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Flowers will not bloom in the coming year because of your alienation; people will turn into strangers because of your missed. In June, I missed her, so I made friends and went to the city where she lived Cigarettes Online. Perhaps it is a promise, or perhaps a miss, reluctantly skip class Carton Of Cigarettes, pull a friend, go to that strange city, stop and go, and there is no lack of enjoyment. Time is like fine sand, 48 hours, two days, one weekend, it is so fleeting. Although it is always tormented at the time of separation, "goodbye" is always inevitable. That day, I forwarded my friend��s talk: the last trip of 18 years old! Although very tired, but very happy! After a big river came to the second dam! I saw a barber shop called Wallace! Got a riverside park! I was deceived and went to Wanda! Climb the short mountain! Several rookies played an hour of billiards! Came to a bar that is not a bar! The most important thing is that there are so few people on the weekend! In addition to the fireballs that dare not sit Cigarettes For Sale, basically play! Also saw a lot of low-flying planes! I love you for two days with us! Salang��... The student party really can't afford to hurt! Dry night train tired and sleepy high school graduation for a year, enjoying the free time of the free. I often think of the group of friends, I can��t be sad. In those three years, I cried and laughed; in those three years, I suffered too much; in those three years, from strange to familiar, and then continue to be strangers, familiar with familiarity; in those three years, we live together, we are Three years of small partners, remember these three years, and then use countless three years of recollection, I have enough life to complete again, this summer, starting from June, my dream is on the road, about friends, carrying old wine Go to find a friend in July, want to escape, so go on a trip, change a different kind of mood in a certain journey of college life, always want to escape the big family of the bedroom, to find the original one. They all said that "the fireworks will go down in Yangzhou in March", but the Yangzhou in July is still antique. The night view on the ancient canal is still so fascinating. The food in Dongguan Street still makes me drool and feel more. This journey is not me. Most wanted, as originally expected. After staying in Yangzhou for three days, the last night we chatted to the early morning Wholesale Cigarettes, who would not say "Good night" who would not open their eyes to see each other, afraid of tears, afraid of reluctant to leave; no one would like to talk about their own university, It��s just a myriad of memories of high school, the era we never separated. It��s like this, secretly, this is my deepest secret: when I was in high school, I once secretly loved a boy in our class, I liked him insanely, silently shed tears for him, doing silly only for myself. thing. Of course, that day was the first time I heard the boy��s name, the name of the boy who made my friend��s first heartbeat and carefully cared for. On that day, we all have our own secrets, and we silently guard the secrets of each other. In August, I wanted to grow up Parliament Cigarettes, so I went to work part-time for the first time, but the result was an unexpected failure. I used to think that it is good to be a part-time job, and life can be so fulfilling. But when I really tried to do it, I chose to retreat. Although I only did a half-day part-time job at a fast food restaurant, I felt it was a torment in minutes. Everything, everything, I don't adapt, I don't want to, I don't want to adapt. At that time, I was really stubborn. Maybe it was kind of childishness or perhaps an escape. So I blamed myself endlessly. "Everyone can. Why is it so difficult for me to work in the middle of noon? I really can��t stand this kind of torture. Taking advantage of everyone's rest, I found the store manager. I was going to endure tears and not cry, even if I left, I didn't think that my psychological defense was so low. I just told the store manager, "I can't do it." Tears just came out and I couldn��t stop! In this way, the first time I worked part-time, I fled and fell wildly. However, I also got a lot of friendships, half-day friendship, half-day work experience, half a day. Service I think if I let me choose again, I will not hesitate to choose to leave, but this time I will not avoid it, but I believe that I will find a job that can be continued without any reason. Because I want to be happy. , meaningful growth, not to grow and grow unexpectedly missed, this summer, ending in August, my dream never stops, learn to grow, next fall, I will face
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