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Associated with this change, their stride begins to shorten, and their turnover increases. What Heiderscheit has shown is that in doing this, they also might be reducing impact forces on the knee and hip. The leap is then to say that reducing mechanical energy being absorbed at those joints Nike Air Max 90 Femme in some way “cures” the injury. This last part, unfortunately, is the link that still needs to be made, but according to Alex Hutchinson’s article in The Globe and Mail, Heiderscheit has indicated that “a randomized, controlled trial comparing increased stride rate to standard care for knee pain and iliotibial band syndrome, with a one-to-two-year follow-up, is in the works.” The results of such a study will be very interesting to see.I want to next address some information presented in a fascinating interview that Amby Burfoot conducted with Dr. Heiderscheit on the Peak Performance blog – I highly recommend that you read it. Among the interesting tidbits from the interview are the following:In the interview, Heiderscheit points out that the idea for conducting the study came from observation of runners in their clinic – they Nike Air Max 270 Dames noticed that many patients reported that their knees felt better when they ran fast (which also implies faster cadence). This is a great example of how Nike Air Max 90 Dames anecdotes can drive interesting research, and it’s refreshing to hear this. All too often scientists like to push aside anecdotal evidence, when in actuality it can be the greatest source of inspiration for research. What we are seeing right now in the barefoot/minimalist debate is tons of anecdote and little hard research, but my hope is that the anecdotes that are out there will drive researchers to ask and address new and interesting questions. In response to a question posed by Burfoot regarding what he thought might happen if his subjects had worn racing flats, Heiderscheit responded that: “I’d guess, and this is just speculation, that they wouldn’t run the same as in the Nike Internationalist Mujertraining shoes. I think they would have selected a preferred stride rate close to our +5 percent condition.” Burfoot goes on to ask about whether “thick, Nike Air Max 95 Dames cushioned shoes” encourage runners to take a longer stride, to which Heiderscheit responds that there is lots of variability (as I would expect), but that it “seems like a reasonable conclusion.“ Heiderscheit addresses the fact that runners in his study perceived a higher degree of exertion at a faster stride rate by pointing out that it takes time to adapt to a new stride and not feel “goofy” doing it. This is my experience exactly – any time I try something new with my running gait it feels weird at first, but with practice it tends to become much more comfortable. Despite the interesting findings presented in this study regarding the potential benefits of a shorter, quicker stride, Nike Roshe Run Mujer Dr. Heiderscheit clearly points out that they have not linked reduced impact force on joints to injury reduction. He does, however, indicate in Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose Burfoot’s interview that anecdotal evidence from the clinic seems to support this contention – until the results of an injury study come out, that is what we have to go on.I want to address this because I often see how results of studies like this can be taken too far to support a point (I’ve probably done it myself from time to time). It’s important to note that Heiderscheit’s study was neither intended nor designed to address the benefits of barefoot/minimalist running. I’d suspect, though I can’t be sure, that most of the runners in the study were wearing modern, thick soled shoes. So it’s entirely possible that the benefits of a shorter, faster stride are independent of footwear.Nike Air Max Tavas Damen What I do find intriguing is that many people observe a fairly rapid shift in gait when they begin a move into barefoot/minimalist running. I have experienced Adidas Superstar Mujer this myself. Thus, it is possible that going barefoot/minimalist could help you in a gait transition, which could in turn help you to reap some of the benefits conferred to the subjects in Heiderscheit’s study when running at increased cadence.

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