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26.09.2019 09:17
the "Ferrari 100" from my po Antworten

When I was a child, I loved the model car very much. I loved the intoxicating position, especially the hot wheels, and I left a thick ink in my childhood. I remember when I was five years old, I always begged my mother to buy me a car magazine. When I was at home with my grandmother, I would pick up a large amount of self-entertainment and set a price for all kinds of new cars. I went home and told my mother. Going to elementary school, the school is very close to the Wal-Mart supermarket. My mother always took me there to buy things. Wal-Mart, I was filled with joy, and with the consent of my mother, I ran and flew to the third floor. When I arrived at the toy area, the colorful and colorful toys couldn't attract me. The only hot wheels that could attract me was the hot wheels in the display case. "Hey!" I was surprised to say, what is this? The first time I saw the hot wheels, it was a palm-sized, golden-brown car. There are two speakers in front of the car, that is the lights, two flames that can burn, it is a tattoo, and there are two golden thunder bolts on the roof, full of wild taste. Handsome! Is this done by Luban and Prometheus? I think. I looked at him slyly as if I were enjoying crafts. In the next period of time, I always let my mother take me to Wal-Mart. Every time I go to the toy car on the third floor to watch them - the hot wheels, carefully mother found that I really like them, give me a car. My first round of steamer was born. Since then, my love for the hot wheels has been out of control. I have been collecting various types of hot wheels, so I will weigh them whenever there is time. Weight, race, and enjoy it. Because of their petite body, they sometimes go to bed and under the table, and I will try my best to rescue them and maintain them. Even once, I was so embarrassed that the dust under the bed was made by hooking a car to the bottom of the bed. One day during the summer vacation, my sister and I went shopping, and the goods in the mall were too boring for me. My sister put me in the children's area and played with me, which made me and the hot wheel "Ferrari 100" become attached. It is streamlined. The shape, the pattern of the wind and fire, shocked me. I tried my best to buy it with my sister. She finally bought it for me. I happily brought this "good friend" back to the first day of school. I brought this good friend "Ferrari 100" to the class, opened the hot wheels race, and the game was popular. I was not afraid of any hot wheels. I began to be extremely proud of the expansion. One day, I stood on the class platform with a high-pitched voice and said, "I can challenge someone and my invincible hot wheels today!" "I took a big car, do you dare?" said one classmate. "I don't have anything to dare, I am not afraid of you," I replied. I took out the "Ferrari 100" from my pocket In the two cars crashing, my classmate's car turned over. I won the "Ferrari 100", but my classmate's car was big and my good friend was seriously injured Cheap Cigarettes. It was only when I discovered that the victory was repeated and it was full of scars. I suddenly realized that good friends need to be carefully cared for, not a fighting hot wheels, along with my good partner for my childhood growth Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It gave me unlimited happiness, and it has made me feel good. It made my colorful childhood paintings a gorgeous one.
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