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24.10.2019 03:33
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The recent series of posts that I wrote criticizing the new Nike Free Run+ running shoe (if interested, you can start with this one) have generated a lot of traffic to this blog, and have prompted a few commenters to criticize me for “attacking” a shoe that I have never worn. My response to these comments has been consistent – I wasn’t attacking the shoe per se, I was attacking the fact that it was being marketed by Nike+ as promoting a “more natural, barefoot-like stride” (quote taken directly from Nike Free Run+ product page). Words matter, and the term Nike Air Max 270 Herr “barefoot” has a very clear meaning in both common usage (nothing at all covering your foot) and when used to scientifically describe a running gait. Regarding the latter, he is a direct quote from Daniel Lieberman and colleagues’ paper, Foot strike patterns and collision forces in habitually barefoot versus shod runners, in the highly respected scientific journal Nature:“…runners who grew up barefoot or switched to barefoot running … most often used FFS (forefoot strike) landings followed by heel contact (toe-heel-toe running) in both barefoot and shod conditions. MFS (midfoot strike) landings were sometimes used in barefoot conditions…and shod conditions…but RFS (rearfoot strike) landings Nike Air Max Classic BW Donne were infrequent during barefoot running in both groups.“So it seems that from Lieberman’s paper’s we have a pretty good definition of at least Adidas Superstar Femme one major component of the “barefoot running gait” (and his is just one example, for another see this paper by De Wit at al., 2000) – barefoot running is characterized by a forefoot or midfoot strike, so any shoe that purports to simulate a “barefoot-like” stride should be designed to facilitate this type of footstrike.“A major factor contributing to the predominance of RFS (rearfoot strike) landings in shod runners is the cushioned sole of modern running shoes, which is thickest below the heel, orienting the sole of the foot so as to have about 5 degrees less dorsiflexion than does the sole of the shoe, and allowing a runner to RFS comfortably.”And in the conclusions to their paper, Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink Daniel Lieberman and colleagues’ state:“Although cushioned, high-heeled running shoes are comfortable, they limit proprioreception and make it easier Nike Air Max 2017 Femme for runners to land on their heels. Furthermore, many running shoes have arch supports and stiffened soles that may lead to weaker foot muscles, reducing arch strength.“A fifth, and more practical rule that I believe in is that a minimalist shoe should never cost more than $100. The word minimalist in and of itself implies less of a shoe, and for that reason I can’t understand how any “stripped-down” shoe should cost more than one that is loaded with the supposedly “latest and greatest” shoe technology. Given that many people are interested in trying Nike Air VaporMax Femme minimalist running, but are not necessarily ready to shell out the bucks for a pair of shoes that they might not wind up wearing very often, Nike Air Max 95 Femme what options are out there?I had no intention of writing a second post this soon after the one I wrote this morning, but sometimes you’ve got a story that needs to be told. On the first day of my summer break, I had the pleasure of going for a nice long walk with my wife, daughter, and newborn son. My 6yo was at school, so the plan was to swing by and pick him up on the way home, thus avoiding the need for him to ride the bus home.Well, we got a bit absorbed in conversation along the way (which was very nice!), had to pause to extract a mound of unidentifiable animal poop from Jack’s mouth (didn’t know that’s what it was until I pulled my nicely coated hand from his maw), missed a turn, and Nike Air Max 95 Femme were about 3/4 of a mile from school with only 5 minutes to go until my son’s schoolbus would depart with him on it. As a runner, naturally Adidas Superstar Dames I was prepared for the situation by having my tech gear on underneath my warmer clothes, my Nike Free 3.0 v2’s on my feet (they’re great for walking Nike Air Max 90 Dames as well as running), and my Garmin on my wrist (don’t ask!). I shed my outer clothes Clark Kent style, and became Super(Running)Dad.

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