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It could be way too rich for Minneso Antworten

ta"On Tuesday George Iloka Jersey , the window opened for NFL teams to use the Franchise and Transition Player tags on any pending free agent they might like to retain. For the Minnesota Vikings, there are a couple of players that could, potentially, be candidates for the tag, but it would be a surprise if they used it for just the third time in franchise history.The Vikings could opt to use the tag on either linebacker Anthony Barr or defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, but the value for a potential one-year deal for either of those two players would be a significant hit. . .likely significantly more than a potential long-term dealTo refresh everyone’s memory, here’s how each tag works:The franchise tag is for the value of the top five contracts at that player’s position. If a team uses the exclusive franchise tag on a player, they can’t negotiate with other teams. If a team uses the non-exclusive franchise tag, that player can negotiate an offer sheet with another team. Should that player sign an offer sheet with another team Matt Wile Jersey , his former team has seven days to match it, and if they don’t match they receive two first-round picks in exchange. Of course, teams can work out a “sign and trade” agreement with another team for a lower price than the two #1 picks.The transition tag is for the value of the top ten contracts at a player’s position. Players are allowed to negotiate and sign offer sheets from other teams. If an offer sheet is signed, the original team again has seven days to match, but if they choose not to match they receive no compensation.For Barr, the value of the franchise tag would be $15,777,000, while the transition tag would be $13 Rashod Hill Jersey ,267,000. Whether Barr re-signs with the Vikings or not, he’s not going to get anything approaching either of those figures on the open market.For Richardson, the numbers are only slightly lower. . .$15,571,000 for the franchise tag and $12,287,000 for the transition tag. He likely wouldn’t see that sort of money on the open market, either.The Vikings could sign tag either one of them in the hopes of negotiating a longer deal Tom Compton Jersey , but as soon as they signed the tender, the Vikings would, potentially, be on the hook for $15 million+ if they couldn’t work anything out with either player.From everything I’ve been seeing, it sounds like Barr would be the more likely candidate for the tag if the Vikings were to use it. Perhaps the Vikings think it’s more likely that they can work a long-term deal with Richardson, who would be looking for his fourth team in four seasons if he left Minnesota. Richardson would probably cost a bit less than Barr, too.The Vikings (and the 31 NFL teams that don’t matter as much) have until 5 March to decide whether or not they use the tag. Honestly, I’d be pretty surprised if it happened, but we’ll have to wait and see how things work out.The Vikings’ Adam Thielen is unstoppable Stefon Diggs’ tweet about Adam Thielen sums up how we all feel about him. While most of the world was late to the Thielen party Dan Bailey Jersey , we know how special is and what an asset he is to the WR corps in Minnesota. If Thielen continues to ball out the way he has been, according to Bring Me The News sports he will be on pace to an incredible 150 catches, 1,885 yards and 10 touchdowns. What now, officially, sets him apart from his competitors is that Thielen now holds the record with five consecutive 100+ yards games to start the season since the AFL/NFL merger. According to Fox Sports North he is tied for first with 66 targets, first in receiving with 31 catches, first in first downs with 31, and ranks second with 589 receiving yards. Most people have been sleeping on Thielen because he hasn’t been a flashy top 10 ESPN play of the day kind of guy. But he is always where you need him to be and he does what you need him to do. Case in point Brett Jones Jersey , his first touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings against the Carolina Panthers.Thielen was able to go up the middle completely unblocked and score the touchdown off of a blocked punt that he created. It was a good play, but it didn’t get the attention it deserved because wasn’t a one hand grab like Odell Beckham, Jr’s touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys. But it was a play that got the job done. And despite what the highlight reels tell you these are the plays that matter.And Thielen continues to be that reliable work horse. You can always find him on the field and no matter who is in his face or how tight the space is, he is going to try his damnedest to make that catch. And as of late that isn’t hard. While Thielen continues his domination of the NFL, there is plenty to look forward to. If he can stay on pace he will surpass the 2012 record set by Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson, who currently holds the record for eight straight 100 yard plus games according to Fox Sports North.All the attention and accolades that Thielen is getting are well deserved and overdue. We all knew what a great player he is, we just didn’t think it would take everyone else so long to catch up.

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