity, the team continues to compete with the best and play to win. Though Rosselles departure from the squad was sudden, Clintons assimilation into the squad has been surprisingly easy, according to assistant manager Josh Schmidt.His first message to me was something along the lines of my schedule is yours, and tell the team if they need to me practice anything specific I will, Schmidt said.Dont patch what isnt broken?When looking past the major, one of the major topics was the impending patch. With 6.89 all but certain to launch post-Boston, an interesting question is posed: Does Dota need patching?I think right now, what people are most looking for is just change, Freedman said of potential patch adjustments. The game itself is in a great state, and I expect that the changes will do more to change and add complexity to the game, versus just nerfs and buffs.The fluid meta of 6.88, which Freedman refers to as a revolving door of strategies, has seen more concepts rise in and out of favor than specific heroes. Theres no Sniper or Troll Warlord, but rather general strategies: Shadow Demon illusion sieges, Chen and Drow compositions and teams-specific drafts. Freedman says hes sure Wings has things we havent even seen yet. Despite that, theres no real worry that one patch could wreck the long period of balance Dota has been enjoying. According to Freedman, the Dota community has faith in its enigmatic developer-behind-the-scenes, IceFrog.The communitys faith in [IceFrog] doesnt just come from nowhere, Freedman said. Its always been good. Theres always been changes, things people complained about, but the game is good and its always been good. Doesnt matter what gets changed.Though changes come and go, it seems that both Dota 2 and Complexity will endure. As the scrappy North American squad gears up for Boston, it looks like a long road ahead, facing down many teams that have bested Complexity in the past. Working smarter, and carrying ahead with its current attitude, Complexity might just have a chance to best its demons this time around. Jerseys NHL China . In taking its goal tally to 99 in all competitions already this season, City delivered another demonstration of its lethal firepower at Etihad Stadium to set up a fourth-round match at home to another second-tier team -- Watford. Discount NHL Jerseys . -- Claudio Bieler hadnt scored since early September, and not from the run of play since mid-July. . 4 Villanova with a 96-68 drubbing on Monday. Wragge hit 9-of-14 from behind the arc, matching Kyle Korvers school record for 3-pointers in a game set in 2003, as Creighton (16-3, 6-1 Big East broke a conference record with 21 treys in the rout. Wholesale Jerseys 2018 . Burris threw two TD passes, including a key 15-yard fourth-quarter strike to Bakari Grant that effectively countered a Toronto comeback bid and led Hamilton to a 33-19 victory. Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic . PAUL, Minn. RIO DE JANEIRO -- U.S. mens gymnastics coach Mark Williams watched the womens team in awe.It was only the opening night of competition, the team qualifications. But Williams later called it one of the best gymnastics meets Ive ever watched.It was a statement of national pride. And at the same time, speaking minutes after the U.S. mens team finished fifth in team finals for the second consecutive Olympic Games, it was an expression of envy.How can the men get what the women -- one night later, gold medalists for the second straight Olympics -- now possess as almost their brand? And, because this is what we do in our country, what in heavens name is wrong with the mens program.Im open to suggestions, Williams said.The men lost because they uncharacteristically stumbled on three occasions they normally would not -- two performers on floor and a third on high bar.Weve got to figure it out so guys arent flustered by anything and its just a day at the office, he said. Watching the womens team last night was so impressive. It was amazing. We want to be like that.The U.S. mens team is as likeable a bunch of elite athletes as youre ever going to find. They are unabashedly spirited and optimistic, personified by Sam Mikulaks infectious cheerleading and urging himself and his teammates to put on a show.After Monday nights team final, the five were as stand-up as could be, facing reporters for every last question, including Danell Leyva, who committed the final error of the night when he lost his grip on high bar. And all stood solidly behind Leyva, consoling him in the moment and later emphasizing the teams responsibility for falling from second place in qualifications to fifth, two nights later.It would be easy to be skeptical at Mikulak suggesting that the chest-pounding spirit that fueled a late rally should have accompanied the team as it took the floor. Just as you can wonder if they have a so-called killer instinct when you hear Alex Naddour say, We always say we want to get a medal, we want to be out on the podium, but we want to go out there and put our hearts out there and thats what we did.Leyva unabashedly raved about Simone Biles last week, calling the 19-year-old a huge role model of mine, honestly.Like huge, he said. Ive been trying to emulate the way she goes about her gymnastics. She enjoys it. The last two years just watching her really helped me enjoy my gymnastics more.Williams said after watching the women in qualifications, I was hoping that we would come out and be on fire as well. Theres got to be that energy, he said. Simone is just so comfortable out on the floor. It would be great to have that. Paul Hamm sort of had that spark where he led the team in 2004 and kind of put the team on his back, and that certainly helps. It makes everyone feel comfortable.Talking about the womens team, Anthony Hernandez, the father of Laurie, one of its gold-medal winning members, said the women embrace pressure and clearly its a recurring theme.This is easy for them, Hernandez said. I dont mean it lightly, but Martha [Karolyi], shes always on top of things. Shes always having mock competitions at the ranch, so these young ladies are battle-tested. So when they come out here, yeah, sure, theres anxiety, but theyre used to the wars.The women also work with a sports psychology coach whom Biles and Hernandez have praised for helping them deal with the stress and pressure of competition.The same coach, Robert Andrews, worked with the men before the 2012 Olympics, but he said not everyone bought into what he was trying to teach, which included overcoming injuries. And in an interview with on Monday, he lashed out at USA Gymnastics, blaming selfishness for the mens current deficiencies.The sad thing for me was USA Gymnastics paid my way to London, gave me tickets and I never got to see the team while I was in London, Andrews said this week in an interview with ESPN.coms Alyssa Roenigk. Certain individuals in the system wouldnt give me access to the team and it backfired. Poor decisions were made by one or two people at USA Gymnastics that affected their confidence and belief, and it shook that whole syystem and those guys went onto that floor fragile because of those decisions.ddddddddddddAndrews, now working with the Houston Texans, blamed one or two people within the program who wanted to control things and have all the glory and said, This is how weve always done it, and they wanted to make the Olympics about them.This is going to piss some people off that Im saying this, but Im OK with that, Andrews continued. It was wrong. Their decisions backfired and those guys went onto the floor [at the 2012 Games] confused and distracted, and the result showed. It took me months to get over that. What we could have done with that team in London and if we had the chance to build upon that in 2016 -- I had guys calling me three years later asking me to come back to the program.There are other, pragmatic reasons for why the U.S. men are not better. And a pretty good source in one of the greatest male gymnasts in history believes it is not fair to compare them to the women.The [U.S. women] can go out and have a terrible meet tonight and theyll still likely win the team competition, Bart Conner, a two-time gold medalist in the all-around and team competition at the 1984 Olympics, said Tuesday afternoon before the womens final. An important distinction to realize in this period of time is that there is a very big difference in mens and womens gymnastics.With the large emigration of Eastern European coaches to the U.S. some 30 years ago, womens programs in countries like Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania, the homeland of Conners wife Nadia Comaneci, as well as China, were decimated, Conner reminded us. And they still have not recovered.Its a double-edged sword because weve benefited from their expertise, Conner said. The U.S. women have never been better and the rest of the world has never been worse. Romania doesnt even have a full team. The Belarus team is made up of gymnasts from California who have never been to Belarus.The U.S. women are magnificent and unbeatable. But its more competitive in mens competition. The top six to eight programs are all magnificent. One or two mistakes in the mens competition and youre off the podium.Conner also pointed out the inherent difference between male and female gymnasts. While women are typically in their teens with lives relatively uncomplicated, the men are often dealing with post-college careers and some, such as Alex Naddour, have wives and children.There are also fewer boys than girls who pursue the sport in the U.S. because of fewer collegiate opportunities for males. In 2015, there were 63 womens Division I programs to just 15 mens programs.There probably needs to be a complete review on how to improve performance or results [for the U.S. national team], Connor said. I think they need to do a little soul-searching to find out how to get a little better. But I dont think theres need for a dramatic overhaul. Theyre pretty close. ... Its not in a state of catastrophe.Williams praised Martha Karolyi, the 73-year-old Hungarian-Romanian national team coordinator for the womens program, for getting it right. Martha and husband Bela defected to the U.S. from Romania in 1981, and they have trained nine Olympic champions.By getting it right, Martha Kraolyi is the one voice for the womens programs and there is cohesion in their program that does not exist with the men.Its difficult because we have so many different places theyre coming from, Williams said. But there should be a very strong voice that makes it so that everyone is doing what theyre told to do and that doesnt always happen.Martha Karolyi was asked on Tuesday if she still intends to retire as womens national team coordinator, and she said yes. She was then half-jokingly asked if the U.S. mens program had contacted her, and she laughed and said, No, no. They didnt. I dont know what happened with their program. Theyre very strong gymnasts. .... I think somewhere the consistency is lacking.With 32 years marking the most recent mens team gold medal, clearly something has to change. Cheap Stitched Jerseys China Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Womens Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Outlet Wholesale Throwback Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2019 Jerseys Wholesale Discount NFL Jerseys Stitched NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Throwback Cheap NFL Gear Cheap NFL Jerseys Throwback Wholesale Jerseys 2018 Wholesale NFL White Jerseys ' ' '

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