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Some very public data losses in recent years have led to increased security measures for physical data across many organisations Cheap Barcelona Hoodies , including encrypted laptops and memory sticks. But criminals are now increasingly targeting a chink in the security armour – voice correspondence on business mobiles.

Many companies wrongly believe that phone hacking of business lines is a sophisticated and expensive business. In fact, unprotected voice conversations are very vulnerable to fraudsters who want to obtain confidential insider information, passwords and PIN codes. Within the last six months, it has been revealed that a computer engineer broke the algorithm encrypting most of the world’s digital mobile phone calls online Cheap Barcelona Shirts , and published his method, to expose flaws in the security of global wireless systems.

There have even been several high-profile phone hacking incidents, involving well-known organisations and people from the News of the World to Lembit Opik and Max Clifford, who settled his case out of court for a six-figure sum. Rival businesses are even hiring fraudsters to gain inside information and critical data. But tailored and unbreakable encrypted phones exist which provide complete security Cheap Barcelona Jerseys , preventing fraudsters from listening in to conference calls, board-level correspondence or financial reports on business lines.

At 5G Telecommunications, security for business lines is a top priority. You can find the right solution for your business mobiles, whether you need one or 2 Cheap Xavi Hernandez Jersey ,000 handsets, with packages tailored to suit individual needs. The company offers a huge range of benefits when you sign with them, including great value on overseas calls, unlimited mobile to landline calls Cheap Thomas Vermaelen Jersey , no minimum call charges and monthly roll-over minutes. Its pledge is that it can get mobile phone expenditure by 40%.

See the website for more details, and get a free Blackberry when you take up a business package today.

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