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It appears as if the Toronto Maple Leafs did not have to look too far to find Randy Carlyles new assistant coaches. Dennis Seidenberg Jersey . Speaking Thursday on TSN 1050, Steve Simmons of Sun Media and TSNs The Reporters, said a decision on the Leafs coaching staff is expected to be made next week, with Steve Spott, Derek King and Gord Dineen – all currently employed behind the bench by the Toronto Marlies – as the leading candidates. “All of the promotions will be from within the organization,” Simmons said. “I believe two of them will come from that group of three.” Despite rumours of major changes following the Leafs late-season collapse, that were thought to be reinforced by Tim Leiwekes promise of a culture change within the organization, it seems as if the current management team of Brendan Shanahan and Dave Nonis are focused on tweaking the teams roster as opposed to a major overhaul. Thus far in the off-season, Nonis has made only depth signings, keeping his core group of players intact. According to Simmons, the Leafs are putting the focus on Carlyle to make the adjustments himself, as opposed to having the new assistants force it upon him. “I dont know how any of them will change him, he has to change himself,” Simmons said. “He has to coach this hockey team differently because what he did last year wasnt successful.” The hiring of new assistants was necessitated after the Leafs announced on May 8 that Carlyles former coaching staff, consisting of Dave Farrish, Greg Cronin and Scott Gordon would not be retained, while the head coach received a two-year extension. Simmons: Leafs assistants to come from within Christopher Gibson Jersey . Mueller is the grandson of the late Ron Lancaster, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback and longtime head coach in the CFL. Last season, Mueller was quarterbacks coach of the University of Regina Rams, his alma mater. Andrew Ladd Jersey .com) - The St. . -- The Guelph Storm are moving on to the Western Conference final after defeating the London Knights 5-4 on Friday in Ontario Hockey League playoff action.(Photo Credit: Midwest Sports Fans)Daniel Zakrzewski: There are some truly great smiles in sports, but yours is certainly up there. Where would you say you rank amongst Ken Griffey Jr., Mark Messier, Jose Reyes, and the Rock?Mike Pinball Clemons: I think I have to go ahead of Mark. Just because hes so tough, right? And so, you know when we see him the smile is electric when hes holding the cup, but hes not smiling most of the time.DZ: (laughs) I think youre right about that. Was surprised that with his smile, this picture was one of the only good examples of it I could find.MPC: (laughs) So I think I have to go ahead of Messier, and know this, this is the only time in life in any situation Ill go ahead of Messier.DZ: (laughs) Alright, so well place above Messier.MPC: Then, Reyes. Have to finish before him as well.DZ: (laughs) Whys that?MPC: Because he hasnt been here as long, so hes really got have a little bit more consistency about his smile (laughs). And then, well the Rock, I like him since hes a CFL guy. He started in Calgary with the Stampeders and so Ill defer to him. And ultimately Ken Griffey was my guy.(Photo Credit: Bleacher Report)DZ: So Ken is at the top?MPC: Ken is at the top. Then the Rock, Im right in the middle.DZ: So when you first got to the CFL, aside from the extra yards and the rule changes, what was one the biggest difference you noticed between life in the NFL and life in the CFL when you first arrived in Canada?MPC: When I first arrived in Canada the biggest difference I noticed was what didnt change. This is 25 years ago, right, so theres no technology, all those things. I grew up in Dunedin where the Blue Jays train, so I should know more, but as Americans we think the world revolves around us. I really didnt know what the weather was going to be like, and when I came to Canada the most amazing thing that I realized was how different it wasnt. Not how different it was. So for me while there were nuances in the game, it was so similar and so symmetric. Most of those differences benefited me, like five yards.DZ: (laughs) Yeah, exactly. You must have enjoyed that change.MPC: I was like, "you mean I got five yards before someone can hit me, really?" (laughs). So, it was really magical. If I were to say the biggest different in the game it would have to be the motion. Like 95 people can be in motion at the same time and theres only 24 on the field. Like everybody can move, so that whole dynamic was crazy, all of those people in motion, and then you come to understand that its not everybody. But at one point it feels like everybody, because if one guys moving, you cant flinch in the American game. Here you got guys running down hill towards the line of scrimmage, so that part is pretty different!(Photo Credit: CBS Sports)DZ: Whats one thing youd say the CFL does better than the NFL, and one thing the NFL may do better than the CFL?MPC: The CFL plays football better than the NFL, and the NFL markets football better than the CFL.DZ: Its as simple as that. Id have to agree with you. Youre hands down one of the strongest orators in quite possibly all of sports. Whos a sports figure whose speech giving ability you admire most?MPC: Wow, Id probably have to stay a little bit loyal. I love to hear Mike Tomlin, coach Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers) communicate. Hes a wonderful orator, he speaks with such passion and conviction. (Monday) night they were speaking of "the standard is the standard. Just the concept of this is the Pittsburgh Steelers have a high standard and theyve won more championships than anybbody and the standard is the standard. Billy Smith Jersey. Right? Nothing less will do. He also went to the same university that I did.(Photo Credit: NBC Sports)DZ: I see, a little bit of hometown connection?MPC: Yeah, maybe a little bit of a home team kind of a pick. But I love his energy and the confidence he exudes. He also has some imagination in his vocabulary. But he just has a real belief, a real conviction, a real can do spirit and theyve not had the easiest times lately either. Certainly a little bit of a comeback year and even a little bit earlier this year was a little bit of a challenge, but really kind of gaining their stride. But through that all, just a real passion and a real conviction. Can I ask, though? Whos your number one?DZ: Mine? Hmm, well the current sports figure that I look up to like probably quite a lot of people my age is Derek Jeter. Just the Essence of cool. Very calm, very composed.MPC: Oh yeah, hes Mr. Calm. He doesnt even have to say anything, he just walks into the room. "Oh Dereks here? Lets go." (laughs)DZ: Exactly (laughs). Have you ever seen this speech from this High School football player?MPC: (laughs) Yes I have!DZ: Have you seen the "Songifyd" version?MPC: (laughs) No, no I havent. Thats great, thats great.DZ: (laughs) I thought you may enjoy that. Well have to try and make one for your 2004 Grey Cup speech!MPC: (laughs) Id love to hear that when you do!DZ: Whats the main goal youd like to accomplish as The Official Quarterback of the TO2015 Volunteer Team for the Pan Am games?MPC: It really is about giving, it really is about loving on people and thats what we want to do. The Pan Am/Para Pan Am games is the largest event that will be hosted in out countrys history, its actually twice as large as the Vancouver games so we really really need volunteers because we have all these people coming and all of a sudden people are like “Oh theyre here? Theyre coming to our house and we have to be ready to receive them.DZ: It did feel like it came out of nowhere! (laughs) But I think well be pretty gracious hosts, though! How many volunteers will the games need?MPC: 23,000 volunteers is what were talking, thats a lot of volunteers and we already have a lot of people who have signed up but we need you. We want all people, starting with young people that are sixteen by January 1st, 2015 but we need all different kinds of skill sets. In some we need people that have work skills and have some experience and there are other positions where you dont need a lot of experience for, but it is a serious commitment because volunteers are the heart of the games and really make things happen.DZ: Alright Mike, weve got one final question for you. Can you go BarDown?MPC: (laughs) I dont think I can, I think I know what that is, but could you refresh me on that?DZ: Its when you score a goal in either hockey or soccer by hitting the crossbar and hiving it go into the net afterward.MPC: (laughs) Theres no chance I could do that in hockey, but I actually used to play soccer when I was younger. I played through high school as well.DZ: Really? I actually didnt realize that at all.MPC: Yeah! I actually had received more trophies and awards in soccer then in football by the time I left high school. So to answer your question: no, theres no way I could go BarDown even in soccer (laughs).DZ: (laughs) Well even with your honest answer wed still like to see you try it one day!For more information on how you can become a volunteer for the 2015 Pan American games, you can visit their website here. 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