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Hey! This time is always rainy Cheap Cigarettes, the mood always reveals a kind of uneasy feeling is really good, the omen is coming, last week's test, try to curl down, when I have a test paper full of red forks in my hand, go back When the family was on the road, the rain hit me, never been so cold, I want to go home and find a warmth! As soon as I stepped into the house, my mother��s voice like Hong Zhong attacked my heart in a chain of guns. ��Try again? How much is it? Is it not tested? Go ahead and do homework!�� I am very angry, not at all. Going back to the house and leaving the house is a few people walking together, only I am alone, solitary. I looked at the test paper that had been wet in my hand Marlboro Gold, so the glare score - "61" Why didn't anyone understand me? I had a fever on the exam that day. How can I blame me for not taking the exam? I walked by myself, I didn't feel like coming under a big tree, staying under the big tree, thundering and thundering, letting thunder and lightning kill me. At this moment, a familiar figure appeared in front of my eyes, near, Yeah! It turned out to be a mother! My mother��s umbrella didn��t take it Marlboro Lights. Like me, it was drenched like a ��falling chicken��. Gently sit next to me and say, "I know you are here!" I was shocked - yes! Every time I have a conflict with others, I will go to this big tree unconsciously. My mother found this to comfort me. I didn��t pay attention to it. My mother was clear and my mother was fine. The language said to me: "Children, just a mother is not right, my mother just was too impulsive, but my mother is also good for you, my mother also hopes that you can test a good result, forgive me, my mother has never been so whispered, There was a warm current in my heart. I pulled up my mother's rough hand and said, "Let's go home, the sun seems to be happy for us too. It drives away the dark clouds, the rain stays, and the sun smiles. My mother and I are holding hands and walking on the way home. The street after the rain is more lively; the sun after the rain, sprinkled on the body, seems to be warmer...
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