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ylq Offline

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17.06.2019 10:48
ople are Antworten

I am me, it is not the same fireworks, the sky is wide, the most strong bubble sky is so big, I always think that I can have a pair of wings to let me fly. I don��t know why I broke my wings and watched the sky staying, the clouds, the rain, and I passed by. The world outside the window is beautiful and full of cowardice, and I am just each of my flowers and plants, blooming freely, not to get your approval, just to see how the world treats me. Not overwhelming, not awake and alive, deliberately profligate, elegant harvest. A pen draws a world and writes the true and evil of the world Cigarettes For Sale. A glass of wine, strong and not strong, is just a taste bud, but not a lot of poetry, how many poets are splendid, looking for happiness in the world. How many words people are worried and live, raging in the red dust and autumn. What I see is just an unreal world, how many people wear masks and live. Not happy, not sad, not in a hurry, not free. There is a saying that is not yours, yours is yours, not why you are forced to ask everyone to have a spare time, extravagant hope is extravagant Marlboro Lights, do not expect anything. Take a step in the world, and you can't get out of this world in one step. If yourelive, give yourself a sober face and don't miss any details world is unfair. You may think so too. The wealthy are indifferent and the poor are cold. The chocolate you add in the middle, bitter but can not lose the warmth. Struggling to find a way to escape from the birth of the two, difficult and tortuous I am not a poet, not a literary person, not a rich person, nor is it so poor. I am just an ordinary person. Ordinary thrown on the side of the road is ignored. Ordinary is like the air. Although I know its existence Carton Of Cigarettes, who cares. Some people may care, and those who care about you are ordinary people Parliament Cigarettes. Don't go to the autumn, don't pay too much attention Wholesale Cigarettes, just pay attention to what you deserve, and autumn will only last round and round. Why do you need your sad time to be short-lived? Leave yourself a memory, in the notes, in my mind, in a world I don't know, I am me, a fireworks, blooming at the most splendid moments, no matter what people who look at me treat me.

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26.07.2019 04:13
#2 RE: ople are Antworten

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