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20.06.2019 04:25
Yesterday I went Antworten

Yesterday I went back to the mountains and saw a lot of tourists. I never thought that I had a daydream today. When I fell in love with work in the morning, I handed a glass of water to me and went to work. It was almost seven o'clock, and I fell asleep. From that time to the present, I have been dreaming. In my dream, I took my children out for a trip. We went to many places and I led my children to a real life. I never dared to look at them. I dare not go in. There are many snakes in that place. I have children and children everywhere Online Cigarettes, but there is one person, she is not afraid, she put the snake up, then we came to the snake hall, the snake hall is full of snakes, she is We said, don't be afraid, the snake can understand people, as long as you don't hurt it, it's okay, my child and I are preparing to go to the snake house to see, where the clerk said that it is selling those who have flavors, one Will work, the snakes in the glass window are gone Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I and the children have been moving forward, went to a small, narrow and black aisle, I hugged her, and soon passed, the child wants to go, I am She said: "A lot of people are waiting for it to come out. I saw a dish for selling vegetables. I bought some meat, three cauliflowers, and my children walked forward and met three bad guys on the road Cheap Cigarettes. They dress like a Taoist, to me and to children. Said: "We are robbery, I was thinking, grab it, anyway, I have no money in the bag, suddenly reacted, I have an ID card in the bag, it is too much trouble to do the ID card, no, can not let them grab, but just me And children, no one else? Let me say a few of them, what should I do? I kept saying to myself, don��t panic, there must be a way. Just when I look back, when those people chased me, they came not far from one another. Taoist, I quickly shouted loudly, big brother, then, these people are afraid, no longer chasing me and this big brother, go and go, go to the lake, he went to find the bad guys Suddenly, a young man came to me. He was very spirited. He was sitting on my side. I didn't look at his face. I only heard his voice. He said to me, "You bought food, You bought meat, I asked him curiously, how did you know, he smiled and said, I saw it, how could it be, I put it up, I can't see it in the bag! I looked up and looked across The mountain and the mountain road, look down and see me sitting close to him? I am embarrassed to tell him to sit a little farther! At this moment, the child ran to the side of the water, she also had to sit, I quickly I got up and hugged the child, but it was still a step late. The child saw the sea on the lotus leaf in the water. It��s getting into the water, but it��s not deep on the side. I picked up the child and said to the child, let��s go home! If you don��t play, your clothes are wet, I go back with the children, go and go, go On a street, I saw those shops, people are preparing for work, they are going to open, we are going, walking, and going down a downhill road, I see green mountains on both sides Marlboro Red, then look forward It��s Tian, ??the rice in the field is ripe, a golden yellow. At this time, I thought of my hometown, thinking, thinking, I laughed, I woke up
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