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At the age of sevent Antworten

At the age of seventeen, we always thought that we were very strong. When we found out, we found that our heart is actually very fragile. At the age of seventeen, we always thought that we were very mature. We found that we were very naive when we were in trouble. At the age of seventeen, we always thought that Many of my own experiences are very stable. When I found out, we found out that we were very impulsive. At the age of seventeen, we always thought that our endurance was very strong. We found that we were so vulnerable. - The inscription is seventeen years old, but it can be embarrassed because of a little rain; at the age of seventeen, you can be excited by a rainbow; at the age of seventeen, you can be excited by a heavy snow; at the age of seventeen, you can imagine because of a sunset; Years old is the season of flowers Marlboro Lights, the season of rain, and the season of multiple dreams; at the age of seventeen Newport Cigarettes Coupons, there is a little bit of willfulness and a little bit of rebellion. The seventeen-year-old sky is nostalgic. The 18-year-old world is fascinating. The story of the turning point is beautiful but also very dry. I hope that the former can't refuse the latter Newport 100S. Life is so real to show us its hegemony and cruelty. Always remind yourself: grow up, don't cry because of a little setback, but always involuntarily. I always remember my own seventeen years in a depressed afternoon, thinking that it is deep, that is mature, but feels physically and mentally exhausted. I asked myself: Can I be as calm as an adult? When I��m in a bad mood, I always like to blow at the window, smack my mouth, and feel full of anger. It seems that the belly is filled with people��s oppressive turbidity. If you drive out all these nasty guys, you will be happy. When you are in a good mood, go to the store to buy an ice cream, sing a favorite song, and then taste the food while showing the smiley face to others. Everything is so simple, simple, and there is no reason. There is no reason why it should be simple. In fact, we are still a group of children, grabbing childhood trojans while growing up, and trying to go over and over again to have fun. However, we are a group of young people who have entered a mature team. The childish ridiculous and green sorrows are all us, so we are doomed to be injured. Some things can't be chosen - the sun is always after the storm. Some things to choose from - live like the sun. Since people can't stop growing, then please don't refuse the turning of the turning, accept the hegemony and cruelty of life, choose to bravely face yourself: 17 years old, we should be more brave!
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