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  Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a

Leonard Coldwell Cheap New MLB Jerseys , chemotherapy never cured anybody and never will cure anyone. He calls it an “assault with a deadly weapon.” In truth, chemotherapy was created during World War I to kill soldiers on the front lines. After World War II, they had an excess surplus of it and needed to dispose of it, which was costly because it is a toxic waste. And so, they required a way to get rid of it cheaply – so they decided to use it on humans to kill cancer. Unfortunately, in the process of killing the cancer Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys , it also annihilates the body’s immune system, blaspheming the Hippocratic Oath that every physician takes to not bring harm to the patient.

So how effective is chemotherapy anyway? A 2004 study published by the journal Clinical Oncology reported that it has a five-year survival success rate in just over 2% of cases. Furthermore, once you get chemotherapy, you can no longer become a blood or organ donor. What does that say? Biopsies are escalating the cancer rates according to Dr. Coldwell, who claims an amazing 92.3% cancer cure rate. In his experience, he says of the patients who get cancer and do nothing Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys , the body cures itself of cancer 27% of the time.

Dr. Coldwell also believes that cancer biopsies actually assist the cancer to thrive throughout the body. Because the center of every tumor is extremely toxic, when you insert a needle into it increases the risk of tumor growth. In truth, everyone gets cancer and everyone has cancer (in one form or another) in their body most of the time. If the body is healthy, i.e. in a slightly alkaline state, then it can keep the cancer cells in check. In 1931, Dr. Otto H. Warburg won a nobel prize for his research on oxygen in the body and its effects on cancer cell. Dr. Warburg demonstrated in his research that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. He also showed incontrovertibly that cancer loves sugar. As a result Cheap Wholesale MLB Jerseys , the more sugar you consume, the greater the risk you have of growing cancerous tumors at some time in your life. Sugar reduces the pH level of the body and prepares an environment that is perfect for fungi, Candida, and cancer to flourish.

I recommend to my clients to go out and purchase some pH strips from the drug store and take some saliva tests. Your recommended pH is between 7.35 to 7.45. Any lower, and you鈥檒l be increasing your risk for cancer. Drink plenty of distilled water with teaspoon of sea salt. The sodium increases the pH level to slightly alkaline. If your pH is really low (say below 6.0), then I advise taking a teaspoonful of baking soda in 8 oz. of lemon water Cheap MLB Jerseys From China , three times daily until your saliva becomes slightly alkaline. Furthermore, make sure you consume plenty of raw and steamed vegetables every day. Stop eating so much sugar (fructose) and starch.

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Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a alternative Wellness Coach who founded Sunlighten and co-founded Sunlight Day Spa; two holistic health companies devoted to far-infrared sauna therapy Cheap MLB Jerseys , sound therapy, and massage therapy. His particular Wellness Coaching program embraces infrared sauna purification, upper cervical care, and adhering to an alkaline-forming, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , sugar-free diet.

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