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The Cowboys draft was interesting and even unpredictable at times. What do the scouting reports say about the haul?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Dallas Cowboys NewsDallas Cowboys 2019 DraftCowboys draft analysis: Scouting strengths & weaknesses of Cowboys’ draft classNew White Charles Haley Jersey ,117commentsThe Cowboys draft was interesting and even unpredictable at times. What do the scouting reports say about the haul?CDTShareTweetShareShareCowboys draft analysis: Scouting strengths & weaknesses of Cowboys’ draft classThomas J. Russo-USA TODAY SportsThe NFL Draft is always entertaining and full of surprises as we spend ample hours scouting players we think the Cowboys like, only to find that they had a different plan all along. This year, the Cowboys patiently waited through almost two whole rounds before they got the chance to add talent to the roster. Dallas even made some trades on the back end to turn six selections into eight on day three. Overall, here’s a quick recap of their 2019 draft class:NAME-POS.SCHOOLSEL.RD PROJ.POS RANK40COLL. CAREER STATSPICK 58 - DT TRYSTEN HILLWhy it makes sense: In year’s past, it has been hard to get Rod Marinelli to really fight for a prospect. He’s a great coach and is confident in his ability to get the best out of anyone, Antwaun Woods is the latest example. Trysten Hill possesses the exact skill set Marinelli requires at the 3-technique in his scheme. Hill mentioned in his call-in to the Draft Show that he spoke to coach Marinelli just about every few days in his draft process. The Cowboys did a lot of homework on Hill, who had some maturity concerns but the fit is outstanding. His elite burst off the snap is what gives him a great opportunity to break the starting lineup. Dallas needed defensive tackle help and they just got younger and more explosive at the position. Biggest Concern: Coachability/ MaturityTrysten Hill needs to shake his pre-draft label of being hard to coach especially considering who he’s now being paired with. Marinelli is a legendary defensive line guy but he doesn’t tolerate anything but maximum effort and expects players to bring what they learn to the field, no exceptions. Hill needs to look no further than the frustrated Taco Charlton for example. Charlton has struggled to refine his technique and develop a pass rush plan which is the root cause of his frustrations. Rod Marinelli loves his players but he’s going to play the guys that hustle to the ball and perform, the object is winning, period. Hill has to soak up everything and hit the ground running because his impact potential is off the charts. Hill needs to work on every aspect of his technique and develop a great plan of attack to be successful in the NFL.PICK 90- OL CONNOR MCGOVERNWhy it makes sense: Right off the bat, it’s hard to argue with a front office that has a track record like the Cowboys do in picking offensive linemen. The Cowboys are looking at the big picture here as La’el Collins’ contract expires after the 2019 season. There are several depth players on the offensive line that are also on short-term deals. If the plan is to make Connor Williams a right tackle in the future, it makes sense to keep a strength asstrong as ever with the addition of McGovern. The Cowboys are getting a player that can contribute immediately but doesn’t have to, his versatility and agility are two traits that will serve well in this offensive scheme.Biggest Concern: Technique/hand placementMcGovern is a better run-blocker than pass-blocker at the moment. He can sometimes get out of balance and use poor hand technique when setting up for pass blocking. Marc Colombo will need to work on technique issues and get them refined.PICK 128- RB TONY POLLARDWhy it makes sense: The Cowboys were pretty bare behind Ezekiel Elliott and it’s intriguing how they attacked the depth at running back. Pollard is a huge shot in the arm as far as athleticism, speed, and playmaking ability is concerned. He’s put together a real nice résumé and can make an impact both on the offense as well as special teams. Pollard can be a dynamic threat in the passing game as well with amazing hands but you’re going to have to keep his route concepts simple in the beginning.Biggest Concern: Pass ProtectionPollard is just sloppy and uncoordinated as a blocker. He lacks the strength to deliver a pop and complete his assignments. The Cowboys must teach him the fundamentals of blocking in the NFL Charles Haley Jersey 2019 , he has the will to learn, but you’re basically starting from scratch.PICK 158 (FROM OAK) - CB MICHAEL JACKSONWhy it makes sense: He’s got all the traits that Kris Richard wants to work with especially in the length department. Jackson is pretty raw but the playmaking ability is evident and he can contribute immediately in sub-packages as a zone defender. Jackson plays with an infectious attitude and is motivated to reach his potential, a pairing with Richard will be the key here.Biggest Concern: Discipline in TechniqueMichael Jackson is going to need a ton of technique work as he is overaggressive and has very poor anticipation in key moments. He’s not going to win against NFL receivers if he’s in chase mode and is easily baited by quarterbacks. This is a very raw athletic talent that will be a tall task for Richard to develop.PICK 165 - DE JOE JACKSONWhy it makes sense: This is a guy that Marinelli loves, a lunch-pail guy that makes up for his deficiencies with relentless effort. Jackson was a very productive player at “The U” and will be a solid addition to a crowded Cowboys line rotation. He doesn’t have long speed but his initial quickness is where it needs to be, the motor is great, and he’s just a complete overachiever.Biggest Concern: AthleticismJackson’s length is good but he doesn’t use it well and he’s just not the best athlete. He does show some stiffness, he’s not very bendy, and struggles to rush with a plan. The Cowboys can get production out of him but they first must fix his hand placement. Without the athleticism needed to rush consistently, he’s most likely a rotational guy with a limited snap count.PICK 213 (FROM CIN) - SAF DONOVAN WILSONWhy he makes sense: The Cowboys are looking for a box safety type that can tackle well and has traits worthy of development. Wilson is a strong hitter and with the length to wrap up and finish tackles. He was very productive and has shown to be a ball hawk for his Aggies defense because his instincts and ability to diagnose are very good.Biggest Concern: InconsistencyThere are a lot of things to like about Wilson but he can never keep it all together for an extended period of time. He lacks the technique to compete for a starting role early and has to work on his aggressiveness because it gets him in trouble quite often. PICK 218 (FROM OAK) - RB MIKE WEBERWhy he makes sense: For all the gifted athleticism that Pollard brings to the room, the Cowboys need a back that can shoulder the load if Ezekiel Elliott were to be out of the equation for any period of time.Weber is a tough-nosed running back that does a good job of following his blocks and running to daylight. He has a well-rounded skill set and is a polished pass blocker too.Biggest Concern: Explosion/Ball SecurityWeber is perfectly described as a guy that will get all the yards his line can get him but don’t expect much breakaway speed or big playmaking. He is not dynamic. He tends to lack focus on his finish and is careless with the football, Weber had 10 fumbles in three seasons.PICK 241 - DE JALEN JELKSWhy he makes sense: This is an upside pick all the way; he’s got the length to make him a perfect developmental pass rusher. The Cowboys can use another specimen to fit the “rush in waves-style” of a Marinelli defense.Biggest Concern: Lack of PowerJelks has the tools to play off the edge but he doesn’t play with much power at all. He needs to develop his lower-body frame because he’s a little too narrow-hipped for the NFL. He’s very raw and will take patience to develop but the upside is exciting. We know most of the roster going into camp, so we can take a stab. In the dark. And we ain’t Arya."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Dallas Cowboys NewsDallas Cowboys 2019 Free AgencyDallas Cowboys 2019 DraftDallas Cowboys 2019 Training CampRidiculously early Cowboys 53-man roster projectionNew,220commentsWe know most of the roster going into camp, so we can take a stab. In the dark. And we ain’t Arya.CDTShareTweetShareShareRidiculously early Cowboys 53-man roster projectionWell, we know he will still be leading them.Shane Roper-USA TODAY SportsThe NFL Draft is done Dallas Cowboys Jaylon Smith Jersey , and the Dallas Cowboys have also added the main UDFA signings. So now it is easy to project who will be on the roster to start the season. Not.OK, there are a lot of names that are no-brainers. So much of any projection will include a lot of players that are easy to get right. But the fun from now on is trying to figure out where the meaningful camp battles might be, and trying to identify a surprise or two to stick. So here is my first cut at who I think makes the 2019 Cowboys, followed by a position-by-position breakdown of the logic, and where I may wind up being out to sea.Projected Cowboys rosterPositionStarterBackupBackupPositionStarterBackupBackupSome of the positions may not line up this way, but the important thing is the names. And while I am loathe to admit it, injuries will likely drive a change or two (hopefully not more). But those are totally unpredictable.QuarterbackRight off the bat, here is a departure from last season, with only two on the roster. That is something that the team will have to do to keep a player elsewhere (spoiler: it is an offensive lineman). And Cooper Rush is the man left out. He is a good bet for them to get to the practice squad. Under current rules, up to four PS players can have two seasons on a roster and still be eligible. That is how they can keep Rush as a ready disaster call-up.Running backs/fullbackSorry, Darius Jackson, but Mike Weber gets your slot. Tony Pollard is an interesting player, because he should be viewed as much as a receiver as a runner. He is also, as noted, expected to have a big role in the return game. If Kellen Moore uses him correctly Womens Jaylon Smith 2019 Jersey , assuming he has the freedom to do so, Pollard can have an out-sized impact on the offense, if the team was at all correct in evaluating him.Wide receiversHere is one place where this could be all wrong, with Allen Hurns the player that could turn up and make his way to the roster. But his return from injury is not at all certain. I hope he can, but UDFA Jon’Vea Johnson has some intriguing traits. He would be more of a future move, since it is unlikely six receivers would be active on game day. Pollard factors into this thinking as well. Tavon Austin is also on somewhat shaky ground and really needs to stay healthy. Pollard can fill the role Austin was envisioned to have. But if he is able to stay on the field, his speed would be a major reason to keep him around.Tight endsOnly carrying three puts a lot of faith in Moore actually making some real changes to the offensive approach. But the fact Dallas not only did not draft a TE, but also didn’t sign one as a UDFA is a big clue. Maybe it is projecting personal hopes onto things, but part of a more modern approach on offense involves less use of “heavy” sets that let the defense load up the box to stop the run. This also is where Jamize Olawale may see a new role, motioning out of the backfield to an H back spot and serving as a blocker, or finally getting incorporated as a receiver. And sorry, Rico Gathers stans, I think the experiment is over.Offensive lineConnor McGovern will be the second interior line backup. Xavier Su’a-Filo was serviceable at best, and McGovern has a much higher ceiling.And I am calling for Mitch Hyatt to be the player who forces them to drop the third QB. His signing looks like the long-term plan to replace Cameron Fleming as the swing tackle when his contract is up. He would be another game-day inactive, but given his college pedigree Cheap Jaylon Smith Youth Jersey , the risk of trying to stash him on the PS is far too great.Also, don’t look for any position switch between Connor Williams and La’el Collins. Embedded in this is another prediction, that Collins will be allowed to go in free agency in 2020. Williams will likely kick out to become the new RT then, with McGovern moving to the starting LG job. But all that is a year away.Defensive lineHere is where the position flex so many players have makes things interesting. I am one of a handful that thinks Taco Charlton will finally start to pay off, and that may involve some work inside as a 3T. I am also high on Joe Jackson, who along with Kerry Hyder is going to force the team to go very heavy here, possibly with two DL inactive each week. But Rod Marinelli loves to send his linemen at the other teams in waves, and depth is key to that. There looks to be a lot of talent in this group, which is why both free agent Christian Covington and seventh round pick Jalen Jelks don’t make the cut. Jelks would almost certainly be a player they try to get to the PS.Now, if the idea of not carrying three QBs does not work out, this is where the slot would likely have to be carved out. The projection has the defense with 26, leaving only 24 on offense, so that is one place it would be no surprise for this to be in error.LinebackersHere is another place where the D line may have to give up a position. The Cowboys like to carry seven backers because they are so important to the special teams. However, they did not draft one. Maybe one of the UDFAs will catch fire and force their hand, but for now White DeMarcus Ware Jersey , it looks most likely that the six from last year will carry the load, and all would probably be active because of that ST need. However, Chris Covington will have to fight the rookies off in camp.Defensive backsThis is another place where the roster is heavy, but DBs are also prime ST fodder. The two they drafted, Michael Jackson and Donovan Wilson, just fit the Kris Richard model too well to not keep them on the roster. I know they didn’t invest much draft capital in the safety position, which was a real surprise, but I also am low-key excited about this group.SpecialistsFor years, this was the most predictable trio on the roster. Then last season, we were stunned when Dan Bailey was released.But Brett Maher is hardly secure, even though the team has not brought in another place kicker. They will for camp. And we saw that assuming they are just bringing in a body to share the load in camp is foolish.Chris Jones will also have to stay on top of his game to keep his job. Kicking is going to merit a lot more attention than in the past. It is within the realm of possibility that we could see two new names putting their feet to the ball in the fall.There you have it. It is all subject to change as the players start practicing. But for now, I am putting a marker down. It just doesn’t have a lot of money behind it.

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