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 3 crimes, such as murder, kidn

I was thinking about the competition make-up and the way the Australians have played all year. I know there are cries of dont panic from Australia, but weve been making mention of just how average the Aussie teams have been throughout this Super Rugby season.And that suggests you need a good hard look at what has gone wrong. Theres more than a few injuries or a slip in form behind this; the foundations probably arent right in Australia and havent been for a long time.The South Africans have got the Currie Cup while many of their top players are in Europe. New Zealand has the Mitre 10 Cup, which is a great foundation for building the next tier of players.Australia have their club competitions in Sydney and Brisbane, and a few others; but its nothing of the same level. They also have the National Rugby Championship, but it still needs to bed in.There is real concern and last weekend, although it was a horror round, only highlights some of the problems that wont go away.I cant help thinking: how do you fix it? Im not pointing the finger and laughing at the Australians as, when it comes down to it, this also affects New Zealand. Having a one-sided sports competition is no fun for anybody and Super Rugby really needs Australia to be strong. New Zealand needs Australia to be strong to have competitive games.When you sit down to watch the rugby at the weekend you dont want to know what the outcome is going to be. You at least want to be a bit on edge going into watch some sport.I do wonder if a big financial purse for the winner would help the situation. It could really motivate teams by saying: hey guys you could walk away with a $2.5 or $5million cheque at the end of the competition if you can win it. Theres got to be an incentive for performance and I also think relegation should be in the mix for under-performance.Both those thing would get everyone on edge and teams wouldnt be so keen to offer the rebuilding excuse. The Heineken Cup is a perfect knockout competition, while relegation is a part of both Englands Aviva Premiership and Frances Top 14. It is a big, massive incentive.Teams have got to get off to a good start; theyve got to do their prep work. You cant just go into a competition and say it is going to take us three to four years to build. Youve got to hit the ground running and if you dont, theres consequences. And if you do, theres a cash purse at the end of it.That sort of excitement really gets the fans going. In the northern hemisphere, if a team is fighting relegation it is a massive relief for the fans if they avoid it and a huge disappointment if they dont. We dont have that sort of emotion in Super Rugby, but it is probably the thing that would be a good kick up backside for the entire set-up.The Australians arent as good as the New Zealanders and while theyve had their moments over the past few years, the point is they havent been dominant. Theyre either there or thereabouts, or theyre a long way behind.The dilution is the problem, the spreading out of talent; they just dont have the capacity to run five teams spread across a big country like Australia. Its not their No.1 sport like New Zealand, or their No.1 passion. Having three or four teams that are going to be competitive is far better than five teams who are going to be easybeats.Thats no slight on the Brumbies and the Waratahs who remain in contention for the playoffs this season, and whove enjoyed success in the past.The other consideration, in New Zealand, with promotion-relegation is that it is another chance for New Zealand teams to be exposed to this type of play because there is not a lot of opportunity for players to be exposed to it regularly at a domestic level in order to be better equipped to cope with at a higher level, like a World Cup.I would prepare a Pacific Island team to replace the side that finished dead last in 2017; that team should drop out and the Pacific Islands team could replace them. You could even open up the competition by having teams around the world bidding to come into the place vacated by the relegated team. Who knows what that might throw up?Let market forces dictate. It would be a bit of a merry-go-round but the players would be fine; they would be moved from one team to another and would have a chance of joining another team.People, reading this may well say promotion-relegation is all very well but the competition itself is backward and they are right. If you were going to have relegation, and a big purse at the end of it, you cant have a competition with the inadequacies of this years competition with all the different pools. Everybody would have to play everybody and it would have to be an even footing.To have a team like the Stormers in South Africa in the play-offs and a potential winner, without having played a single New Zealand team during the regular season is just not right.Hopefully the powers that be listen and that we as fans can get what we are all screaming out for which is a competition in which everyone plays everyone.Even the players have made comments that it is tough playing in the New Zealand Conference. Sure, they get battle-hardened, but when they look at where they are on the points table, and where other teams are it doesnt seem right.Having said that the competition has gone down to the final round to decide the playoffs positions and there will be some stimulating games this postseason. Throwback Jaguars Jerseys . LOUIS -- Theres no telling how these wacky World Series games will end. Taven Bryan Jersey . But the quarterback hopes to stay involved in football after officially calling it quits Tuesday. "Id love to look at those opportunities as they arise," Pierce said in an interview from his Winnipeg eatery. .S. -- Nikolaj Ehlers registered a hat trick for the third straight game and Jonathan Drouin had a goal and five assists as the Halifax Mooseheads hammered the host Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 10-1 on Tuesday in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action. Leon Jacobs Jersey . Listen to the game live on TSN Radio 1050 at 7pm et. The Raptors traded Rudy Gay, Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray to the Sacramento Kings on Monday, in exchange for Greivis Vasquez, John Salmons, Patrick Patterson and Chuck Hayes. Logan Cooke Jersey . -- Its been a long road back for Sean Bergenheim. SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed two sexual assault laws in response to national outrage over the six-month jail sentence given to a former Stanford University swimmer for assaulting a woman passed out near a trash bin.The Democratic governor announced his approval Friday of laws requiring longer sentences to be served in state prison for defendants convicted of assaulting unconscious victims, ending the possibility of brief jail sentences like the one Brock Turner received in June.Turner faced a minimum sentence of two years in state prison, and prosecutors argued for six years. But Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky cited the extraordinary circumstances of Turners youth and clean criminal record in imposing a shorter term in county jail.The new law removes a judges discretion to sentence an offender to jail, meaning future defendants will face state prison sentences as long as 14 years.Judge Perskys ruling was unjustifiable and morally wrong, however, under current state law it was within his discretion. While we cant go back and change what happened, we have made sure it never happens again, Assemblyman Evan Low, D-Campbell, said in a statement. If you do the crime, youre going to do the time.Turners case burst into the spotlight after a poignant statement from the victim swept through social media.Politicians and law enforcement officials have lined up alongside sexual assault survivors to criticize Turners sentence, back a recall effort against the judge who imposed it and urge Brown to sign the tougher sentencing legislation.The 21-year-old one-time Olympic hopeful was released from the Santa Clara County jail in September after serving three months for good behavior. He will be on probation for three years in his native Ohio.Brown said in a signing message that he usually opposes adding more mandatory minimum sentences. But he said he signed the sentencing bill because I believe it brings a measure of parity to sentencing for criminal acts that are substantially similar.Outside jail after Turners release, county Sheriff Laurie Smith said she believed his sentence was too light and urged Brown to sign the bill.Letting felons convicted of such crimes get off with probation discourages other survivors from coming forward and sends the message that raping incapacitated victims is no big deal, Democratic Assemblyman Bill Dodd of Napa said in a statement after lawmakers approved his bill in August.But more than two dozen groups dedicated tto ending campus sexual assaults urged Brown to veto it, fearing that the punishment would more likely be applied to minority and lower-income defendants than white offenders like Turner.ddddddddddddMahroh Jahangiri, executive director of Know Your IX, a national organization representing survivors, said mandatory minimum sentences also could deter victims from pressing charges against their attackers, who are often people they know.Brown also signed another bill permitting sexual assault victims to say in court that they were raped, even if the attack doesnt meet the technical definition under California law.State law defines rape as nonconsensual intercourse between a man and a woman, leaving out other forms of sexual assault, including Turners 2015 attack on the woman he met at a fraternity party. He was convicted of three sexual assault felonies, including digital penetration of an unconscious woman.The rape definition that came under fire in the Turner case leaves Brown in an awkward position as he promotes a November ballot initiative that would allow earlier release of prisoners as a way to control overcrowding.Proposition 57 would allow earlier parole consideration for nonviolent inmates, but the legal definition of a violent felony includes just 23 crimes, such as murder, kidnapping and forcible rapes and sexual assaults.Turners crimes were considered nonviolent under California law because he assaulted an intoxicated or unconscious person who could not resist, so he didnt have to use force.All sexual assaults are a violent offense. There is no such thing as a nonviolent sexual assault, Stanford law professor Michele Dauber said.Dauber is a friend of the woman Turner assaulted and is leading a campaign to recall Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky for departing from the usual minimum sentence in the case.The bill passed without a dissenting vote, though Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia of Bell Gardens scaled back her initial proposal to expand the definition of rape. Prosecutors were concerned the original version would prevent them from filing multiple charges against perpetrators.Sexual penetration without consent is rape. It is never invited, wanted or warranted. Rape is rape, period, Garcia said in statement. When we fail to call rape `rape, we rob survivors and their families of the justice they deserve. Cheap Jerseys Store Discount NFL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys 2018 Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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