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Stylist made braid hairstyles popular on runways Wholesale Evgenii Dadonov Jersey , Hollywood accepted it so hair braiding style is a hair styling hit for several seasons now. Starting with Jessica Alba and Blake Lively, including Rihanna, Lauren Conrad and many other, all celebrities had braided hair at one occasion or other. We have seen celebrity kids hair braids done as well-just remember young Smiths!
Considering that braiding done in african hair braiding salons is fun and stylish replacement for several other hair styles and will give you both casual and glam appearance, it is no wonder that popularity of this hair style is growing at an incredible rate. Such popularity suppressed negative image of braids as old-fashioned hair style.
When it is summer and temperatures rise high Wholesale Vincent Trocheck Jersey , we feel compelled to pick up hair in a tail, bun, or some other way so to let neck "breathe". So why not do it with stylish African braids?
As name says for itself, Africa is home to braiding. Braids were made forever and were always very popular. In Africa braids are practically necessity because of the heat present on an entire continent-braids are comfortable hair choice in hot Africa.
It was not all about the climate, it was also about social status-in Africa Wholesale Aleksander Barkov Jersey , longest braids were worn by the wealthiest people, and this made easy for everyone to know someone's economic status. There were those whose hair wasn't long enough to make long braids, so they started to add animal wool or plant fibers to get length.
Today, long braids are available in hair braiding salons around the world. African braids hair style is a proof of modern, emancipated and confident person. This hair style is for those who are not afraid to improvise and want to change their appearance.
African braids are "last solution" for damaged hair that looks bad Cheap Jared McCann Jersey , because braided hair will recover-and braiding will protect parts of hair from sun. You can add volume to your hair with added hair of same color. You will look different, and braid removal is easy and simple. Check out gallery of different hair braids pictures to see just how stylish you can look.
Braiding can give you many different trendy hair styles. Some are classy, some are elegant, while other can look really funky! These days, everybody wears them: teens Cheap Jamie McGinn Jersey , women and men as well!
African braids can be made with synthetic hair that is a mixture of 70% synthetic hair and 30% natural hair. This hair will be connected with your natural hair with clips or nodes at the root of your hair. There is no gluing or thread connecting.
Thickness of braids, density and length can be done per your desire. It will take about 8-9 hours to make African braids but it is worth all the effort because this hair style can last up to 3 months-there is no way to loosen up, fall off, etc.
Your natural hair is protected from damage because it is connected with artificial hair; there is no hair styling with a dryer, there is no hair straightening-but you always have ready hair style Cheap Mike Hoffman Jersey , from the moment you get up.
Maintenance and cleaning is as you usually wash your hair and the same goes for drying. You have to have at least 8-10 centimeters long hair to get braids done.

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