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02.07.2019 08:43
The bells of the mornin Antworten

The bells of the morning have already woken up, as if everything is a new beginning. The recovery of all things began here, and a happy life began here. The experience of life tells us that it is a happy and happy thing to live in optimism and sunshine, and to interpret your life with optimism. Stephen William Hawking, born January 8, 1942, is a great physicist, the founder of the Black Hole Theory and the "Big Bang" theory, and the author of the famous "A Brief History of Time Marlboro Red." Because he suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Wholesale Cigarettes, he was imprisoned in a wheelchair for 20 years. He was disabled and disabled, making him an advantage, overcoming his disability and becoming a supernova in the international physics community. Can not write, or even ambiguous, but he transcended the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, big bang and other theories and entered the "geometry dance" of creating the universe. Although he was so helpless in a wheelchair, his thoughts traveled to the vast time and space to solve the mystery of the universe. He defeated the disease with optimism and explained the true value of life with optimism Parliament Cigarettes. Perhaps on the road of life, everyone will face all kinds of difficulties and challenges Cheap Cigarettes. No one has ever experienced it. Only in the tempering can you realize the beauty of life, and you can continue to grow. When you first came to Tianjin, you are not familiar with everything here. You feel very lonely. Every time you think about home, you will be lonely. I secretly shed tears, and sometimes I can��t understand the people��s speech when I go out shopping Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Everything here seems to be a big challenge to me... After half a semester of life, I gradually became familiar with everything here and handed it over. A lot of Tianjin people, and Tianjin people also have a great interest in me, and occasionally a few words of Tianjin, Tianjin also has a lot of fun places, I am more curious. It seems that everything here is so interesting, every day is very happy, and loneliness is also left behind, I fell in love with this place. Perhaps such a small thing in life is not worth mentioning, but it has far-reaching implications for myself. Because this process has witnessed my growth process, there is bitterness, tears, and happiness. It made me understand that life should be treated optimistically, so that it can be a life music worth deductive!

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