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his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed." (See also 69.6 - In the event that a goalkeeper has been pu Antworten

SOCHI, Russia - Formula One officials are preparing to impose a speed limit to slow down cars during dangerous situations on the track, following the Japanese Grand Prix accident that left driver Jules Bianchi fighting for his life. Brayden McNabb Golden Knights Jersey .Formula One race director Charlie Whiting said Friday it would be best to give teams the ability to cut speed automatically if there is danger on a course, rather than leaving it up to the drivers.Whiting presented a report on Bianchis accident to motor sports governing body on Friday and later joined top officials in briefing reporters.Whiting said Bianchi had slowed down in his Marussia car before skidding off the wet course in Suzuka and ploughing into a recovering tractor. But not all drivers had slowed down during a double yellow-flag situation and many did not reduce speed a lot. Whiting would not say at what speed Bianchi was travelling at when he lost control.Jules slowed down, Whiting said, adding that it was a matter of degrees and that more data will have to be studied before his speed could be given with certainty.With international federation president Jean Todt sitting next to him, Whiting showed previously unreleased video of Bianchis crash, which shows him driving into the tractor as the marshals had lifted a green flag to signal all clear.If Bianchi had crashed into a safety tire barrier at the speed he was travelling, he would have escaped serious injury although it would have been a hefty crash, Whiting said.There was no sign of any mechanical fault with Bianchis car at this time, he said.Whiting said the race control did not see that accident immediately because the cameras were pointing in another direction and took about 20 seconds to react.Nothing could have been done better, Whiting said of the reaction to Bianchis accident.Whiting said he had asked Suzuka organizers to start the race earlier because of heavy rain and fading light but was turned down. He said the time of the start was not a factor in the accident.The planned speed control would enhance a system already available and would, in some situations, replace the safety car. There was no safety car on the track during Bianchis accident.Its probably better to take the decision to slow down away from the drivers, Whiting said. The aim was to build a way to control speed with complete certainty and clarity, with the same effect as a safety car.The idea of the plan, Whiting said, was to slow down to a given and well-known speed at a relevant place. He said it was easy to do in a small area.Formula One officials were beginning talks with the teams on Saturday, but Whiting said it would be unrealistic to expect any new systems to be in place before the next season.Todt, who had requested the report, said he would ask the FIA safety commission, which includes Whiting, to make a study and proposals so that such an accident never happens again.Todt is a friend of the Bianchi family and knows the French driver well. Todts son is Bianchis agent.Motor sport is a dangerous sport, unfortunately, Todt said. Erik Haula Jersey . Hollis-Jefferson went 5-for-6 from the field and added six rebounds, while Stanley Jefferson contributed 14 points for the Wildcats, who used their trademark tough defense to dominate the games final 24 minutes and advance to Tuesdays winners bracket matchup with Kansas State. Pierre-Edouard Bellemare Jersey . Others describe it as taking the parrot for a walk. . "Well over 50 (per cent)," coach Claude Noel said Tuesday after practice, where the Jets were looking at ways to cut down the scoring chances theyve been giving away.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at! Hello Mr. Fraser, In the Leafs and Pens game Wednesday night, it appeared that Evgeni Malkin pushed Leaf netminder Jonathan Bernier into the net before putting the puck in. Should this have been called goaltender interference resulting the goal being disallowed? Thank you!Andrew Shirtliff --- Hello Kerry, Was the game-tying goal by Malkin a good goal in your opinion? It looks like he pushed Bernier into the net with his forward motion before slapping the puck in the net. Not sure what the rule book says here and would like some clarification. Thank you! Ryan Sneek, Toronto Andrew and Ryan (and a vast multitude who submitted a question on this same play, I thank you), Evgeni Malkins game tying goal should have been disallowed by the referee(s) on two counts. (i) The puck slid under the pad of Leafs goalkeeper Jonathan Bernier as he established a butterfly position and made the initial save on Sidney Crosbys skate to stick redirection at the top of the crease. The puck remained trapped under Berniers pad (did not continue to slide toward the goal) constituting not only a "save" but a frozen puck with players crashing the crease. The whistle should have been blown to stop play in this instant or at the very least "intent to blow the whistle!" In fairness, a quick whistle was an unlikely option since the referee in the corner had a severely obstructed view looking through the backs of Crosby, and Leaf defendders Paul Ranger, Carl Gunnarson and Nazem Kadri. Griffin Reinhart Golden Knights Jersey. What followed was a clear violation of rule 69 - Interference on the Goalkeeper. (ii) Rule 69.3 states, "If an attacking player initiates contact with a goalkeeper, incidental or otherwise, while the goalkeeper is in his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed." (See also 69.6 - In the event that a goalkeeper has been pushed into the net together with the puck by an attacking player after making a stop, the goal will be disallowed) Evgeni Malkin used his stick intentionally and deliberately to push Berniers pad off the covered puck and in the process deposited both Bernier and the puck into the net. A conference should have been conducted by the four officials (standard operating procedure) and concluded from their various angles that goalkeeper interference had occurred and Bernier and the puck were illegally deposited into the net. While a minor penalty could have resulted to Evgeni Malkin for his deliberate and intentional contact with Jonathan Bernier (69.2) an argument could be made that Malkin was digging for what he thought to be a loose puck and no penalty would result. Either way (penalty or not) a clear violation of goalkeeper interference took place and the goal should have been waved off. This dirty goal is just another example for the ongoing need to allow the referee(s) to conduct a video review when goalkeeper interference is suspected. If a Coachs Challenge was allowed, Randy Carlyle would have rightly tossed the flag instead of just blowing a gasket to no avail. Cheap NFL Jerseys Throwback Cheap Jerseys Discount NFL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Discount Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys ' ' '

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