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ting my name Bolt, Bolt. I was like whats happening? and all of a sudde Antworten

Australia face another trial by spin in Colombo after the surface at the SSC was revealed to have been prepared along similar lines to the track in Galle.Two days out from the third Test, the pitch showed even less signs of moisture or grass than Galles had done, meaning it is again set to turn significantly from day one, with natural variation to again test the awareness of the visiting batsmen.If you look at the Galle wicket there was probably a little bit more grass on it at this stage, the touring vice-captain David Warner said after inspecting the wicket. Going out there and looking at it, it is quite dry, but thats something that you do expect.While it was never much of a secret that Sri Lanka intended to prepare spinning pitches for this series, the hosts appeared to flirt with earning censure for the surface in Galle, with the match referee Chris Broad reportedly seen in animated conversation with the ground staff on the subject of bare patches on a length at either end of the pitch.Broad, who rated the Galle surface poor after the corresponding match between Sri Lanka and Australia in 2011, this time chose to offer a kinder final assessment of the pitch. Over three days it behaved less capriciously than the strip prepared five years ago, which in addition to sharp turn offered dangerous variable bounce.ESPNcricinfo understands that while Sri Lanka did express a preference for a turning track in Galle, there was no specific direction given as to how this would be achieved. Ground staff were seen vigorously brushing the pitch in the lead-up to the match, a practice designed to reduce any residual grass coverage.Sometimes you get that in these conditions, they try and hold the wicket as well as they can together, Warner said of Galles uneven grass coverage. In that two-metre period from the crease it is going to get scuffed up on the first few days of a Test match.I think the Galle wicket was a competitive wicket, it was a little bit different to Kandy, I think day one and two, the Kandy wicket had a little bit of moisture in it, Galle naturally does turn a lot, I think the way that the pitch played was okay.Penalties may be imposed by the ICC for pitches rated poor by the match referee, but otherwise home boards are left to manage their own surfaces. The pitch wasnt marked as poor by the match referee so it is an issue for the home Board to manage, an ICC spokesperson said.Pitches are rated somewhere on the following scale by match referees: very good, good, above average, below average, poor or unfit. Unless the pitch is rated poor, the ICC does not disclose the rating. Vans Schuhe Schweiz . - Goaltender Philippe Desrosiers of the Rimouski Oceanic has broken a shutout record that was only three months old in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Vans Schuhe Schweiz Sale . Three came down to the fourth quarter while quarterbacks continued to shine in all four games; so important to the overall quality of the game. . A big centre with all the tools to be an elite player, Johansen paced the Blue Jackets with a standout game Saturday night. He had a goal and two assists for a career-high three points as Columbus beat the New York Islanders 5-2 to snap a five-game losing streak. Kaufen Vans Schuhe Schweiz . Howard Ganz, an MLB lawyer, said in a letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos that Rodriguezs claims do not come "remotely close" to what is needed to overturn an arbitration decision in federal court. Clearance Vans Schuhe Schweiz . Just not the game. Kyle Palmieri scored two straight goals in the third period to rally the Anaheim Ducks past the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 on Tuesday night.Sky Sports Rob Dorsett finds Usain Bolt living life to the full ahead of his retirement from the track next year. After interviewing one of the biggest sports stars of our generation, we arrived at Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, ready to head home; exhausted, exhilarated, and braced, as ever, for the stress of customs analysing every serial number for every specialist bit of camera kit, before we are allowed to leave the country.With three microphones, a couple of lights, miles of cable etc etc, spread out on the table in front of us, I become aware of a small commotion 100 yards away from us in the terminal. I glance up, and Usain Bolt is surrounded by a small clutch of Jamaicans, pestering him for autographs and selfies. At 65 he stands out - head and shoulders above those crowded around him. He cant escape the attention. Ninety minutes later, we are queuing at the gate, ready to board, and theres a huge figure ahead of us in the same queue: black T-shirt, baseball cap, sunglasses. Its Bolt again, lining up with us, the plebs, to get on board.No pomp, no ceremony, no special treatment. No one carrying his bags for him, no bodyguards. Just a normal guy, about to get on a plane for a short holiday in Miami. Only this normal guy can run 100m in 9.58 seconds, and has won nine Olympic and 11 World Championship gold medals. Bolt won gold in a record time at the World Championships in Berlin in 2009 Thats my overriding memory of spending some time with the fastest man whos ever lived: how approachable, how friendly he is. When Lionel Messi arrived at Manchester Airport a fortnight ago, ready for Barcelonas Champions League match with Manchester City, all we saw was a tiny, hunched figure rushed through the awaiting crowds at arrivals, flanked by three huge security guards, while scores of fans waited and shouted in vain, with their autograph books and camera phones in waving hands. Bolt is master of a different sport, and is a different man.Im human, says Bolt, with a shrug. Sometimes Im in a good mood, sometimes Im not. But I try to always go out and put a smile on my face for the fans. I know it means a lot for them just to see me, to touch me and shake my hand. Bolts trademark celebration following another gold medal run at the Rio Olympics But its clear his huge fame has affected him. A naturally outgoing, sociable character - Yeah, Im a typical Jamaican man. I love reggae music and I love to dance. - its inevitable that hes had to curtail his social life.I try not to let anything bother me, he explains. I dont go out much, unless its to the clubs. Everyone wants to touch me, be seen with me. Ive got used to it. If youve followed my career, Ive always been laid back. Its who I am. Since I was a kid. Its just that since my career has got to where it is, its been noticed more.What has gone largely unnoticed, is just how hard this laid-back Jamaican works to remain at the peak of athletics. In a new documentary in cinemas at the end of the month, we see the reality of life behind the scenes: an elite athlete who has taken to the limit as he sprints over and over again, over a dusty field, sweat pouring from his face as he drags heavy weights behind him; he cuts his calf, as the spikes on his training shoes bite into his skin when he reaches full speed. Plaster applied - on he goes. Rob Dorsett gets up close and personal with Usain Bolt in Jamaica Bolt has promised he will retire after the World Championships in London next summer, and he says his body is ready for a break.(Training) is the hardest part. Without the training, I could go on forever. But the older you get, the more disciplined you have to be. And, honestly, I dont think I have the discipline. Its tough.Whats also been tough for Bolt is the tabloid fascination with his private life, since he completed the Treble-treble at the Olympics less than three months ago. When Bolt left Rio, he came straight to London, for several days and nights of high-profile partying. There were daily pictures of him in the papers and in social media, with groups of girls at various London venues.When I see him, back on board the plane bound for America, his girlfriend of two years Kasi Bennett, is sitting alongside him. Harmony restored? Its hard to tell from the body languagge.ddddddddddddAnd so, after the Olympics, life has returned to normal for Bolt. Back in Jamaica, where he tells me he will continue to live, even after hes retired. Training. Working hard. Planning his race-schedule in the build up to the London World Championships. Bolt doing what he does best during down time at the London 2012 Olympics But after that? All he knows is he wants to be talked about in the same breath as Pele and Muhammad Ali. A future in politics then, or charity?Charity, definitely, he replies. But politics, no! People have been trying to get me involved in politics all my life, and its not for me. I dont want to coach (athletics) but I definitely still want to be involved with the sport.Seb Coe (the head of the IAAF) came to see me in Jamaica and said we need to find something for you to do; I will miss the energy of track and field. Anything I do will have to still be in the stadium, so I can feel the energy, and feel like Im part of the track. Usain Bolt talks of his plans for post-racing career... which dont include a move into politics I quickly get to see what he means. Im interviewing Bolt at the National Stadium in Jamaica, where in 2002, as a 15-year-old he announced himself into the world conscience by beating athletes three years older than him, to take gold in the World Junior Championships.My producer, Anton Toloui, suggested we take Bolt out of the formal interview setting, and down onto the track for a more informal chat. And its here where Bolt comes alive. This is clearly his domain.He tells me how, back in 2002, he was so flustered, he put his track shoes on the wrong feet. Bolt won the 200m at the 2003 World Youth Games in Canada Theres no word to explain how nervous I was on that day. I couldnt do any stride outs, my legs were weak. I was sweating and my heart was pounding fast. I came out of the tunnel and people started chanting my name Bolt, Bolt. I was like whats happening? and all of a sudden I got nervous, weak and confused. But I won. If I can go through that and win in front of my home crowd then strangers are no problem.And for Bolt, winning all over the world has been no problem. Like all the very best sportsmen, it seems all too easy for him. If you take into account qualifying rounds in major championships, hes won a gold medal for every 36 seconds hes spent on the track. His height, unusual for a sprinter, means he completes 100m in 41 strides, compared with 45 from most of his opponents. It means that he has a huge advantage, once his speed kicks in in the second half of races.Were back on the track in Kingston, and Ive taken him halfway along the 100m back straight. Were about 50m here. If youre 2m behind the guy in the lead at this point, do you know youve got him? I ask. Six months half price Upgrade to Sky Sports now to watch Man Utd v Arsenal and get the first six months half price Yep, is the simple response. Im always confident. It depends where Im at but at 50m I can tell if Im going to win or if Im going to lose. This is the point my speed really chips in and I start going after the person in front of me so I always know exactly whats going to happen at this specific point.Its an unusual privilege to get to spend so much time with such a sporting great, when hes at the peak of his powers. When I tell Bolt this: What a time to get to talk to you. He replies, with a huge toothy grin on his face: What a time to be alive!And maybe that best sums him up. Bolt is clearly loving life, and living it to the full.But the part of Bolts life he has loved (and the training he has hated) will soon be at an end. And whats next for him, after retirement next summer, remains as much a mystery to the man himself, as it is to the wider world.I Am Bolt is in cinemas and on digital download from November 28.Upgrade to Sky Sports now to watch Man Utd v Arsenal this Saturday and get the first six months half price! Also See: Results & Medal Table Photo Galleries Team GB ' ' '

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