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 Do you know who I admire

Do you know who I admire most? I don't know! let me tell you! The person I admire Newport Cigarettes, she is neither a doctor to save the wounded and a wounded worker, nor a conscientious cleaner. She is a little girl who doesn't know me! was a summer, summer vacation. My mother and I went to the park by car. Soon after getting on the bus, there was a disabled girl who got on the bus and sat next to me. I looked at her carefully: a short black hair, a pair of big, talking eyes under the curved eyebrows, always flashing. Small and delicate nose, rosy cherry mouth, white skin. Her appearance is so beautiful! Unfortunately, she is a disabled person with a cane in her hand. When I was sorry for her, there was another grandfather in the car. There were a lot of people on the car that day, and the car was packed. When the grandfather just got on the bus, there is no seat to sit on. I looked are, my heart was very chaotic, just like a little rabbit was smashing. I thought to myself: Do you want to give your grandfather a grandfather? So many people are embarrassed to watch! Let it still not let it be good? I was thinking, suddenly saw the little girl stand up and walked to the grandfather and said, "Don't stand up, sit down in my seat!" "But you are not standing well. Ah!" said the grandfather. "Not afraid, I am still young, or yoe bus, my heart was like knocking over the five-flavored miscellaneous bottles, which made me uncomfortable. I am ashamed of my hesitation. The little girl is worthy of admiration! It is because of her strong will and the spirit of respecting the old and loving the young are enough to admire us. My heart has been difficult to calm for a long time, and I admire the two moods. I am not giving up to my grandfather. I admire that a disabled girl can take the initiative to give her grandfather, how she moistens us. The flower of the motherland Cheap Cigarettes, like a hard our strict teacher. She is very serious in class. Every time she lectures, she often analyzes the problems with life stories or historical stories. Let us learn from the stories. Knowledge, she not only often helps classmates, but also picks their own pockets to help students buy books or buy small gifts or awards to us. Some people say that she is stupid Carton Of Cigarettes, not worth it, she smiled, as always. During the extracurricular period, in order to improve the level of our composition, she specially collected and copied the composition materials for us to see. In our classrooms, whether it is the book corner, whether it is the learning field or the ��small pen display stand��, shehe June 1 program, dances three and a half; she jumps with us and kicks the dice; she is immersed in the ocean of books with us. She set up a drum team and a military band for us Carton Of Newports. Every time there is a celebration in the school, we can show our style. In the diary book, it is also a small pen, and the students no longer edit the content to cope with the assignment. I use my pen to communicate with my teacher Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Every time I send a book, we all look forward to it. Because there are teachers and our secrets, heart and heart communication... Under the care of such a teacher, the students are all generous. Cheerful and happy, the other classmates are envious, saying that we are so happy and meet such a good teacher.

gfgfgfgfgfgf5, 31.10.2018 08:31
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