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Seiko Prospex Solar Chronograph SSC009P1 watch reviews Antworten

Seiko Prospex Solar Chronograph SSC009P1 watch reviews

In 1886, he moved to the fashionable Seiko Prospex Solar Chronograph SSC009P1 watch. His company is moving towards becoming the world's largest watchmaker. In 1892, he established Seiko (Seiko Co., Ltd., Japanese translation of "house of fine craftsmanship") as his watchmaking department. Seikosha timekeeper, the company's first pocket watch, was launched in 1895. In 1913, the first domestic watch, laurel, was born in Japan. Only a century later, the meaning of laurel tree was officially recognized. In 2014, the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) certified the wristwatch, which was originally launched on a simple Seiko leather strap, as a "Mechanical Engineering Heritage". This celebrates the contribution of laurel to the development of Japanese machinery. Until 1924, with the gradual disappearance of Japan's Taisho Era, "Seiko" appeared on the watch for the first time. In October 1964, the world's attention was focused on Seiko's hometown, Seiko. When Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games. Seiko is the official timekeeper because Ann packer of the UK unexpectedly won the 800m and Joe Frazier, the future world heavyweight champion, also won the boxing gold medal.

That year, Seiko celebrated the release of Japan's first self-made timepiece. This is a single button Seiko crown chronograph, with smooth operation, solid and durable central guide wheel. It can be said that this watch is still the most important timepiece for Seiko with its fashionable refined steel luxury mens watches watch chain.

As a result, the Seiko diver's 150 m watch 6217-8000 / 1 or 62mas-010 (from "62 model autonomous selfdater") entered the diving vocabulary. It is the first professional diving watch made in Japan. As a result, it is destined to be one of the timeless classics of one of the most elaborate Seiko diver watchbands, now known as the "Paris cloud," diamond or less romantic "nail" designs. You can learn about the close cooperation between Seiko and professional users (including divers) simply by reading John Goodall's excellent time travel - Seiko history. This is one of the keys to ensure that its sports watch can survive in the worst environment and provide the wearer with information that may save lives.

Quoting Goodall: "Seiko launched Japan's first diving watch in 1965, Seiko 150m diver. At that time, few people participated in diving, so this is a very professional product. At that time, even in Switzerland, affordable swiss watches was rarely described as a diver chart...

Even today, some manufacturers respond to the market's appeal by marking almost all water meters as diver meters, but Seiko takes responsibility more seriously. Seiko's persistent pursuit of excellence was reflected in the seven-year interruption in the field of diving watch development after receiving a letter from a commercial diver in Japan. He highlighted crystal damage that sometimes occurs on the surface when diving from saturation (SAT) over 300 meters. When he had the ears of precision, he pointed out the problems caused by the impact when he was working at the bottom of the sea...

Seiko immediately formed a new development team and sent its engineers and designers back to the drawing. The result is a precision made 600m watch for a professional diver with a titanium metal case (1975) - now legendary precision 6159-7010 hi beat tuna watch strap or precision rubber Diver Watch Strap. Since then, Seiko has continued to meet the needs of amateur and professional divers by combining performance and value in a way that almost any price point manufacturer can't match. Since 1965, the divers' watches have shown the level of commitment to Seiko. Those who venture into the water. Whether it's wearing a watch on a 300m sat diving watch, snorkeling on a Kos vacation or living a diving dream as a "desktop diver", it's the same commitment...cheapest patek philippe

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