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Self Esteem is described as a psychological state that is based on a persons own evaluation of his or her worth. The concept deals with a person’s view on whether or not they are worthy of merit or praise. In short Lions Michael Roberts Jersey , your self-esteem describes the measure with which you like yourself.

Low Self Esteem is a term we use to describe people who do not think highly of themselves. People with low self-esteem have a low evaluation of their own self-worth. They do not feel good about who and what they are. This has the potential to create any number of problems for the individual that experiences the condition.

Low self-esteem can also be described in a simpler way as “feeling down about yourself.”

Common indicators of low self-esteem may include the following:

? Relying too heavily on others for decisions and direction
? Frequently feeling overwhelmed by common stresses of life
? Feeling physically inferior to others: appearance, fitness, height, strength Lions Jalen Reeves-Maybin Jersey , etc
? Frequent negative self-talk: “I’m not smart enough to do that.”
? Lack of motivation to act due to low faith in ones ability to meet challenges
? Hiding from problems, escape, drugs, alcohol Lions Kenny Golladay Jersey , procrastination
? Excessive shyness, low assertiveness skills
? Self doubt, excessive self-consciousness, feeling inferior to others
? Overcompensation Lions Teez Tabor Jersey , acting like your are better than others to mask the truth
? Avoiding challenges and risks in life, fear of failure

Some other indicators are less obvious. These tendencies are outward and we tend to naturally associate them with more confident or over-confident personalities. The truth is that these indicators represent acting out which is nothing more than a form of overcompensation designed to hide feelings of weakness or inferiority. They may include the following:

? General anger and a need for revenge
? Short fuse, prone to frequent irritation which escalates easily to outbursts
? Confrontational, easily threatened and responds aggressively
? Blaming problems on others

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