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expectations eventually crashed down on the LPL. After years of strong performances internationally, LGD Antworten

The Chinese League of Legends Pro League (LPL) has traditionally been the second best region in League of Legends, often only falling short of South Korea and typically dominating Western and Taiwanese teams. China, as a region, is known to play an aggressive style and enjoys teamfighting. However, more than aggression, Chinese teams have a history of being proactive and using fights to achieve objective goals rather than mindlessly clobbering the opponent in hopes of getting something done.It is with this mindset that China has traditionally found success at Worlds, having a representative in each bracket stage since 2012. This included two consecutive World finals appearances in 2013 and 2014.Season 2 (2012)World Elite: 5th-8thInvictus Gaming: 5th-8thChinas first World Championship had most people in the dark about the teams. Apart from World Elites (WE) sixth place flounder at IGN ProLeague Face Off: San Francisco Showdown and respectable top-8 finish at Azubu The Champions Summer 2012, there werent many eyes on Chinese teams. The team certainly stumbled internationally a bit at IPL and Champions, but once Jungler Ming Clearlove Kai and Support Feng Fzzf Zhuo-Jun joined the roster to supplement AD Carry Gao Weixiao Xue-Cheng, things started to get cooking. Invictus Gaming (iG) was certainly strong in its own right as well, with solo laners Liu PDD Mou and Liu Zzitai Zhi-Hao being exceptional carries for the team, fueling their aggressive style.Generally, Chinese teams had some advantages when it came to teamfighting and wave management, especially in the case of World Elite. It was questionable if WEs skill would translate over against Western teams this time around, but things were looking good with a new roster intact. However, its important to note that Chinese patches were delayed compared to the west. This inhibited the Chinese teams ability to practice and was a factor going into Worlds.World Elite and iG represented China quite well at their first World Championship, as iG was only unable to defeat Azubu Frost in groups, and World Elite controversially may have lost a series due to technical difficulties. Both teams were nestled in top-8, but World Elite could have placed even higher if not for the aforementioned technical difficulties. Nevertheless, World Elite and iG showed some fight and two top-8 teams was just the beginning of Chinas international success.Season 3 (2013)Royal Club: 2ndOh My God: 5th-8thChina came into the Season 3 World Championship as a serious threat yet again, generally on the heels of South Korea in the international pecking order. Royal Club and Oh My God came in as the representatives for the LPL, with Oh My God looking to be the best team in China for most of the year and Royal Club rising up later in the split.Coming into the tournament, many expected the typical Chinese aggression from the two teams as OMG became well-known for tower diving and forcing teamfights when it could. Royal Club didnt necessarily fall under that category, but the team that upset WE was definitely known for its mechanical monster at AD carry, Jian Uzi Zhi-Hao. Meanwhile, OMG was a more all-around threat with Gao Gogoing Di-Ping, Yu Cool Jia-Jun and Yin LoveLin Le all being terrifying in their own right.Chinas world performance at Season 3 was strong and if it were not for the bracket, both teams very well may have had a shot at top 4. OMG matched SKT in groups as both teams dropped a game while Royal eagerly sat in the quarterfinal for its opponent. It turned out to be a match of the fellow countrymen, and though OMG was the perceived stronger team, Royal notched its second straight win and advanced to the semifinals for China. Eventually, Royal would crash with EUs Fnatic and pulled out a 3-1 victory, earning itself a date with SK Telecom T1 in the finals. Unfortunately, it was really no contest as the South Korean juggernaut crushed Royal 3-0.Season 4 (2014)Star Horn Royal Club: 2ndOh My God: 4thEDward Gaming: 5th-8thA year past and its still pretty clear that LPL is the second best region in the world, as the elite continue to only fall to the South Korean elite. The buzz going around internationally was that EDward Gaming was very much in contention for the title, being the fusion of World Elite players, Clearlove and Fzzf, and newer players Ceng U Long and Tong Koro1 Yang. All that was centered around the man that carried Peng Aluka Zhen-Ming and Positive Energy to an LPL title, the elite AD carry Zhu NaMei Jia-Wen.OMG and SHRC were a little more lukewarm in terms of expectations, as both had clear synergy issues during the regular season. However, both still packed the same punch in terms of talent, with OMG still sporting its star players from the years past and Royal Club still having the eccentric AD, Uzi. LPL performed admirably yet again as all teams were able to make it out of the group stages, but EDG in particular looked shaky, having to go into a tiebreaker game against Taiwanese underdog, ahq e-Sports Club.NaMei, largely considered as the best AD carry in the world, was also not clearly in his best form. It wasnt terribly surprising that EDG lost to Royal Club in quarters, but in the scope of the year, was a shocker. China unfortunately had another team kill as Royal Club faced OMG -- who had just thrashed Najin Shield 3-0 in its own quarterfinal matchup -- in the semifinals. Royal Club pulled out yet crazy upset over OMG and was the first organization to make it to two straight World Championship finals. Unfortunately, the final was very similar to last year; Samsung White was perhaps an even more formidable foe than SKT. Royal did win a game, but it wasnt the most serious of wins, as Samsung White was known for habitually trolling when it knew it was the superior team. One measly win was still far from what the LPL wanted that year.Season 5 (2015)EDward Gaming: 5th-8thLGD Gaming: 9th-11thInvictus Gaming: 14th-16thAfter a few years of playing second fiddle, this was really the year that LPL had a shot to surpass its regional neighbor, South Korea. After a large portion of South Koreas star players made its way to China following the end of Season 4, the already talented Chinese lineups became even more heavily bolstered. While language was clearly a problem at first, over time LGD and EDG proved to become teams that could easily rival the South Korean squads for the title, rather than just an if. Invictus Gaming was more of a wildcard, the team that found enough synergy for one patch to get into the tournament, with mid laner Song Rookie Eui-jin being particularly fantastic.LGD was largely seen as favorites to take the whole tournament. Its all-star roster, save for weak-link jungler Zhu TBQ Yong-Quan, and stellar domestic performance in the LPL Summer playoffs had analysts raving about the team. EDG had just won the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) before summer and actually beat SKT in a best of 5, building a strong comp against Lee Faker Sang-hyeoks undefeated LeBlanc to close it out. Clearlove had even risen to be one of the best, if not, the best jungler in the world.However, all the expectations eventually crashed down on the LPL. After years of strong performances internationally, LGD and iG found themselves completely unable to return to their qualifying form and drowned in groups where Western teams actually finished ahead of them. EDG managed to make it out, but it was clearly ailing as well, not putting up the strongest of performances with Shek AmazingJ Wai Ho in top lane. The end was sad as EDG even had chances to defeat Fnatic, but were ultimately outclassed by the European squad and its second straight exit in worlds quarterfinals. After years of consistency, it was shocking to see the LPL crash so hard, but its always possible at tournaments, especially in League of Legends when meta changes always happen before the World Championship. Jack Youngblood Jersey . Reassurance came from Paul Tesori, his caddie and close friend whose newborn son is in intensive care in a Florida hospital. "Paul sent me a text this morning, just told me he loved me and wanted to go out and fight as hard as I would any other day," Simpson said Sunday after doing just that. Aaron Donald Youth Jersey . Durant finished with 24 points and 13 rebounds, Jackson matched his career high with 23 points on 10-of-14 shooting and Lamb scored 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting, lifting the Thunder to a 94-88 win over San Antonio and snapping the Spurs 11-game winning streak. .Y. -- The Buffalo Sabres have recalled forward Kevin Porter and defenceman Chad Ruhwedel from the minors as part of a five-player roster shuffle made by the NHLs worst team. Darrell Henderson Jersey .J. Ellis hit two-run homers and the NL West champion Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Diego Padres 4-0 Saturday night. Nolan Cromwell Youth Jersey . Then the Pacers gave Oladipo and his Orlando teammates the cold shoulder. Paul Georges buzzer-beating 3-pointer at the end of the third quarter spurred a 21-4 run, finally sending Indiana past the Magic 97-87 in a tougher-than-expected opening night matchup. NEW YORK -- Knicks point guard Derrick Rose missed Saturdays preseason home opener against the Brooklyn Nets because of his civil trial in Los Angeles over allegations that he and two friends raped a woman.Rose remained in Los Angeles over the weekend and has been away from the team since Thursday, the second day of the trial.It is unclear if Rose will play in Mondays preseason game against the Washington Wizards, but head coach Jeff Hornacek said it is unlikely at this point. Roses trial is scheduled to resume Tuesday.Its pretty difficult to go back and forth for one game and then go right back and then come back for a game. So hes just going to take care of that and then come back, Hornacek said.Rose testified Friday in the trial, saying he interpreted a text message from the woman who alleges that Rose and his two friends raped her as consent to have sex with her later that night. Their text message exchange in August 2013 started with a text from the woman to Rose, saying he was the reason she wakes up horny. She included a photo of herself in her nightshirt and continued the exchange with other texts about sex throughout the day, he testified.Rose said Friday hhe surmised that the initial text had triggered consent from that point on, and he said his assumption was reinforced by their sexual history, sex acts she engaged in with him and one of his friends that night at his house, and an invitation hours later to her apartment.dddddddddddd was assuming that all of us going over there that she wanted to have sex with all of us, Rose testified.It is unclear if Rose will continue to testify when the trial resumes Tuesday. In addition to missing Saturdays game, Rose also has missed two team practices while attending trial.Hornacek has acknowledged that not having Rose around the team might affect his ability to learn the Knicks new offense. He said Rose is missing the aspects of the offense that coaches have installed the past two days.He understands the game, so he should be picking it up pretty quickly, Hornacek said earlier this week.The coach said on Saturday that several people in the organization have been in touch with Rose, but no team staffers are with Rose in Los Angeles during the trial. ' ' '

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