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say a word, and you give me the first thing that comes to mind:Team SoloMidLourlo: ConsistentXmithie: Bj Antworten

We took two players from this weeks North American League Championship Series Match of the Week between Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming and gave them the same seven questions to ponder. First, we have Samson Lourlo Jackson, the vastly improved top laner from TL who has gone from primarily utility last split to one of Liquids leaders this summer. Then theres Jake Xmithie Puchero, CLGs consummate jungler.We ask the questions. You decide who gave the best answers.You are given the responsibility to plan where next years Riot events will take place. Where would you put the 2017 World Championships, Mid-Season Invitational and All Stars?Lourlo: Itd probably be nicer if [Worlds] was in North America, then we could get home-field advantage. For All Stars, I guess [South] Korea, and then for MSI, somewhere in Europe would be nice.Xmithie: Group stages in Philippines for Worlds. For [bracket stage], maybe Africa? MSI, Id like to visit London. [All Stars] in Amsterdam.What are your initial impressions from seeing the teaser for the new champion Kled?Lourlo: It could be a cool champion. Most of the Riot champions that have come out recently have neat mechanics and change the game a lot. Hopefully, maybe [a top laner].Xmithie: I actually havent seen what he does, but hopefully hes a jungler. Because meta or not, its been the same thing for like a year now, so I want something.You get to make a starting five around yourself. The only catch is you cant use any players from North America. What is your teams lineup?Lourlo: Anyone? Peanut jungle. Faker would be the obvious answer [mid], but Id pick Rookie or someone. AD carry, I want Deft. And for support, I want Wolf.Xmithie: Probably Faker. Faker mid. I dont know why, but I want to go for Acorn. I dont care if he plays, but I want [brTT] on my team. Dumbledoge for support.You have South Korea, China, North America, Europe and Taiwan. Rank them how you believe each region stacks up, strengthwise.Lourlo: [South] Korea number one. I think [NA] is even with China right now. Personally I dont know much about China, but every time theyve gone to an international event recently, they always have a good team. So I think theyre still on the higher end. Then I think Europe and LMS are below us.Xmithie: [South] Korea. NA. China. EU. Then LMS.If your career as a pro gamer ended tomorrow and you were pushed into either a role as a manager, analyst, coach, or commentator, which would you choose?Lourlo: Id want to be a coach, manager or even an analyst, just something I could work with the team with. I dont want to be a commentator. I dont think my personality fits that. Id rather just work with teams because I love the game so much and use what I learned from my whole career.Xmithie: Id want to be a coach. Ive been coached by so many people now, maybe I can turn into one on my own after this.Whats one aspect of your position that people dont normally pick up on from just watching the games?Lourlo: Top lane, obviously everyone knows being the bruiser -- you mainly play tanks and stuff. The main thing people dont recognize, in particular top lane, is wave control and how you manage it. In terms of getting CS leads or like pushing advantages of your wave in the wrong spot, youre going to lose out a lot. Even in our game today against CLG, my CS lead was really high in our first two games because I managed my wave properly and played around the jungler well. So if you can manage your wave, push in the right way, and back at the right timing, you can get big leads off it.Xmithie: No one really knows -- except for junglers -- how we route and how to counter the other persons route. Even if youre mid lane and played for a long [time], you really dont know how [junglers] route perfectly every time. If you know a jungler really well, you can predict his jungle start up to Level 5 and pinpoint him any time. But usually, even in spectator view, no one really knows about that. Its the junglers job to predict where the other jungler is and make the early game as [smooth] as you can.Finally, lets play some word association. I will say a word, and you give me the first thing that comes to mind:Team SoloMidLourlo: ConsistentXmithie: BjergsenTeemoLourlo: StrangeXmithie: SatanFakerLourlo: The bestXmithie: The bestRedditLourlo: XDXmithie: PlagueOverpoweredLourlo: Team LiquidXmithie: Malzahar Cheap Air Jordan From China . But when it comes to determining if Raymond will find a place on the Leafs roster when training camp concludes in a week, well, that decision will ultimately fall to the head coach. Wholesale Air Jordan Online . Brazilian national coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has confirmed that the veteran goalkeeper is set to join Toronto on loan, saying it will help him be ready for the World Cup. . LOUIS -- St. Discount Air Jordan Cyber Monday . -- Quarterback Will Finch threw for 252 yards and three touchdowns, and Yannick Harou rushed in two scores as the No. Cheap Air Jordan 1 Black Friday 2019 . Nine days before the opening ceremony, organizing committee chief Dmitry Chernyshenko said Wednesday that Sochi is "fully ready" and will deliver safe, friendly and well-run games that defy the grim reports that have overshadowed preparations. MIAMI -- The Miami Marlins will wear No. 16 jerseys in Mondays game against the New York Mets in honor of pitcher Jose Fernandez, who died early Sunday morning in a boating accident.The game will be played at 7:10 p.m. ET at Marlins Park.Fernandez and two others on the boat -- Emilio Macias, 27, and Eduardo Rivero, 25 -- died from trauma in the crash, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation spokesperson Lorenzo Veloz. Speed is suspected to be a factor and an investigation is ongoing.Multiple members of the Marlins confirmed Monday that the organization is also consiidering retiring No.dddddddddddd 16. Owner Jeffrey Loria had the strongest sentiment.Ive put thought into it, yes, Loria said. That will come along. Nobody is going to wear [No. 16] -- I can tell you that now. Nobody will wear that number again.The Marlins held an emotional news conference Sunday and deemed Fernandez to be a member of the organization for all time. The team also vowed to honor and support Fernandezs family through this rough period. ' ' '

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