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12.09.2019 04:03
I have been stalking Antworten

I have been stalking for more than ten years on the long road of life. Sometimes I often find that life is so dull. I watched the sunrise and sunset, and went through the cold and the summer. All the laughter is so similar. All the tears are so similar, there is no splendid erosion, no It��s fascinating, and it��s swaying through every ordinary day in life. It��s a feeling of lightness and lightness in one heart, feeling like a grass, a drop of water, and then sighing, often an inexplicable Suddenly and frustrated. I am eager for a blockbuster feat, I admire the pride of the world, but I have nothing. I am too ordinary, ordinary like a trace of wind, fleeting, ordinary like a drop of water, leaving no trace. Now I want to come, this is completely mediocrity, self-destruction, in fact, we do not have to lament the ordinary, do not envy the extraordinary, because ordinary is also a kind of beauty. The grass is very ordinary, but brings the green of life; the spring breeze is very ordinary, but brings warmth The atmosphere is very ordinary, but it brings infinite reverie. Yes, the world can't be so vigorous, it can't be so sloppy, the reality of life makes most people have to go through a normal and ordinary Life. Walking on the street, the ordinary smiles constitute a splendid world. You don't have to be Gao Cangjian, Alain Delong; you don't have to be Plato, Su Ge! You don't have to be Jay Chou, Li Yuchun. It is you, you are such an ordinary person, ordinary people in the life stage to show an ordinary and real life. You are no more than others, but you are no less than others. Walking, you are a landscape; stop, you It is a picture Marlboro Gold. Ordinary people Marlboro Lights, when they are happy, they laugh, laughing and laughing, and laughing out of the ordinary; ordinary people, crying when they are upset, crying out of temperament, crying feelings. People life, ordinary That is beautiful.

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