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26.09.2019 10:33
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In heightened, focussed, moments of creation often the flow of time ceases and now we have stopped the scientific clock from moving forward during these instances and the cells are generally alive with nutrients from electromagnetism of tuning directly into cosmic mind where way of doing something is free and limitless. 'Manna of the Gods' is that very simple.
What causes the dependence regarding chemical substances is the state that doesn't recognize how the body is calibrated through daily activities. Irritability, moodiness and even depression is a warning of what I term 'demented mind' as it is not a reasonable, dependable state to make decisions coming from. Those who then reach for exciting substances like Cheap Carton Of Newport 100s alcohol, cigs food or a sexual activity one example is to 'relax' from strain or emotional aggravation oftentimes dose themselves too often staying uneducated or unaware while how to manage their imagination. Addiction Marlboro Lights Cigarettes is Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes formed over time from this process of mental deterioration if substances or even activities usually are over consumed.

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