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Qiu Feng said that she would leave and leave the city where she struggled for many years. On such a summer afternoon, Qiu Feng gently told me to go, she said that she would go to work in another city. At first, I thought that Qiu Feng��s joke was a long time in the office where she worked for many years Online Cigarettes. After talking, I learned that she really wants to leave, and the time of leaving will not exceed one month. It is so clear, the cloud is so light, and after the unforgettable and hurried meeting, the sky, the moment When I left her office and stepped out of the door of her work unit, the footsteps were no longer as light as ever, no longer rushing forward as usual, and my heart was a heavy one Newport Cigarettes, and I couldn��t help but look back. Because, coming here, sitting in her office is no longer a moment for her to look back, I stopped outside the door of her unit, one thing last winter, and it appeared in my eyes, the weather is so cold, see you frozen into this Look, don't wear more clothes! "Maple Leaf saw me, I can't wait to call me. This is a cold day last year. I went to the Maple Leaf unit and had something to do with it at this gate. I smiled and said: "Look, I wear it." So many clothes, enough, and then wear it, it became the 80-year-old old man, she smiled helplessly: "You don't want temperature to be graceful. Although this is just a very common thing in the human growth river, now I want to come, think of her taking care of me. One branch and one leaf, she cares about my every move, so that I have a different kind of swaying back in my mood, and my heart is in a turbulent mood. On the street where the shoulders are rubbed, the street shopping malls come from time to time. Nostalgic songs Marlboro Cigarettes, my heart is confused, but always let the tears in my heart not melt. The tears are pure and transparent, leaving traces of maple leaves for a year. Those scenes are warm, let time forget the flow of both ends of the sky, The faint white clouds, the season secretly exchanged, but can not turn back to yesterday is a river. I am like a person standing on the shore, thinking about the things that happened and the people I met, now I am slowly drifting away with Qiu Feng, Slowly and slowly disappear into the eye Sometimes, after a long walk, my heart will be clear. In April last year, I came to the city. Inadvertently, I became a marginal person. In this strange and prosperous city, remember At that time Carton Of Cigarettes, I was lonely like a tree, like a deer smashing around, or monotonous, or cold, or lonely, or sly, after encountering Qiu Feng, she extended me warm and enthusiastic hands, such as a Angelicly crashed into my life, gave me strength, inspired me, she created a rich and vast world for me. Her invisible help to me is a precious mark, all surprisingly Come quietly. Maybe at a corner in my life, she will give me a tacit and warm greeting. After I came to the city, in many places in my life, maybe just passing by, importantly, met Qiufeng met a strange person in my life who walked through the time. Through the path of the years, life always changes intricately, mixed with monotonous repetitions. Every day is gone, everything seems to have met before. Just now, I I have been in the city for more than a year, Qiufeng is leaving, my heart is very uneasy, very complicated, very nostalgic. For a long time in the future, my heart will start to pay attention to everything she has done in the past, start Missing some of her past, I often feel like a time-lapse river in the river, passing by the river, Furong thousand, but they just crossed the finger and drifted away. After the autumn maple, I don��t know at the time. At that end, I don��t know if the flowers in my heart will still bloom in the future life. Autumn maple said that after going to another city, the work there is challenging and competitive, she is worried, she hesitates, she There is still some fear. I comforted her with all her strength: "Go Cheap Cigarettes, go with confidence, there is your future, there are your dreams, you have superhuman wisdom, you have a solid foundation of work, you have an approachable personality. You have a profound and exquisite literary talent, and you have prepared for the diligent and diligent thinking in the future. I believe that you will compete in the new working environment and will win the trust of the leadership. "I will come back often, look at you, see all the friends here!" Qiu Feng's friendly voice once again rang through my ears, her horseshoe-like smile forever imprinted into my mind, the reason why At this time, my inspiration came quietly because I was grateful for Qiufeng, a kind of expectation, a blessing, and a deep affection. The scenes were warm, let time forget the flow, let us start from now on, Carry out a continuation of the true feelings of life
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