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31.07.2019 10:20
lso tempted. A lot of Antworten

lso tempted. A lot of things are not figured out. I thought that in the past, my language math was fine, but the English and the mathematics were not good. So I put 90% of the time in English and the mathematics. Originally, the mathematics language was very front, but I never thought. The total score is pulled down. It��s just that the teacher always said that he can��t be partial, can��t be partial, and finally, it��s really not like four. I still remember buying reference books at that time and always liked to buy a whole set. I also liked the perfect character. When I fell over, I found out that I was really stupid and stupid. There is a girl in the group. I like to say that she likes it. Why do I like to say it? Because she really can��t insist on just saying that she has to write an article. Her writing is also very good. She just didn��t insist on it after writing for 3 days. Say at least 3 months, she said Cheap Cigarettes, good, but in the end, she didn't insist on one article. When I said her, she only wrote a question. This year, she came to work last year and went to work at home. She can earn about 16,000 a month. I am thinking, if she can persist, any project will be magnified, and tens of thousands of months will not be a problem. But gradually, I don't talk about her, she is also strange, why did she always say her, but she did not say her. In fact, in the end, I also understand, it is a shortcoming, but also an advantage. Although she can't stick to it, she is easy to use, smart, and can make a project profitable for a project, and she likes to research new things. I was thinking, if I let her insist, forcing her, maybe she can't make so much money anymore. Because her characteristics are not persistence, but research and discovery. It��s just her character, she is also destined to start from 0, destined to no accumulation, to be very tired. Actually, I didn��t say her. I know more about it. It��s good to be a good person. For example, many girls are standard for finding boys, handsome, rich, obedient, and considerate. There are people like this, yes, there are certainly. After all, the world is so big, all kinds of talents exist. Just not much. It��s just that the girl��s view has caused too many boys to mislead many boys thinking that the goddess likes it, so for the sake of handsome, buy cosmetics every day, in order to have money, and work hard to make money, but still obedient, but also Thoughtful. As a result, the whole boy was exhausted after a whole day. Of course, if you are okay in your life, after all, it will be tossed. But if you are doing things in the mall, doing business, it is often very troublesome and troublesome. For example, we often see a lot of people doing promotion, especially not very knowledgeable about the network. They can't wait to finish all the marketing methods, it's best to understand the domestic, and then learn from abroad. It��s just that it��s a hassle. Because he learned a lot, he was destined to do less, because his energy was limited. Of course, some don't learn so much, but it's also a lot of trouble. For example, he will ask himself how many Weibos to send, how many B2Bs to send, how many articles to write, and how many replies to top. I even opened a few stores a lot. However, we really found that although they are many, they are not doing well. Because others spend only a few things in their lives, they can't do the best. He did a lot of things in the same period. For example, Weibo has made the forefront of making a fortune. B2B has done the best and made a fortune. It has also made a fortune by writing an article. The single-top sticker has also become a red man. It may be the industry's foremost in opening a store. go with. But everything is done Marlboro Lights, nothing is gone. In fact, at the beginning, we only need to do a good job. It is already very difficult to do a good job. Because one point is not done well, the second point, certainly can only do almost 3 or 5 points, just a point Carton Of Cigarettes, the industry's top three took away 90%, the industry's top ten, took away 97%, The only thing left is to give us the last one. So if they are all behind, that is equal to not doing. On the surface it looks very wide and I pay a lot. But it can only be a life, no way to be good. Because with the development of society, every industry now has competition, and it has great competition. Maybe we saw an idea and went in immediately, but as long as there is a business opportunity, there are still people who are following us. We still have to face all kinds of competition. In this case, what should we do? ECK, who once went to the living room of Ali, is also in our group. He said that he must know how to fight the tiger's ass. My former boss, like him, is also a factory, and my boss is a bearing. There are only a few hundred models of bearings. The focus of our boss is to do four or five. Because he is the main one, there is a way to scale and stre reason. Because you only have to do the first thing, you have a way to eat meat, or you can only drink soup. The 360 ??boss also said that, many of his things are also done like the portable WIFI. At first, his team made a lot of ideas, and there are more than 10 functions in a single small thing. He said it directly. Remove all the features and save only one of the biggest features. It is a hot spot. He said that if this biggest feature customer does not accept it, then other existence does not make sense. But if this is accepted, then the rest will definitely be a matter of course. Find a gap, then do it all the time, tear a big hole and make a big industry. A lot of things are like this. In the beginning, you can't do it big and full. Otherwise, the momentum will be a little better, and a lot of copying will be enough. But it must be a point, like a small point.

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