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 ule is OK in the Chase?Ricky Craven, ESPN NASCAR analyst: Im OK with the Chase race being treated the same as any other event du - Eine neue Antwort erstellen Ihre Schreibrechte

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 ule is OK in the Chase?Ricky Craven, ESPN NASCAR analyst: Im OK with the Chase race being treated the same as any other event du

Our experts weigh in on four of the biggest questions in NASCAR as the Sprint Cup Series gears up for Sundays penultimate event at Phoenix International Raceway:Turn 1:?Should Chase races be run to completion? Or does the rain-shortened race at Texas show that the halfway rule is OK in the Chase?Ricky Craven, ESPN NASCAR analyst: Im OK with the Chase race being treated the same as any other event during the season. What I would like to see changed is that a race is never started under the umbrella of caution and green flag. To give someone credit for leading laps when the drivers havent even gotten the race cars out of second gear is too subjective a decision. Races can be shortened because of weather, but they should not be shortened because the green flag was dropped simultaneously with the yellow.Ryan McGee, Im not a fan of shortening Chase races, but I also think theres a line of sanity that needs to be enforced. That race wasnt just a few laps past halfway and the rain wasnt just a sprinkle and it wasnt 4 in the afternoon. It was way past halfway in a legit downpour after everyone had been at the track for 17 hours. And it wasnt the season finale. It was time to call it.John Oreovicz, Until NASCAR and Goodyear find a way to run oval races in the rain, there is never going to be a guarantee that every race will be run to completion. So until then, the halfway rule has to be OK. It leaves a sour taste for fans and most of the competitors, but most of the time, its the only realistic choice.Bob Pockrass, Halfway seems too short a distance when determining the champion. Last year at Phoenix, with 92 laps left and the race 70.2 percent complete, felt like a bit of a letdown. Texas, with 41 laps left and 87.7 percent complete, seemed pretty much like a full race. So maybe a 75 percent or 80 percent rule should be made for the Chase.Turn 2: With the track maturing into something thats proved difficult to dry, does Texas Motor Speedway need to repave?Craven: I would say no -- leave it as long as possible. Its a better race with old asphalt than it would be with new. Just hope for better weather.McGee: As one who sat there for hours in June waiting on a IndyCar race to be postponed by a rain delay under perfectly clear summer evening conditions, I say, yeah, you gotta do something.Oreovicz: More than likely. The downside is that a repave would increase speeds, especially for the IndyCar Series. TMS definitely seems to have problems with drainage and porous pavement and its not a simple fix. But given the tracks status as one of Americas finest racing facilities, its probably a necessary one.Pockrass: Yes. Unfortunately. The fans deserve great racing, but they also need to have confidence that they wont have lengthy delays or postponements because of the inability to dry the track. The only way for Texas to accomplish that is a repave and knowing that the racing could suffer for a few years.Turn 3: Does NASCAR need to overhaul its concussion protocol in light of what happened with Matt DiBenedetto?Craven: NASCAR should do whatever it deems necessary to protect drivers from themselves. If a driver is concussed in a Saturday event, he should miss at least the next days event.McGee: Ive long believed in the CART/IndyCar approach to this. If you lose consciousness or there is any doubt whatsoever about suffering a concussion (slow to drop window net, stumble while walking away from car, etc.) youre not racing again that weekend. Yes, that might be inconvenient for the driver, but its a lot more inconvenient for those he might hurt or kill because he was out on the track racing at 185 mph at less than 100 percent mental capacity.Oreovicz: More than ever, NASCAR is right for taking a better safe than sorry tack. No matter what Brad Keselowski says, missing one Cup series race is not going to sabotage DiBenedettos career. He probably garnered more attention for sitting out the race than had he actually participated, and his situation drew additional attention to an increasingly important issue.Pockrass:? What remains unclear about DiBenedetto is why he was not sent to see a doctor at a hospital after there were concerns, which is what NASCAR has said it typically instructs a driver to do. If DiBenedetto had done so, that might have helped NASCAR make a decision whether he belonged in a concussion protocol beyond relying on its health-care center doctor, who typically is a board-certified emergency room physician.Turn 4:?Six drivers battle for two spots in Phoenix to make into the championship race at Homestead. Who gets in and how?Craven: I believe Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano finish in the top three and average their way in. Harvick is a solid contender for the win, but the law of averages has to catch up with him at some point. Kevin has had several walk-off Chase race wins the past couple of seasons.McGee: Ill never bet against Kyle Busch in a banzai one-race-or-bust situation. And Kevin Harvicks Phoenix numbers are too ridonculous to think he wont do his win-and-in thing.Oreovicz: Joey Logano wins to take the first available slot, while Denny Hamlin wrecks Kyle Busch to allow Matt Kenseth in on points, with Kevin Harvick falling just short.Pockrass: Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin. They were both top-5 at Phoenix in the spring and will be top-5 again. Kevin Harvick will run well, but to ask for everything to fall into place once again -- at Phoenix and in a virtual must-win situation -- is just too much ask. Wholesale Air Max Sale Online . NBA officials ruled the court unplayable in the Bucks final exhibition game on Oct. 25 because players were slipping, and the game was cancelled midway through the first period. Wholesale Air Max China . Reigning world champion Eve Muirhead of Scotland opened with a 12-2 rout of Winnipegs Jennifer Jones in a battle of teams bound for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. . 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